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Fuel Heater Zeus-F1 for Filter

Fuel Heater Zeus-F1 for Filter

CE, RoHS and FCC compliant

Rated power: 75w

Weight: 0.3kg

Housing: plastic, Stainless steel

Applicable size: 78 to 91mm or 3.07 to 3.58 inches, and Full size

Life of heating element: 8,000hrs.

Victor Industries Ltd has 27 years of experience in the manufacture of heaters. And in 2005 we started to produce a wide range of fuel heaters. Vvkb fuel heater part number: Zues-F1

Vvkb fuel filter heaters use heating tape as the heating material. Plastic and stainless steel are used as the housing material for the fuel filter heaters.

Diesel Fuel System

Vvkb fuel system is complete fuel system protection. In cold temperatures, fuel flows through the fuel system is reduced. The Vvkb fuel system is complete fuel system protection, It easy installation.

All you need to do is to attach the diesel filter heater to the fuel filter or to mount it outside the oil/water separator and to energise the Vvkb fuel heater and the electrical components will start to work, providing heat to the fuel filter, and thaw frozen diesel fuel. Making diesel flow easily

The Vvkb stainless steel fuel filter heater also has a temperature control device that stops the heater when the temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius.

Vvkb filter heater with excellent performance, and probably one of the best fuel filter heaters on the market.

Even when temperatures go beyond 0°C, Vvkb Zeus-F1 fuel filter heater ensures every drop of fuel counts. This equipment is designed specifically for fuel filters to ensure a seamless flow of diesel from the tank to the combustion chamber.

The Vvkb Zeus-F1 fuel filter heater elevates the system temperature, thereby eliminating any possibility of moisture freezing within the fuel filter. It is the frozen moisture that is an impediment to the free fuel flow across the filter system.

Simultaneously, the Vvkb Zeus-F1 fuel filter heater increases the fuel temperature ready for 100% atomization within the engine. So far, Vvkb is the only 12V/24V diesel fuel preheater manufacturer that prevents air pollution by ensuring complete atomization of fuel.

With the Vvkb Zeus-F1 fuel filter heater, all fuel will reach the combustion chamber at the right temperature even during freezing cold weather.

Fuel heaters with Vvkb coolant heaters provide the perfect winter solution for your customers. Make your business more competitive.
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Why Vvkb Fuel Heater

AuthenticateCE; ROHS; FCC
Housing MaterialPlastic, Stainless steel
Rate voltage12V/ 24V
Rated power75 W
Life of heating element8000h
Applicable size78mm-91mm (3.07in-3.58in), and Full size
Warranty1 year

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