Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump

  • Enameled wire temperature resistance reaches 180 ° C (356 ° F)
  • All accessories are machined from CNC machines
  • The shell is corrosion resistant and can be adapted to the marine environment
  • The ability to precisely control the output of the oil allows the heater to burn more fully.
  • Compatible with all brands of diesel heaters

VVKB Fuel Pump


The fuel pump is one of the most important parts of diesel heaters. Quality-made fuel pumps control the fuel amount precisely, improving the efficacy of the heater. Moreover, they match the pumping speed with the rotation speed of the combustion turbine, which makes sure diesel fuel is completely burnt, with no remains.


The casing of the fuel pump is made of iron. However, this can be a problem, as the outside of the fuel pump is exposed to various pollutants, which are corrosive. That can cause a lot of wear and tear on the fuel pump casing.


VVKB fuel pump is specially treated, and it will withstand those pollutants, staying rust and oxidation free for five years, even in the harshest conditions.


A CNC machine produces every VVKB fuel pump component. These precise devices make the fitting size as perfect as possible. Therefore, every VVKB fuel pump has an accurate fuel output.


During its operation, fuel pumps work at very high speeds, and the coil generates a lot of heat. To make sure everything works properly, VVKB installs enamel wires into the fuel pump coil, which can endure temperatures up to 180℃(356℉).


Additionally, VVKB fuel pump can work with Webasto and Eberspaecher diesel heaters too.

Fuel Pump

  • Thoroughly tested–  VVKB fuel pump can withstand more than 100-hour laboratory salt spray experiments.
  • Teflon joints – VVKB has Teflon on various joint areas, ensuring the pump can tolerate heat.
  • Stainless steel spring – VVKB fuel pump spring is stainless steel, to resist corrosion.
  • Steel valve – VVKB heater has a steel ball check valve inside the fuel pump. It’s made of 440F stainless iron material, and its size accurately reaches to G16.
  • Compatible with other heaters – VVKB fuel pump works with other Chinese diesel parking heaters too.