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Zeus-F3 Fuel Tank Heater

Zeus-F3 Fuel Tank Heater

RoHS, CE and FCC compliant

Rated power: 50W

Heating element life: 10,000hrs.

Weight: 0.2kgs

For faster engine cranking and 100% atomization of fuel, Vvkb has designed efficient, safe and reliable Zeus-F3 Fuel Tank Heater with a PTC heating material. Featuring an aluminum casing, the Vvkb Zeus-F3 Fuel Tank Heater has a cylindrical shape, with a robust and easy to install design.

It is a fuel tank preheater that prevents poor liquidity of diesel. With the Vvkb Zeus-F3 Fuel Tank Heater, paraffin will not separate from the diesel, hence guarantees an optimal performance of the engine.

Heating diesel ensures seamless and easy aspiration of diesel from the fuel tank, even with heated nozzles for standpipes. With the VVKB Zeus-F3 Fuel Tank Heater, the engine will start faster while eliminating possible pollution due to incomplete atomization and combustion.

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