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Titan-P3 Diesel Engine Preheater

Titan-P3 Diesel Engine Preheater

TUV, FCC, CE and RoHS compliant

Material: aluminum

Weight: 1.2kg

Dimensions: 22*9*10 cm

Rated power:  from 1,000W to 3000W

Pump flow: 900l/hr.

Rated voltage: 110/220V; 50/60Hz

Heating tube life: 8000 hours

Pump life: 5000 hours

Combining the efficient inbuilt pump system and copper heating tube, the Vvkb Titan-P3 Engine Heater is specially designed for the shorter and rapid engine to warm up. It is a Titan – P3 series of VVKB diesel engine heaters that supply consistent and efficient heat to the engine.

Titan-P3 Diesel Engine Preheater

The VVKB Titan-P3 Engine Heater has a compact, easy to install and ergonomic design with an aluminum casing. With the integrated ceramic thermostat control, Titan – P3 engine heater saves the engine from expensive and annoying cold starting.

VVKB Titan-P3 is a circulating block engine heater with a pump for a soot-free operation and efficient operation. It is a maintenance free engine heater that reduces engine and battery wear while ensuring seamless engine starting during cold weather.

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Why Vvkb Titan-P3 Diesel Engine Preheater

Titan-P3 Diesel Engine Preheater

The harsh driving conditions in winter can be a test for the engine. If you need to drive in the early morning, it will make things worse. All you need to do before starting the engine is to preheat the engine with VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater.

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Regarding the diesel engine, it requires higher temperatures to ignite smoothly, due to its performance. Therefore, when in cold weather, diesel engines are usually more difficult to start than gasoline engines. To make the diesel engine easier to start, VVKB has developed an engine preheater that can warm up the engine before it starts–That is VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater.

Regarding the gasoline vehicle, normally the mixture of gasoline and air enters the cylinder(combustion chamber of the engine). The piston compresses the mixed gas; the glow pin works; the mixed air is burned, and then the power outputs.

When the gasoline engine is started in the morning at low temperature in winter, it’s difficult for the gasoline to be completely atomized. The exhaust gas passes through the sensor, and the fuel is insufficient, which will increase the supply of fuel. This arises a serious problem. In fact, the additional fuel cannot be completely burned. They are deposited on the cylinder liner. The cylinder liner is lubricated, so gas will clean away the lubrication between the cylinder liner and the piston. This kind of cleaning can adversely affect the lubrication and life use of piston rings and cylinder liners over time. Therefore, it is very necessary to preheat the engine in the winter morning. It allows the engine to return to normal condition as soon as possible.

Following is the company profile.

Victor Industries Ltd. has 23 years of experience in engine preheater production. 3 experienced engineers have been working for more than 20 years to design the engine preheaters. 5 staffs in quality inspection department ensure the supplied engine preheater fully comply with the TUV standard. So there will be no worries about quality problems in your business. Certified by Dun & Bradstreet, Victor Industries Ltd. will be a reliable OE supplier for engine preheater with excellent quality-control management system.

Victor Industries Ltd. has more than 10 EU patents. It will protect your business and discourage your competitors from the engine preheater industry. Let’s get the extra bonus from VVKB engine preheater. 

The annual production of VVKB engine preheaters reaches 200,000 sets. You don’t need to worry about the sale of goods and delivery time in the peak season. Markets of VVKB engine  heaters include Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. Welcome to join our comprehensive supplier system. You will be the same as the discerning dealers around the world, to provide the high-quality product into your market, and you will also obtain considerate profits. All you need to do is to send us email.

Folliwing is some detailed info about VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater.

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With rated voltafe of 110V and 230V, VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater has rated power varying 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 2500W. Each set of VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater is packaged in the high-grade white coated paper, so make sure it won’t easily deform or damage during transportation. And it weighs 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs).

car preheater packaging

All VVKB engine preheaters have passed TUV, CE, FCC, and RoHS certification.

The outer casing of VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater is made of aluminum alloy with light weight, so it won’t impose an additional weight on your vehicle. With the built-in water pump, when it’s working, the pump will timely deliver the heated antifreeze into the engine cylinder liner to warm up the cylinder liner and piston.

VVKB  Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater selects silicone rubber as sealing material, so the whole heater is waterproof, and reaches IPX4 class. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater has a complete temperature control system. When the temperature reaches 65 degrees Celsius, the heater will automatically shut down and stop working. When the temperature is below 45 degrees Celsius, the heater will automatically turns on to work again. To ensure that your users can safely use VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater, we have developed a unique dual thermostat setting that gives the engine preheater double insurance. VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater selects ceramic as the outer casing of the thermostat, and silver alloy as the contact. It can greatly increase the service life of the thermostat.

There are various plug styles of VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater, including European standard, US standard and Australian standard. And we can also customize the plug styles that are suitbale in the certain market.

engine preheater US standard plug
US standard plug
car pre heater European standard plug
European standard plug

VVKB Titan-P3 diesel engine preheater is connected in series to the warm-air circulation system, and your users can install it themselves and it is very convenient to install.

Victor Industries Ltd. will provide customers a one-year quality warranty. Of course, Victor Industries Ltd. has an option for two-year warranty.

Your customers will thank your company for bringing such great products to them.

You will give your customers a competitive position in the industry.

You will make your customers profitable. Just send us an email and we will tell you the profit margin of the engine preheater.

The delivery time of the VVKB engine preheater Titan-P3 is very stable, and the delivery time of ordinary goods is between 30 days and 40 days.

Other companies in your market will also be interested in the VVKB engine preheater Titan-P3, they will also want to sell the VVKB engine preheater Titan-P3, but because you are already a VVKB heater dealer, we will Assign local customer resources to you, and we believe that you will provide perfect service to customers, and customers will also transfer purchases of other products to your company for your perfect service. This will be very helpful for your business.

Regarding the market prospects of engine preheaters, we can see a clearly rising curve on Google Trends. You know that choosing an industry with an upward trend will have a good boost to your business. As Mr. Buffett once said, “Life is like a snowball. The important thing is finding wet snow and a really long hill.” Apparently, the engine preheater industry is like a big snowball. Victor Industries Ltd. has been specializing in this heater industry for 23 years, and our goal is to make the company exist for more than 100 years. Become our dealer and you wil get excess profits. 

Many VVKB dealers were only small companies before. However, after several years of development, their business has made great progress and expansion. Now they start to enjoy life.

Your customers will thank you for bringing such great products.

You will give your customers a competitive position in the industry.

You will make your customers profitable. 

Just send us an email and we will tell you the profit margin of the engine preheater.

The delivery time of VVKB Titan-P3diesel engine preheater is very stable, approxiamtely 30-40 days for ordinary products.

Since you become the VVKB heater dealer, we will assign local customer resources to you to protect your local market.

Are you interested in our heater products and this prosperous heater market? 

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