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Diesel Heater Heated Fuel Filter

Diesel Heater Heated Fuel Filter

Rated voltage: 12V/24V

Rated power: 20W

Interface diameter: 6 mm (1/4 inch)

Housing material: Iron

Heating element: Nickel-chromium alloy

Vvkb diesel heater heated fuel filter

VVKB heated fuel filter is unique as it adds the heating function to a standard fuel filter. Therefore, our filters melt away paraffin from (bio)diesel fuel, even in the lowest temperatures. But, multi-layer filter paper we use allows the filter to retain proper filtration even in room conditions.

Use Vvkb Heated Fuel Filter With Other Heaters

Today, many cheap Chinese parking heaters are flooding the market, with more people buying them. Unfortunately, almost all of these have simple fuel filters that won’t work well in harsh weather.

The good news is that the Vvkb heated fuel filter can be mounted on Chinese diesel heaters too, solving the issue for most users.

Still, even premium heaters from Webasto and Eberspacher experience problems, and suffer from waxing issues. Vvkb heated fuel filters can help here too, as you can use them with heaters from other manufacturers. So no matter which heater you have, you will be able to enjoy smooth warmth, pollution-free.

Diesel Heater Heated Fuel Filter

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Heated Fuel Filter for Diesel Heater

Diesel heaters are becoming increasingly popular in high latitude areas, which is understandable considering extremely low temperatures throughout the year. Drivers all across Canada, northern USA, northern Europe, and eastern Russia love diesel heaters, as the heaters make extreme winter conditions tolerable. However, they often run into issues caused by cheap fuel filters.

Heated Fuel Filter

The Paraffin Crystals Problem

As the name suggests, diesel heaters run on diesel fuel or biodiesel. But, when temperatures go sub-zero, this can become problematic.

Below 0°C, diesel fuel releases paraffin crystals which have a fine granular, or sheet-like structure. Most diesel heaters do have a fuel filter, but these paraffin crystals are too small and can pass the barrier. If this happens, crystals will build up, clogging the filter, and the heater will not work normally without the optimal amount of fuel.

Heated Fuel Filter

A Big Issue


Even worse, some paraffin crystals are so tiny that they go through the whole filtration system, reaching the combustion chamber.

The heater combustion chamber is the central part of the system. It is where the fuel burns to produce heat. It consists of a burner, a glow pin, and a glow plug screen.

When paraffin crystals reach the chamber, they will block the glow plug screen, which causes various heater malfunctions.

As you can see, diesel heaters are prone to malfunction in the high latitude areas where temperatures are the lowest. The irony is that they are most needed, and most used exactly in those areas, because of those low temperatures. So what can you do about it?



Heated Fuel Filter

The Gasoline Mix Solution


To solve this problem, some people add gasoline to diesel. While this can partially solve the problem, it creates other safety issues. This unscientific approach can potentially lead to an explosion if you pour in too much gasoline.

On the other hand, if you put too little into the mix, it won’t solve the paraffin crystals issue. And even if you get the ratio just right, the filter can still end up clogged.

If you plan to sleep next to a diesel heater, explosion risk is something you don’t expect to. However, you can’t sleep in a sub-zero cabin either, which makes this gasoline + diesel lottery a bad option.

Heated Fuel Filter

VVKB Heated Fuel Filter—The Only Viable Solution To The Paraffin Problem


As a diesel heater manufacturerVVKB is fully aware of the clogging issue. That’s why we have designed an entirely new fuel filter with a heating function.

Our filter has a 20W heating rod which quickly heats the diesel up to 20°C. When the pre-heated diesel enters the combustion chamber, it spreads well into the glow plug screen. Not only that, but it has much better fluidity, and it burns more efficiently.


The VVKB fuel filter needs replacement after a period of use. However, you don’t have to replace the whole filter; the heating section and filter head usually stay.


Heated Fuel Filter

If you want to offer the sophisticated VVKB electrothermal filter to your customers, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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