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Diesel Heater Control Panel

Diesel Heater Control Panel

Diesel Heater Control Panel

Vvkb diesel heater control panel communicates with the electronic control unit via the CAN system. CAN communication protocol is top of the line, used in the automotive industry. Only quality diesel heaters use the CAN system, and VVKB is one of them.

Every single component in VVKB diesel heater control panel is produced by renowned manufacturers, leaders in their industry:

Texas Instruments makes the communication chip you can find in Vvkb diesel heater control panels (model: SN65HVD230DR).

To ensure the highest build quality, we use Samsung placement machine (SM48 2P1US) to solder components.

Once finished, we perform AOI patch inspection as well as functional testing, to double-check that everything works as intended, which ensures safety.

Lastly, Victor Industries LTD. takes 20% of all diesel heater control panels as samples, which they thoroughly inspect. They are shipped only if they pass the 24-hour aging test successfully.

All of our components and safety procedures will guarantee the dependable operation of VVKB diesel heater. The control panel is the brain of the machine, and that’s why it’s of vital importance for it to function correctly, without any compromises.

Diesel Heater Control Panel

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