Titan-P3 Diesel Engine Preheater

Titan-P3 Diesel Engine Preheater

  • TUV, FCC, CE and RoHS compliant
  • Material: aluminum
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Dimensions: 22*9*10 cm
  • Rated power: from 1,000W
  • Pump flow: 900l/hr.
  • Rated voltage: 110/220V; 50/60Hz
  • Heating tube life: 8000 hours
  • Pump life: 5000 hours

Combining the efficient inbuilt pump system and copper heating tube, the VVKB Titan-P3 Engine Heater is specially designed for shorter and rapid engine warm up. It is a Titan – P3 series of VVKB diesel engine preheaters that supply consistent and efficient heat to the engine.

The VVKB Titan-P3 Engine Heater has a compact, easy to install and ergonomic design with an aluminum casing. With the integrated ceramic thermostat control, Titan – P3 engine heater saves the engine from expensive and annoying cold starting.

VVKB Titan-P3 is a circulating block engine heater with pump for a soot free operation and efficient operation. It is a maintenance free engine heater that reduces engine and battery wear, while ensuring seamless engine starting during cold weather.

Why VVKB Titan-P3 Diesel Engine Preheater

  • Suitable for SUVs, small tractors, small trucks and small construction vehicles under 5 tons, minibusses and pick-up trucks.
  • Reduce exhaust pollution, reduce engine wear and reduce fuel consumption.
  • The shell after aluminum electrophoresis coating process, so anti-corrosion, and wear-resistant.