VVKB Engine Heater

Warm Your Engines Right Now

VVKB Engine Heaters are lightweight, robust and compact heating systems that fit virtually all engine compartments for rapid and consistent heating. With an in-built pump and self-regulating thermostat, the VVKB Engine Heaters reduce engine wear due to cold starting, excess emission and fuel consumption.

As a premier engine block heater and coolant heater manufacturer, VVKB designs and manufactures maintenance free engine heaters for buses, cars, trucks and many more.

The engine heaters include the Titan-P1 engine heater ,Titan-B1 engine heater, Titan-P2 engine heater, Titan-P3 engine heater, Titan-P4 engine heater, Titan-P5 engine heater and S-8009 series engine heaters.

Just contact VVKB support team and get a quick quote on any VVKB engine heaters

Why VVKB Engine Heaters

  • Over 10 years engine heater manufacturing experience
  • CE, TUV certificates
  • Fully support on after sales
  • Low MOQ on any VVKB engine heaters

VVKB Aims to Be The Best Engine Heater Manufacturer in The Market

Video: We took apart of one of the VVKB Engine Heaters

This video we took apart of VVKB Engine heaters and show you every part of the heater.You will understand each part of an engine heater and how VVKB make the product.

Video: How to Install VVKB engine Heaters on Your Car

In this video, we will show you how to install VVKB engine heaters on your car or truck. Step by step.