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The Electronic Control Unit is the core component of the diesel parking heater, and its quality determines the use of the diesel heater.

To give users a better experience, we choose the best electronic components suppliers around the world, and use the most advanced communication protocol—-CAN communication protocol.

Electronic Control Unit

An ordinary Combustion Blower Motor can make noise while operating. Therefore, Vvkb maintains a strict level of quality when manufacturing the blower motors carbon brushes. In order to further reduce operating noise, Vvkb has also designed a brushless motor. You can choose to upgrade from a regular brushed motor to a brushless motor for an additional charge.

Combustion Blower Motor

The Glow Pin is the core component of the diesel heater ignition system.

Vvkb diesel heaters use Glow Pins manufactured by the Kyocera Corporation from Japan. The reliable ignition power allows the heater to ignite smoothly at low temperatures.

Moreover, Kyocera Glow Pins have a much longer service life when compared to other brands.

Glow Pin

The Fuel Pump is the core component of the diesel fuel system.

The pump supplies a precise fuel output will help to ensure complete diesel combustion. This efficiency also benefits the your pocketbook and the environment by reducing the amount of wasted fuel. The fuel pump’s outer casing is made of iron.

The fuel pump is usually installed outside the vehicle. Highly corrosive snow melting agents are often used in which can easily rust the fuel pump’s outer casing.

Vvkb fuel pumps are specially treated to keep the casing free from corrosion and rust, making it suitable for marine use or on salt covered roads.

Fuel Pump

The Exhaust Pipe plays a decisive role in reducing operating noise. The spiral exhaust pipe counteracts the sound waves emitted during the diesel combustion process.

Compared to ordinary exhaust pipe, Vvkb exhaust pipe is very soft and easy for users to install and use.

This softness also has the additional benefit of reducing vibrational noise when the vehicle is driving at a high speed. According to our simulation experiments, when ordinary exhaust pipe vibrates at high speed, it usually produces a resonance phenomenon because it can’t effectively absorb the sound waves.

Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe

This vibrational noise can be extremely distracting to the driver and irritating to passengers. Moreover, since ordinary exhaust pipe does not have a spiral structure, it can easily fall off due to the vibrations. Vvkb exhaust pipe will never have this problem.

Vvkb Heater Parts

The Exhaust Skin Fitting is a part specially designed for boats. It is made of stainless steel and can be used in a marine environment for a long time without rust or corrosion.

Vvkb Exhaust Skin Fitting has 24mm diameter and it’s compatible with other heater brands.

The heater installation kit includes a Fuel Tank Standpipe.

Just find a suitable position on the vehicle’s diesel fuel tank and install the Fuel Tank Standpipe in order to supply fuel to the heater.


Fuel Tank Standpipe

For gasoline car drivers who want to use a diesel heater, an extra diesel fuel tank is needed. It’s usually made of steel, aluminum or plastic.
The most common one is the plastic fuel tank, which is lightweight, easy to install, and heat-insulated.
Many fuel tanks on the market are made of white plastic. This can be problematic in some areas (such as Australia and New Zealand)that have stronger ultraviolet rays, which will degrade the diesel fuel.
Therefore, in such areas with strong ultraviolet rays in the southern hemisphere, it is preferable to use a black plastic fuel tank.
To secure the fuel in the tank, we also make the fuel tank cap lockable


Diesel Fuel Tank

The Vvkb exhaust pipe clamp allows the exhaust pipe to be firmly connected to the heater body.

The screw thread design allows for easy installation.


Exhaust Pipe Clamps

The control panel is the most visible part of the entire diesel heater unit.
The Vvkb control panel not only has a user friendly push button interface, but also has an attractive, high-end appearance.

Diesel Heater Control Panel

The exhaust silencer helps to eliminate most of the noise from the diesel combustion process.
However, many diesel heaters are equipped with cheap exhaust silencers that only weigh about 150 grams making them ineffective at reducing noise.
Vvkb does not cut corners here.


Exhaust Silencer

The overheat sensor is very important for normal heater operation. The overheat sensor must be able to accurately and reliably detect the combustion flame temperature in real time.
Vvkb uses only high quality German heraeus sensors in their heaters.


Overheat Sensor

Although the mounting plate is a small part, it has still has an impact on the heater unit.
Many cheap parking heaters are equipped with a thin steel mounting plate that will quickly corrode.
Vvkb’s L-shaped mounting plate is made out of stainless steel in order to withstand salty road conditions or marine environments.

Diesel Heater Mount Plate

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