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SIMATEWith exceptional 20 years of production experience, our experts excel in product design delivering convenient and safe-to-use products for our customers. Be the part of our global network of agents now! Learn how we cooperate with trading companies, specialty shops, auto repair shop, network vendors and other professionals.

With 20 years of experience, we have developed fair quality going in line with European Standards. The class and excellence of our products and services is guaranteed to provide the best of satisfaction to our customers.

We assure you will definitely achieve highest returns through marketing of our products.

Our service is proficient, comprehensive and timely. Even if there is any issue that persists regarding our products, we will get back to you within 8 hours of timeline.

We have spread our reach across the globe with our warehouses set up in almost every corner, through which you can receive our products without bearing any additional costs of shipment.

Why Choose VVKB Parking Heater

  • One of the renowned and professional production company (we are the only one who produce car heating products)
  • The most user-friendly design (the sole purpose of our design team)
  • The most experienced technical team (20 years of experience in car heating products)
  • Best post-sales service and feedback.

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SIMATE Parking Heater

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The solution provider for vehicle in winter.

You have already done the hardest task in this freezing winter by sacrificing your cozy warm bed and walking to your semi-frozen car. What more can be harassing? Yes, the engine troubling to start, bet nothing can add more than the frustrating engine that just won’t start no matter what you do.

Now, with VVKB Auto Heater, you will no longer be trapped in this predicament.

You can enjoy:

• Your car will stay warm like your cozy bed
• You will never ever have to bother starting your car with difficulty
• The driving failure rate will reduce by 70% as well as the reduction in the wear and tear of car engine that is equivalent to normal driving of 500 km
• You will save 60% of the extra fuel consumed during the cold start
• You will reduce 80% of the additional emissions because of the cold start. An act to environment is always additive to your needs.

Company Milestones

1996- Started producing engine heaters
2000- Started global exporting of engine heaters
2005- Started producing diesel heaters
2013- Started producing parking heaters
2017- Started producing connection kit
1996-2017- Achieved the 21th anniversary for Victor Industries Ltd.

About Us

Victor Industries Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Auto Heaters, with 20 years of extravagant experience in the field.

With existing mature technology and professional team full of innovations, our company has earned a noteworthy reputation for consumer groups in Europe, North America, Russia, Australia and other countries.

All of our items are strictly according to ISO/CE regulation, they undergo a rigorous testing before shipment, and reaching out to your hands.

Even if there’s any issue that retains regarding the product, kindly contact us, for we look forward to enhancing mutual relationships with our potential customers.


2807, 2017

VVKB heater review

VVKB's responsibility is to provide heaters with high quality and good price. VVKB designs a user-friendly control system. VVKB's controller has a timing function. VVKB heaters are popular with users. Following is a thank-note from one of our users: Reasons why I bought a Diesel heater: Independence to [...]

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