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Exhaust Pipe Clamps

Exhaust Pipe Clamps

Thickness : 1.2 mm

Stainless steel exhaust pipe clamp, corrosion resistant

Suitable for exhaust pipes with a diameter of 24-26 mm (9/10 in. to 1 in.)

All accessories of the clamp are made of stainless steel

Compatible with all brands of diesel heaters

Can be customized according to your requirements

Vvkb Exhaust Pipe Clamps

Vvkb makes exhaust pipe clamps suitable for exhaust pipes with a  24-26 mm (9/10 in. to 1 in.) diameter.

We make our clamps of stainless steel sheets that are 1.2mm thick. Stainless steel ensures excellent corrosion resistance. Clamps will look the same even after years of use. Plus, the thickness of the steel will maximize the clamping force, and the exhaust pipe will stay tight forever.

All other standard components that come with our exhaust pipe are stainless steel too. That means they will also stay rust-free. With the exhaust pipe, you will get 6 mm screws, flat washers, spring washers, nuts, all stainless steel with a clear and smooth thread. All of these stainless steel parts make Vvkb exhaust pipe look outstanding.

What’s more, Vvkb exhaust pipe clamps are compatible with Webasto and Eberspaecher heaters, as well as budget Chinese diesel heaters.

Exhaust Pipe Clamps

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