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Apollo-V2 Diesel Parking Heater

Apollo-V2 Diesel Parking Heater

Technical Data Heat Output (KW/BTU) Fuel Consumption (L/hr/Gal/hr) Electrical Consumption at 12V (amps)
Boost 4.7 / 16100 0.475 / 0.126 2.2
High 4 / 13600 0.403 / 0.107 1.93
Medium 3.1 / 10700 0.315 / 0.083 1.57
Low 2 / 6800 0.201 / 0.053 0.93
Ultra low 1.4 / 4900 0.144 / 0.036 0.77

VVKB Apollo-V2 Diesel Parking Heater is a 5kW accessory that quickly devices and prevents possible re-freezing of car windows for a safe and comfortable driving experience. With Nylon 66, 100% high-grade plastic and aluminum parts, it withstands rough handling and conditions.


Apollo-V2 Diesel Parking Heater comes with a specifically designed combustion chamber and heat exchanger system. A 2025 stainless steel heater burner, combustor with 8-year life span, precise air and fuel flow all ensure virtually no soot.

VVKB Apollo-V2 Diesel Parking Heater is a cost-effective and thermally efficient heater that fits perfectly in off-road, cars, buses, trucks and many more, for quiet and fog free operation.

With a robust control system, VVKB Apollo-V2 Diesel Parking Heater performs automatic system safety diagnostics. This reduces possible maintenance cost and unnecessary downtime.

Furthermore, the Apollo-V2 Diesel Parking Heaters feature 99-hour timer, 4-meter parking wire, manual and digital temperature diagnostics.

The VVKB Apollo-V2 Diesel Parking Heater is a study and a collection of ideas aiming to fundamentally shift the design and performance of the vehicle heating systems.

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Apollo-V2 Diesel Parking Heater

Brand VVKB
Model Apollo-V2
Authenticate CE; ROHS; FCC
Fuel type Diesel fuel
Rate voltage 24V/12V
Rated power 5000 W
Work temperature -40℃~+20℃
Weight 2.6 KGS
Size 310mm X 122mm X 115mm
Warranty 1 year
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