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Combustion Blower Motor

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Diesel Heater Combustion Blower Motor

Vvkb diesel heater combustion blower motor has four main parts: the motor itself, the motor bracket, the combustion blower, and the cooling fan.

As you would expect,  and the crucial part of the combustion blower motor, hence the name. Not only that the quality of the motor will determine the safety and longevity of the whole parking heater, it will also heavily influence how much noise it produces. You will know how important that is the first time you spend a night next to a noisy heater.

The combustion blower is another critical component. It controls the amount of air available in the combustion process, which is a very delicate operation. Too much air (oxygen) will result in heat being trapped inside the combustion chamber; if the air is lacking, the diesel won’t burn properly, producing dangerous carbon deposits. The combustion blower regulates that, continually maintaining the optimal amount of air inside the heating process. VVKB has premium combustion blowers in all of the diesel heaters we produce, and you can expect optimal performance, all of the time.

The VVKB diesel heater motor has an anti-interference filter. Motors generate electromagnetic interference, that can affect other electronic devices operating in the vicinity. Anti-interference filters mitigate this, and you can expect other electronics in your cabin to work normally.

Our motors have a carbon brush inside the combustion blower, made by Fuji Carbon Manufacturing Co. The main reason why we selected this heavy-duty brush is its resistance to wear and tear, which considerably increases the service life of our heater. Fuji carbon brush allows the VVKB motor to continuously operate at full speed (5500 RPM), for 3500-4000 hours, without any interruptions.

Another small part that majorly determines the amount of noise produced is the bearing. Vvkb diesel heater combustion blower uses NMB ball bearing, made by MinebeaMitsumi INC. Additionally, we have a special machine that inlays the bearing directly into the stator, which significantly reduces noise caused by the bearing.

Combustion Blower Motor

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