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Diesel Hot Water System Composition and How It Works

Installing a diesel air heater in your RV will enable you to enjoy warm air as you drive in the wilderness. This sounds new to you, right? I guess it does if you don’t know about the diesel hot water system composition and the operating principle.

Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-HW5

Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-HW5

After a long trip, you might prefer to have a hot bath instead of a cold shower. But most RV campgrounds don’t have power sources that allow you to make hot water.

So, I guess that leaves you wondering, how can you get hot water for a warm bath?

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If you also go sea fishing or cruising on a ship, you would encounter the salty sea breeze. The high salinity of the air will make your skin sticky and itchy. This feeling could leave you completely uncomfortable. Having a hot shower can erase this discomfort, leaving your skin feeling relaxed.

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But how do you go about getting hot water in an RV or on a ship?

I’m sure you’re thinking of using propane or solar water heaters. But have you thought about the limitations of these hot water sources? The solar heater needs the sun, which means it would be less efficient on rainy and cloudy days.

Marine solar water heater

Marine solar water heater

You also need two separate water tanks for this system, but this would take up valuable space in your RV or ship. So, that leaves you with the propane heaters.

A propane water heater is as good as useless without a tank and its container to store the gas. As you should also know, propane gas is not as safe as diesel liquid due to its flammability.

Hence, you need a heater that meets safety, speed, and practicality. But propane or solar water heaters doesn’t meet these criteria.

To get the best satisfaction, you need a more efficient heater.

What is the Best Heater for RV and Ship?

Schematic diagram of the use of diesel heating system in motorhomes

Schematic diagram of the use of diesel heating system in motorhomes

A client once told us how he helped a customer install a diesel water heater and air heater.

The diesel water heater provides heat to the RV’s engine and shower system. But the diesel air heater channels its heat to the cabin. Like the RV, a ship also needs diesel water heaters and air heaters.

But here is the sad part?

Rear view of diesel hot water heating system

It is difficult to install both types (the air and water heater). It also requires more time to set up. As you should know, the whole process can be very costly for customers.

Luckily, there is a solution.

To make things easy and less costly, we use the Apollo-HW5 hot water system. It can heat both water and the air all together with ease. With that said, it becomes pretty much easy for us to install the floor heating for you.

But do you know how a diesel hot water system works? Read on as we give you a great insight into this system.

How Do Diesel Hot Water System Works?

Here, this heating system uses the Vvkb diesel engine heater of the Apollo-C series. It connects to an AUX Radiator and a heat exchange tank.

Besides that, this diesel water heater has two distinct systems. The first is the heater for the shower water, while the other works great to heat the engine and cabin air. But both devices interchange heat in an exchange tank.

Now here is how it works.

As you turn on the diesel engine heater, the hot antifreeze goes into the heat exchanger tank. At this point, it heats the shower water to make it hot due to the exchange of heat.

Diesel Hot Water System

Diesel Hot Water System

The antifreeze continues to flow until it gets to the AUX heater. This device then disperses the heated air to the cabin.

Hence, if you want to have a hot shower, you can open the valve to allow water flow. That way, the heater delivers heat to make the water hot for use.

You have gotten great insight, right? Now let’s look at the various components that make up the diesel hot water system.

What are the Components of a Diesel Hot Water System?

The major components of the diesel hot water system are:

  • Diesel engine heaters (Apollo-C series)
  • Heat exchanger water tank
  • AUX heaters and its radiator
  • Hot water circulation pump
  • Connection fittings
  • Expansion tanks

Below we highlight each of them and their benefits.

Apollo-C series of Diesel Engine Heaters

This device operates the same way as the diesel air heater. But one big difference between the two heaters is their heating medium. While these engine types use diesel fuel, the other heated medium is antifreeze.

Besides, this engine heater has a metering oil pump. The diesel fuel flows through the pump and then gets into a hot combustion chamber. Here, it disseminates over combustion cotton.

Its motor disperses heated air that transfers the diesel fuel out of the combustion wool. At this point, this forms an inflammable gas as it comes in contact with the heater plugs.

As the mixture burns in the chamber, a radiator then absorbs the combusted heat. The radiator has a heater water jacket that heats the coolant to create a cycle.

The diesel engine water heater features two types of motors. One has wear-resistant brushes, while the other has none.

As you should know, most heater produces noise as it operates. So, to solve this problem, we use a stainless steel spiral exhaust pipe. We also modified the exhaust muffler for a more silent operation.

Heat Exchanger for Diesel Heating System

The heat exchanger is a stainless-steel tank containing 10 liters of antifreeze. The stainless-steel tank also has a heat exchanger inside made of the same material. It is a crucial part of the diesel heating system.

Diesel heating system water tank

Diesel heating system water tank

This container is where the antifreeze comes in contact with the domestic water. Then the water becomes due to heat exchange.

What’s more, this component is corrosion resistant. In other words, it can last longer in a moist environment.

AUX Heaters

As the name suggests, this is an optional support heater. It helps provides heat to the indoor spaces of your cabin or ship. But it requires an AUX radiator for you to enjoy this benefit.

AUX Heater

AUX Heater

What does the Aux radiator do?

Well, this device heats the cold air of your cabin that passes through it. At this point, the motor then blows the heated air back into the cabin to keep the space warm.

Hot water Circulation Pump

This pump doesn’t work the same way as the coolant circulation pump in the Vvkb heater. Instead, it distributes the heated water for the shower at a flow rate of 300L per hour. What’s more, it operates at 12V.

Hot water Circulation Pump

Hot water Circulation Pump

Expansion tank

An expansion tank is also an essential component of the diesel heating system. This feature helps to regulate the continuous expansion and contraction of the liquid.

Expansion tank

Expansion tank

Connections Fittings

For the heat exchanger tank to work great, it needs a proper connection. This is where the connection fittings come in. This component makes it easier to connect the pipes to the exchange tank.

Connections Fittings

Connections Fittings

What’s more, you don’t need to worry about corrosion as they come in copper material.

Wrap Up on the Diesel Hot Water System

That’s all about the diesel hot water system composition and operating principle. We are sure you have indeed gotten great insight into this system.

Feel free to drop us an email if you need further clarification and information. You can rest assured we will respond to you within 8 hours times.

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