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As fall and winter approaches, many people are beginning to consider auxiliary heating for their truck or RV. When a vehicle’s engine system is not working, the vehicle’s heating system does not work properly.

An auxiliary heater can provide an additional source of heat to allow people to rest in a warm vehicle environment.
Victor Industries Ltd has over 27 years of experience manufacturing AUX heaters.

Vvkb AUX heater products include:

  • Vvkb UTV cab heater Apollop-A1
  • Vvkb AUX heater Apollop-A2
  • Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V1
  • Vvkb diesel engine heater Apollo-C1
  • Vvkb engine block heater Titan-P1
  • Vvkb fuel tank heater Zues-F5

The Vvkb AUX heater can be adapted to the heating of cabin air and engine heating of vehicles and vessels such as motorhomes, cars, trucks, buses, tractors, construction machinery, ships, and caravans as well as UTVs and ATVs.

Vvkb AUX heaters are reliable and certified by TUV, CE, RoHS, and FCC.

Contact the Vvkb team today for a full range of auxiliary heating products for your customers.

Why Vvkb Car AUX Heater

A Detailed Introduction to Car AUX Heater

What is a car aux heater

A car auxiliary heater is a type of heat pump, also known as a car heater, which is a device that helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin of cars and trucks, as well as maintaining the temperature of the vehicle’s engine.

In terms of maintaining the temperature inside the cabin, it does this by circulating warm air from the engine cooling system through the vehicle’s ventilation system.

Engine coolant heater Titan-P5 installation diagram

Vehicle cooling systems

In terms of maintaining the temperature of the vehicle’s engine, a car auxiliary heater, also known as a block heater, is a device used to preheat the engine. It consists of a heating element, usually electric, which is placed in the engine riser system.


The heater is plugged into an electrical outlet and the heat from this element warms the engine block. This reduces the time it takes for the engine to reach operating temperature and also improves fuel economy and reduces the probability of engine failure.

Engine Block Heater

Engine Block Heater

There is also an auxiliary heater, a fuel operated parking heater, which, by burning diesel, provides heat to the cabin and engine, keeping the cabin warm and allowing the engine to start easily.

In this article, we will focus on auxiliary car heaters that derive their heat from the engine cooling system and maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin.

Let’s continue.

How do the car auxiliary heaters work?

When an engine is working, it generates a lot of heat, and the cooling system carries the heat from the engine and allows it to work properly.

The car auxiliary heaters are attached to the engine cooling system and allow the heated coolant to flow through the auxiliary heaters heat exchanger, where the heat spreads alongside the heater heat exchanger.

The heater turbine motor allows the cold air inside the cabin to flow through the heater heat exchanger which is heated by the coolant. The cold air is heated and sent back inside the cabin, thus allowing the temperature inside the cabin to rise.

UTV Heaters

Vvkb UTV Cab Heater

Is it worth having the auxiliary heaters in the car?

During the winter months in colder regions, the temperature in the cabin is very low. Your client may enter the cold cabin and, because of the low temperatures, not be able to move their limbs freely, thus making driving the vehicle dangerous.

Perhaps the winter temperatures in your city are not too cold. But what people have generally longed for, for thousands of years, is a warm environment. And a warm cabin will allow your customers to enjoy driving.

So, in any case, installing an auxiliary heater is a great must.

Generally speaking, auxiliary heaters can be used for a variety of purposes. The most common use is simply to heat the air temperature in the cabin so that you can get into the car comfortably on cold days. However, an auxiliary heater can also be used to defrost the windscreen or dry wet clothes.

Advantages of using the auxiliary car heater

Heats up the air in the cabin, allowing your customers to enjoy the warmth of the cabin on cold days.

The auxiliary heaters can be used to defrost the windscreen, eliminating a driving hazard for your customers.

What details do I need to pay attention to when using the auxiliary heaters?

There are a few things to keep in mind when using an auxiliary heater in your car.

Firstly, it is important to ensure that the ventilation system is turned on so that warm air can circulate.

Secondly, it is important to monitor the car’s engine temperature gauge to ensure that the engine does not overheat.

Finally, it is important to keep the car’s windows slightly open to prevent the cabin from becoming too stuffy.

AUX Heaters

Vvkb AUX Heaters

Common problems and solutions for car auxiliary heating systems

The most common fault with the car auxiliary heaters is that the heater is working correctly, however, no hot air is blowing out of the air outlet.

  1. This can occur if the temperature of the generator cooling system is not high enough. The solution is to let the engine run for a while and wait for the temperature of the cooling system to rise before turning on the heater.
  2. When the car auxiliary heaters were installed, there was air present in the coolant hose, causing hot coolant to not flow through the car auxiliary heater. The solution is to reinstall the car auxiliary heater and remove the excess air from inside the heater and inside the coolant hoses.
  3. It is possible that the temperature in your customer’s city is too low, causing a large proportion of the heat generated by the engine to be dissipated into the environment. The solution is to block the vehicle fan with cardboard or other items to allow the radiator to retain as much excess heat as possible. If the temperature in your customer’s city is too low, we recommend that you provide your customer with a parking heater or propane heater.

How much does a car auxiliary heater cost?

Car auxiliary heaters range in price from $100 to several hundred dollars. You can buy them on various retail platforms such as www.RVheater.com. You can also buy them on platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

What brand of car auxiliary heaters offers the best value for money?

If you don’t know how to choose the right car auxiliary heater, you can choose Vvkb car auxiliary heaters. We have 27 years of experience in manufacturing car heaters.

Our heaters have helped tens of millions of customers to solve their winter weather problems.

Vvkb car auxiliary heaters will be the best choice for your customers. Contact us now.

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