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Zeus-F2 Inline Fuel Heater

Zeus-F2 Inline Fuel Heater

CE, FCC and RoHS compliant

Rated power: 75w

Heating material life: 10,000hrs.

Weight: 0.3kg

Housing material: Plastic

VVKB Zeus-F2 Inline Fuel Heater maintains the fuel temperature to a suitable range for optimal combustion within the fuel engine. Irrespective of the fuel pipe length, an increase in viscosity due to extreme cold is a common phenomenon.

By installing pipeline heater at a central place, there will be no chances of oil freezing. VVKB Zeus-F2 Inline Fuel Heater is a small, compact, robust and easy to install accessory.

The Zeus-F2 Inline Fuel Heater is among the first accessories that feature the VVKB PTC heating technology. It is popular for safe, rapid and efficient heating that is easy to regulate thereby maintaining fuel at a suitable temperature.

With this diesel fuel heater for trucks, air pollution due to partial atomization of fuel will be a thing of the past. The VVKB Zeus-F2 Inline Fuel Heater maintains fuel temperature within 30℃-40℃, for 100% atomization and full combustion in the vehicle’s engine.

Install the VVKB Zeus-F2 Inline Fuel Heater today and save the environment from excess pollution due to partial combustion.

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