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Titan-P1 Car Engine Heater

Titan-P1 Car Engine Heater

IPX4 waterproof

TUV FCC, RoHS and CE compliant

Rated voltage: 220 – 240/110 – 120V; 50/60Hz

Rated power: 1000 to 2,000W

Weight: 0.8kg

Pump flow rate: 1200l/hr.

Life of pump 5000hrs.

Life of heating pipe 8000hrs.

VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater, also known as VVKB Titan-P1 car engine block heater and VVKB Titan-P1 engine coolant heater, is a good companion for an engine at low temperatures in the cold winter. It helps to warm up the engine part, so can reduce the engine wear and protect and prolong the engine service life, making your vehicles easier to start in the cold weather. We have designed the VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater with the consideration of heat efficiency, safety, structure, etc.

Titan-P1 Car Engine Heater

We have improved VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater to realize better heating efficiency. With a built-in water pump, the pump flow will be 1200 liters per hour.  Choosing the magnetic pump as the auxiliary circulation pump, the entire heater is very compact in structure, and help to achieve better coolant circulation around the engine, which can increase largely the heating efficiency.

We have improved VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater to guarantee the safety issue. The safety issue is one of the most vital issues that the customers focus on. VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heaters have passed TUV, CE, FCC, RoHS certifications. With the built-in temperature sensor, when the temperature reaches 65, the engine heater will automatically stop working. And when the temperature is lower than 45, the heater will start working again.

Titan-P1 auto engine warmer

Why Vvkb Titan-P1 Car Engine Heater

Vvkb Titan-P1 Car Engine Heater

VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater has two separate temperature sensors. Once one fall faulty or break down, the other will keep working during heater’s working.

The electrical part of VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater is completely separated from the liquid, so there is no need to worry about the electricity leakage problem.

The aluminum shell of VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater, with coating protection, will not be corroded and can have a longer service life.

car block heater

The connector diameter of VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater is16 mm (0.63 inches).

VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heaters at present have three kinds of plugs, including North American plugs, European plugs, and Australian plugs.

We can also customize any kind of plugs from different countries, according to the requirements of customers.

With a rated voltage of 110V-120V/ 220V-240V, VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater can be suitable for almost all countries around the world.

And in order to suit for different size vehicles and engines, we make the power into 500W, 1000W, and 1200W, which is compatible with a variety of cars, off-road vehicles, and other relatively small vehicles.

Q&A about Titan-P1 Car Engine Heater


1. What condition you should use VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater?

A. When the vehicle parks outdoors at low temperature for a long time, it can be difficult for the engine starter to drive the crankshaft, because of the cold-shrinkage of the engine and the increased viscosity of the fuel.

B. The cold start will accelerate the wear of the engine and greatly increase the exhaust emission from the vehicle. Meanwhile, the fuel consumption will increase substantially.

C. The VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater protects and warms up the engine by heating up the coolant and transferring the heat to the engine through the coolant. In this way, the engine temperature rises, viscosity of the fuel reduces. protecting the engine and achieving the effect of hot starting.


2. Why does the VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater heater have a built-in pump?

The heater with a built-in water pump can shorten the heating time and make the engine be heated evenly.


3. What is the damage if forcing the circulation of the heater?

Forced circulation heaters act by applying heat to send the heated coolant to the engine head. The inlet temperature of the cylinder head will be high, while the temperature of the lower part of the engine is still very low. This will easily lead to uneven heat of the engine part and will affect the engine itself, reducing engine’s service life.


4. Why does the engine heater need to use a thermostat?

If the heater is used for a long time, the coolant hose may be broken due to high temperature.


5. Can we use the engine heater on the trucks ?

Titan-P1’s maximum power is 1200W, which is too low for the truck engine. We recommend you to use Titan-P3, Titan-P4. They have larger power, ranging from 2000W to 3000W.


6. What is the advantage of VVKB Titan-P1 Car Engine Heater?

A. Even during extremely cold weather, VVKB Titan-P1 Car Engine Heater ensures faster water flow rate, rapid heating and transfer of heat to the engine.

B. The VVKB Titan – P1 has an inbuilt magnetic pump for high speed vortex flow, hence rapid heat transfer through its copper heating material.VVKB Titan-P1 Car Engine Heater is a circular shaped accessory, with a portable, easy to install and space saving design. It can be conveniently installed in most cars’ engine compartment, being one of the smallest car engine heaters in the market.

C. As a leading auto block heater manufacturer, VVKB designs Titan-P1 car engine heater for seamless starting, low soot emission and fuel consumption.With the VVKB Titan – P1 aluminum casing, it remains a lightweight car engine heater that can withstand very cold weather.

D. The VVKB Titan-P1 Engine Car Engine heater lets you start the engine normally, while reducing possible engine wear due to cold starting.

E. Another advantage of VVKB Titan-P1 car engine heater is that it’s very easy to install– only need to disconnect one of warm water pipes, and then connect the heater into the water pipe. Please make sure to expel the excess air inside the pipe and the heater, so the heater can work normally.

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