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Diesel Heater Mount Plate

Diesel Heater Mount Plate

L-type stainless steel mounting plate

Flat iron mounting plate

Thickness: 2 mm

Compatible with all brands of diesel heaters

Can be customized according to requirements

Vvkb Diesel Heater Mount Plate

VVKB diesel heater mount plate comes in two shapes:

  • Marine version – our L-shaped stainless steel mounting plate allows you to mount the heater on the side of the hull. The casing is corrosion-resistant, which is extremely important in wet marine conditions. Stainless steel plate is 2mm thick
  • Regular version – the iron diesel heater mount plate is also 2 mm thick. Its dimensions are 200×180 mm. It has an electroplated exterior, to prevent rust.
  • VVKB diesel heater mount plate has a gasket, which is there to isolate combustion gases. Safety first!

Diesel Heater Mount Plate

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