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The most complete service provider of winter climate solutions for vehicles and ships on the market.

With more than 27 years of manufacturing experience, multiple global industry certifications, and over 10 heater related patents, Vvkb is a global leader in the diesel heater and engine block heater market. Elevate your business’s productivity with Vvkb heaters. Click the link below to request a quote today.


Vvkb E-mark Certificate R122

Vvkb E-mark Certificate

Vvkb E-mark Certificate R10

Vvkb E-mark Certificate R10
  • The Vvkb diesel heaters have received E-Mark certification, which means that the product meets the European road safety standards issued by the European
  • Economic Commission.
    This means that the product complies with the European road safety standards issued by the European Economic Commission.
  • E-Mark certification is a certification that is common throughout Europe and must pass a variety of rigorous tests and examinations to obtain it.
  • This certification proves that Vvkb diesel heaters have undergone all the necessary tests and have been confirmed to meet the quality and safety standards of the European market.
  • Therefore, you can use Vvkb diesel heaters with confidence.

Vvkb Heater

Want more than just a standard heater?
Want a customized climate solution for your specific system?

Diesel Heater Factory

Who are we?

Vvkb is the US sales company of Good Auto Parts. vvkb heaters is the innovation leader in diesel heaters and engine block heaters in China. We have captured the latest technology in diesel heaters and engine block heaters. Superior design, uncompromising quality, and a growing number of satisfied customers have made Vvkb a pioneer in the transportation heater industry.

Vvkb is not a century-old company. However, we are a company with 27 years of experience, in the production of heaters, and the oldest professional transport heater production company in China. We act quickly and are not afraid to take responsibility. Our main business is diesel heaters, diesel engine heaters, engine block heaters, fuel heaters, AUX heaters, and various other vehicle heaters. vvkb heaters are mainly used in various vehicle heating applications.

We look at your costs and budgets, and always take the necessary steps to improve the competitiveness of your company’s products. In addition, our team is very knowledgeable about technology, and we also have three technically reliable engineers, who with 27 years of experience, to provide you with customised heating solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Engine Block Heater

Our services?

Transportation climate solution provider

In addition to our standard heating products, Vvkb also offers individual services.

Let us know your requirements. We will work with you to develop your own solution, create a design, develop drawings, provide a prototype, work with you to complete validation, and then produce a product that meets your exact requirements.

Whether you need new technology, a product update, or a new project for the future, we can meet your requirements. Our engineers with 27 years of heater experience will work with you to provide you with the support and service you need to build your own heating product.

Vvkb Heaters Product Line

More than just a manufacturer of heating products.
Vvkb is a technology company that provides transportation climate solutions for all categories of heaters.

Engine Block Heater
Potable Heater
Diesel Heater

Your application combined with our expertise, creates a one-of-a-kind solution.

For over 27 years, Vvkb has been designing and manufacturing heaters for the RV industry, truck industry, marine industry. We have built our reputation on top-quality products that are safe, reliable, durable and deliver superior performance through innovation. Vvkb offers standard diesel heaters, engine block heaters and auxiliary heaters — as well as custom products tailored to your needs.


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The reliability of Vvkb heating products and very competitive pricing make us irreplaceable. Vvkb technology is known for its unique design and high-tech precision manufacturing, giving heaters performance and longevity beyond any other brand on the market today.


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Major Applications:

Vvkb Heater Partner Show

Vvkb heaters have consistently satisfied customers over the past 27 years. All the large companies around are interested in Vvkb’s innovative variations on traditional products. Below are some of our customers and potential clients.

We believe you share the same high standards for product quality as other companies we’ve worked with. With our experience and your cooperation, we can help increase your company’s success in the marketplace just like other large companies. Contact us now for more information on how we can help you succeed.














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More than adequate for a truck sleeper I am very pleased you could shut the engine off and turn that heater on and sleep soundly all night long.

Tommy (Canada)

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Frequently Asked & Questions

With 27 years' experience in heater production, and three engineers with 27 years' experience in designing heaters, Vvkb today is a leader in transportation climate solutions in China. Our experienced skilled workers monitor possible problems in the heater production process and make reliable recommendations. Keeping your heater working smoothly and reliably. We also have sales staff on hand with a wealth of knowledge about heaters—and they can answer your questions within 6-8 hours.

Diesel air heaters
Diesel engine heaters
Diesel hot water systems
Diesel portable heaters
Engine block heaters
Fuel Heaters
Silicone heating tapes

We also offer a design and customisation service to personalise for your specific application.

Off-road vehicles
Swimming pools
Vegetable greenhouses
Animal husbandry
Vertical smart farming
Generator sets

You can get the retail price from our online shop: www.RVheater.com

Substantial discounts are available for government, military and bulk purchases. Please feel free to contact: eric@Vvkb.com 

At Vvkb we pride ourselves on the rapid development of heater technology and our strong customisation service. Our existing range of heaters are used in almost any vehicle for winter weather applications. vvkb is happy to offer you a customised solution to meet your specific requirements.

Purchase from the online shop: www.RVheater.com

Samples will be shipped door to door by UPS, DHL, FedEx. You may get the samples within 7-12 days.

Diesel fuel is burned in the combustion chamber, and the heat generated is absorbed by the heat exchanger. cold air passes through the heated heat exchanger and becomes hot air. vvkb diesel air heaters have the advantage of low vibration and low noise operation.

At the heart of the portable diesel heater is the diesel air heater, which works on the same principle as the diesel air heater. The advantage of the portable diesel heater is that all accessories are integrated inside one housing, saving you installation time and your customers also have the freedom to move them around, in different spaces.

Diesel engine heaters work similarly to diesel air heaters, the difference is, that the heating medium for diesel engine heaters is coolant. The heat from the combustion of the diesel fuel is used to heat the coolant. The pump delivers the heated coolant to the inside of the engine and the hot coolant raises the temperature of the engine and your user turns on the vehicle's AUX heater and hot air is blown out as well.

The heart of a diesel hot water system is the diesel engine heater. The hot coolant provided by the diesel engine heater, after passing through the heat exchanger, is able to provide domestic water for vehicles such as caravans and boats, and can also provide hot water for underfloor heating in the caravans manufactured by your company.

Engine block heaters are an essential heating product for vehicles, and generator sets in winter. By heating the coolant in the engine cooling system, the engine block heater allows the engine temperature to rise, and reduces the resistance to starting the engine. Unlike diesel engine heaters, engine block heaters use a residential power supply.

Diesel fuel tends to form wax in winter. To prevent this, use a fuel heater or other means to heat the diesel fuel before it enters the diesel engine cylinder. This makes it easier to atomise and increases engine power output. It also reduces exhaust pollutant emissions.

The Auxiliary heater is the most widely used type of vehicle heater. The heated coolant, which flows through the Auxiliary heater and exchanges heat in the radiator, heats the air around the radiator. A fan blows this hot air into your vehicle cab.

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We work with transport manufacturers, wholesalers of transport accessories, and other partners all over the world to provide winter weather solutions for their customers. Contact us now to learn more about our products.

Whether you need product updates, new project development, new technical support, our experienced engineers with 27 years in the field of thermal management, will give you the support and service you need. Contact us now!

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