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6 Important Installation Tips You Must Know for Diesel Heater


The diesel heater is a complete unit which includes many installation parts. So during the installation and the use, it needs to make sure every part is installed in the right way, and every component is in the good function.
There are various failures in their diesel heaters. Some problems or failures might be caused by improper installation and use from the users.


To help these users, we used have recorded this video for your reference.
Besides VVKB diesel heaters, this precaution applies to all kinds of diesel heaters from other brands.

  • Diesel heater impeller

Please spin off the air intake cover, and then spin the impeller with your finger to see if it’s got stuck or has frictions with the outer case. Sometimes, the unsatisfying transport may cause displacement, and if the impeller is stuck, the heater will show error E12 once booted.


6 Important Installation Tips You Must Know for Diesel Heater


Diesel heater impeller


Spin off the air intake cover


Diesel heater impeller


Spin the impeller with the finger


  • The distance of the diesel heater from the blockage

We assume you would connect the ducting hose to the air outlet, but some people don’t. In this case, please make sure there is no blockage before the heater. Leave at 10cm distance before the outlet. Otherwise, error E03 will show up.

VVKB Heater


Wrong installation method. There is a blockage in front of the heater outlet


VVKB Heater


The correct installation method. The heater is more than 10 cm from the blockage


  • The thermostat on the control panel

There is a thermostat on the control panel. It is used to measure the ambient temperature. Please make sure the panel is installed away from the heater outlet, which sends out hot air and will cause faulty data reading.


control panel


The thermostat on the control panel


  • The exhaust pipe

Please make sure the exhaust pipe heads backward(heads to the trail), because you don’t want the exhaust goes back into the heater while you are driving


  • The diesel heater plugs

Please gently connect the plugs. Connecting with brute force could cause the plug pins displaced.


Diesel heater plugs


Diesel Heater Plugs


  • What to do on the first boot diesel heater

There might be air left in the fuel line during the installation, this could cause insufficient fuel supply, which leads to E19 in the end.

To kill this problem once for all, you may disconnect the fuel line from the heater first. Then press on/off button and release until you hear the fuel pump works(heater will not work at this point). When you see the fuel comes out from the line and ensure no air, you may press on/off again to turn off the pump.

Now reconnect the fuel line to the heater, and you may start the heater with no worries. 🙂

You can find out more about VVKB diesel heaters here.

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