Electronic Control Unit

Electronic Control Unit

  • Working Temperature -40℃~85℃
  • 12V Model Working Voltage 9 V ~ 16V
  • 24V Model Working Voltage 19V~31V
  • CAN Communication Protocol
  • FR-4 Board
  • 32-bit Microcontroller

VVKB Electronic Control Unit


VVKB diesel air heater PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is made of FR-4 board with traditional tin plating process. FR-4 boards are thick and have self-extinguishing properties, which adds to diesel heater safety. Tin plating has greatly improved welding reliability, and you can expect it to stay corrosion-free forever.


The VVKB diesel heater electronic control unit uses the CAN system as the communication protocol. This top of the line protocol is primarily used in the car industry. Besides Webasto and Eberspaecher, VVKB is the only company that uses this CAN communication protocol, and we are proud to say that.


The CAN communication protocol from VVKB electronic control unit has high requirements for the main chip. We use a 32-bit microcontroller: STM32F103C8T6, which can withstand the temperature from -40℃ to 85℃. So even if you find yourself in extreme conditions, VVKB electronic control unit will never let you down.


The MOS driver is made by EG company. Its output peak drive current can reach 1A, and input peak drive current can reach up to 1.2A. The wide voltage input range is from +3V to +30V. It has a short circuit or overcurrent protection, which adds both to diesel heater safety, and improves longevity.


The MOS tube on VVKB electronic control unit is model IRF3205S, IR company. Its voltage is 55V, and it can withstand up to 110 amps of current.


VVKB electronic control unit uses power chip produced by XLSEMI. These chips have wide Operation Voltage (5V to 80V), and their maximum output current is 0.4A. It has high efficiency, which reaches up to 85%, and its operating junction temperature is from -40 to 125℃. Again, this means it will operate in any weather and cabin conditions.


Transistor on VVKB electronic control unit is selected from Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (JCET). Various models are included in the unit (MJD122, MMBT5401, MMBT5551, etc.).


The capacitor on VVKB electronic control unit is from Samsung, while the resistor is from UniOhm. Only parts from renowned manufacturers deserve to become a part of our heaters.

Electronic Control Unit

  • Working temperature -40~85 – VVKB electronic control unit is practically temperature immune, just like the heater itself. Weather conditions will not affect the operation.
  • Working voltage 9 V ~ 16V (For 12V model); 19V~31V(For 24V model) – our electronic control unit has a wide range of operating voltage, both in the 12V and 24V heaters.
  • CAN communication protocol – sophisticated protocol you can only find in cars, and the highest quality diesel parking heaters. VVKB is one of them.
  • Operation Data Tracking –  VVKB electronic control unit records heater operation data, which you can easily access on your computer.
  • Firmware upgrades – you can upgrade the control unit by downloading updates from our site, which will make sure it always has the latest features and fixes.