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Vvkb Block Heaters feature innovation technologies for rapid and short warm-up of vehicle engines, eliminating engine wear due to cold starting. They feature VVKB’s years of progressive research and design of engine heaters, guaranteeing fuel saving and virtually soot-free ignition of the engine.

VVKB Block Heaters come in different power and voltage ratings, with or without inbuilt water pump depending on the design. The integrated ceramic thermostat ensures safe and consistent engine heating.

Moreover, as a premier engine block heater manufacturer and supplier, VVKB invests in other technologies such as PTC heating systems. Block heaters with PTC heating systems guarantee safe, powerful and efficient heat transfer, within a limited space.

Depending on special engine heating needs, VVKB Block Heaters come in Titan – P and Titan – B1 series. They are all TUV, CE, RoHS and CE certified.

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20 Years Block Heater Manufacturing Experience

VVKB has over 20 years experience in manufacturing block heaters

10 patents on VVKB Heaters

VVKB owns 10 patents on block engine heaters and parking heaters

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