VVKB Block Heater Installation Precaution and Trouble Shooting Guide

Block Heater Installation Precaution:
1.All Your block engine heaters have been tested and approved by the TUV certificates, so you don’t need to test them again.

PS: The block heater will be damaged if you test it without coolant inside. And this damage is out of our warranty. The outlet must be upward.

2. Make sure the […]

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Parking Heaters: Complete Guide Book on How a Parking Heater Warms Up Your Driving

A parking heater offers a cost effective and reliable way of heating a car interior and de-icing windows. By installing high quality parking heater, you can maintain a suitable temperature even when the car engine is off.
This parking heater eBook is a step-by-step guide that covers all the fundamental aspects of this accessory. Within the 10 chapters, it covers the working principle, benefits, parts, classification, installation, troubleshooting and applications of parking heaters, among other aspects.

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VVKB Parking Heater Trouble Shooting Guide

Please note that if these methods are used to solve the problem, the heater still cannot work because the fault leads to carbon deposition in the heater’s combustion chamber and the heater’s combustion chamber needs to be cleaned.

Please note that most of the problems are caused by improper installation methods.
There is also […]

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