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Fuel Tank Standpipe

Fuel Tank Standpipe

Standard length: 70 cm

Thread size: M18 X 1.5

The pipe diameter is φ5 mm

Appearance treatment process: electroplating

Can be customized according to your requirements

Compatible with all brands of parking heaters

Vvkb Fuel Tank Standpipe

Fuel tank standpipe is a part of the diesel heater responsible for sucking the fuel from the tank (together with the fuel pump) and supplying it to the heater. The standpipe is also a very convenient part, as it connects directly to the vehicle’s fuel tank.

VVKB has a fuel tank standpipe that is welded by an iron pipe. It is 70 cm long, and it has an M18 X 1.5 thread size, which is important for installation. The pipe diameter is φ5 mm. Our standpipe is electroplated, which makes it corrosion-resistant, and therefore long-lasting.

You can connect the VVKB fuel tank standpipe to the fuel line by jointing a black rubber tube. You can also use it with diesel heaters of other manufacturers.

Fuel Tank Standpipe

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