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How to Choose Excellent RV Heater

In the system of the RV heater, choosing a good cable material is very important.
Poor quality of cable can not only easily lead to the fire, which may cause irreparable damage of both the life and the property., but also will bring much trouble to the dealers.
The VVKB heater aims to exist for 101 years, so when we produce our heaters, we’re fully in accordance of German standard to avoid any kinds of insecurity.

When the heater ignites, the current intensity reaches about 12A. Such strong current need high quality cables to support.

At present, many heaters in the market just use the ordinary cables. And to make more profit, some manufacturer choose cheap materials and do shoddy work– the cable is made just 2 meters, and the cross-sectional area is only 1.2 or 1.5 square millimeters.

The cable material is just simple PVC with some anti-flaming additives.

And the cover of the cable is simply wrapped with the poor-quality black insulating tape.

This kind of heater will have severe fire hazard in the long-term use. So we recommend that some manufacturer care more about the safety of the users, and do not use cheap cables.

Victor Industries Ltd. always keeps the user’s safety as the primary goal.

The cable from VVKB RV heater as below:

We use Teflon as cable insulation, which can resist fire and resist the high temperature( more than 200°C). With the length of 4 meters, the cross-sectional area of the cable has 2 square millimeters. We are the first company that choose the fire-retardant tube as cable’s protection layer.

In addition, the cable connectors also have large difference. The following shows a group of comparison pictures.

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