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Exhaust Skin Fitting

Exhaust Skin Fitting

Interface size: 24 mm

Suitable for marine kits

All accessories are made of stainless steel

Exhaust Skin Fitting from different angles can choose

Compatible with all brands of diesel heaters

VVKB Exhaust Skin Fitting

VVKB diesel heater has a stainless steel exhaust skin fitting. That means it won’t rust, making it suitable for any kind of vessel. Its insulated mat isolates even the highest temperatures of the combustion exhaust, improving the safety of the vessel.

Even the nuts and screws are stainless steel, and VVKB heater has flat and spring pads. 24 mm diameter makes the exhaust skin fitting effortless to connect to the exhaust pipe.

VVKB exhaust skin fitting is compatible with exhaust pipes of other top diesel heater manufacturers such as Webasto and Eberspacher, as well with any Chinese diesel heater exhaust pipe.

Vvkb Exhaust Skin Fitting

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