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Application Scenarios of Diesel Heaters

Bunk Heater

Let’s face it, no one looks forward to a trip with their breath clouding up the vehicle on cold days. But what if your very salary depends on it? With our top-quality diesel heaters, we guarantee comfort.  Even if it’s a business trip you’re going on, it does not have to be an uncomfortable one. […]

Diesel Hot Water System Composition and How It Works

Diesel Hot Water System

Installing a diesel air heater in your RV will enable you to enjoy warm air as you drive in the wilderness. This sounds new to you, right? I guess it does if you don’t know about the diesel hot water system composition and the operating principle. Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-HW5 After a long trip, […]

How to Start Bunk Heater Business in Truck Field

Bunk Heater

How to Start a Lucrative Bunk Heater Business in the Trucking Industry One of the best ways to make a lot of money is to invest in the trucking profession. Truck drivers in the field of diesel trucks make an average annual salary of about $51,000. It’s a great customer base for anyone trying to […]

Camping Heater—The Best Way To Stay Warm During Winter Camping

Vvkb Heater

Camping is a very fun activity as you get to enjoy nature at its fullest. Spending your nights in nature is an entirely different experience, and every camper remembers what it was like to sleep in the forest for the first time. However, nature is unforgiving, and it is not always possible to camp. When […]

Electric Car Heater: The Ultimate Guide

Electric vs. fuel vehicles

A Revolution In The Industry Ever since the beginning of the automotive industry, things have looked quite the same, at least from an engineering perspective. The auto market was and still is dominated by traditional fuel vehicles. However, the breakthrough is happening as you read this article, and in the upcoming years, we can expect […]

Vvkb Heater In The AAPEX Show

Vvkb Parking Heater Show

A Place To Shine Las Vegas hosted the world’s biggest auto parts exhibition, the 51st APPEX Show, and it took place at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, from November 5th to 7th 2019. Vvkb heaters were at the exhibition too, and we were represented by Wenzhou Good Auto Parts CO., Ltd, which is our […]

6 Important Installation Tips You Must Know for Diesel Heater

Diesel heater

The diesel heater is a complete unit which includes many installation parts. So during the installation and the use, it needs to make sure every part is installed in the right way, and every component is in the good function. There are various failures in their diesel heaters. Some problems or failures might be caused […]

How To Choose The Best Diesel Heater

How to choose the best diesel heater

Diesel Heater Introduction https://youtu.be/4ANEFoOzW7I In this article, we will tell you more about the diesel heater. You will learn why they are growing in popularity, who should buy them, and ultimately, how to choose the best diesel heater for your needs You are about to find out why boat and camper van owners and professional […]

Diesel Heater Clamps

VVKB Diesel Heater Clamps

It’s necessary and pleasant to have a diesel air heater installed to spend the freezing cold winter. However, many customers would complain that they smell the exhaust gas inside the cabin after the heater is turned on for a while. It’s absolutely no good. As we all know, the diesel exhaust gas contains harmful matters […]

A Thorough Intro of Vvkb Diesel Air Heater

Diesel Heater Impossible Trinity

1. About Vvkb Vvkb is a brand that our company(Victor Industries Ltd.) registered in USA. It’s a catchy brand name and contains our goal and wish to sell Vvkb diesel air heaters all over the world. You may not know how to choose a diesel heater, you can read the article: How to Choose the […]

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