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Cold starting all-terrain vehicle (ATV) engines increase engine wear, CO2 emission, and fuel consumption. Thus, using utility, sport or kids ATV during winter can be expensive.


With the Vvkb ATV Block Heater, you can use the ATV anytime all year round.  Vvkb ATV Block Heaters have a compact, easy to install, fast heating and easy to maintain design.

These ATV block heaters quickly warm up the engine during winter, thereby extending the lifespan of starter components and entire engine. It consumes less fuel and ensures less CO2 emissions to the environment.

Every Vvkb block engine warmer for ATV features a progressive improvement and innovations with an inbuilt pump, thermostat, and control system. They have an aluminum structure designed for rough terrains.

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ATV Block Heater

ATV Block Heater Titan-P1

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Rated voltage: 120V / 230V Rated power: 600W/1000W/1500W Current intensity: 5 amps / 8.5 amps / 12.5 amps

With built-in pump
With temperature controller

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ATV Block Heater: A Helpful Guide for Importers


If you’re looking for an efficient, safe and versatile way to heat your ATV, block heaters are a fantastic choice.

But with hundreds of brands, designs and models available, figuring out the right heater for your needs can be tricky.

Thus, by taking a little of your time to read our today’s guide, we can help you narrow the search a bit.

What is ATV Block Heater?

By definition, a block heater is a device used for heating the engine block of a vehicle.

And an ATV is an all-terrain vehicle also known as a quad or quadricycle.

An ATV block heater thus is a device used to heat or warm the engine block of all-terrain vehicles.

This type of heater is commonly used in areas that experience bitterly cold winters.

If you live in such areas, you know how troublesome starting a cold engine can prove to be.


Titan P4
ATV Block heater

And, constantly cold starting your engine can lead to the wear and tear of your engine block.

With a block heater, however, you can prevent cold starts and even save your engine block from unwanted wear and tear.

The good thing with this devices is that they are easy to find.

You can purchase yours directly from a manufacturer, or from any auto parts retailer.

Note that having a block heater is not an absolute must.

But for people living in areas that get adverse winter weathers, then an ATV block heater is an absolute necessity.

With this in mind, allow me to further share with you why an ATV block can be a good solution for cold starts.

Why you need ATV Block Heater

There are many reasons why people with ATVs should use an ATV block heater.

As everyone with a vehicle knows, it can be costly to keep a properly functioning engine when you live in a cold area.

This is you should know that directly cold starting your engine can cause severe damages to your engine.

And, repairing these damages can cost hundreds of dollars per month or more in adversely cooler months.

A good solution for this, therefore, is to install a block heater in your ATV.

This will help ensure the smooth running of your vehicle regardless of the weather is to install a block heater.


This is because:

1) It will help to reduce the chances of a cold start

When plugged in, a block heater will keep your engine warm throughout making it easy for you to start it in the morning.

It thus reduces and eliminates the need for cold starting the quad in the morning.

2) It is easy on the engine

An ATV block heater will make it easier for your vehicle to start and run.

As we’ve already established, quad engines tend to have a hard time starting up in cold weather.

During cold weather, the engine will need to work harder and may thus not be able to start right away.

At least not like it does during summer or more favorable weather.

In cold weather, the engine needs time to warm up before it can start and get running.

A block heater, in this case, helps to keep the engine warm throughout the night making it easier to start in the morning.

3) Extend the life of your car engine

Most people end up replacing their engines or repairing them due to damages caused by direct cold starts.

With block heaters, you don’t need to worry about this.

These heaters are built to help maintain your vehicle engine at optimal operational level.

With less cold starts, you can rest easy knowing that your engine has a chance to survive winter and more to come.

4) Block heaters are easy to install

Installing a block heater is much quicker and easier than most people think.

The heaters come with installation manuals and accessories like mounting brackets and plugs.

You can, therefore, install a block heater in just a few minutes.

It doesn’t matter the size or position of your engine, the manufacturer’s manual makes all this work easier.

Don’t worry though as I’ll show you a simple step by step process on how to install a block later on in this guide.

In the meantime, let’s explore your options of block heaters in the market.

Types of ATV Block Heaters in the Market

There are different types of block heaters in the market.

These include:

a) Dipstick Heaters

A dipstick heater or oil pan heater as its otherwise known is placed where the dipstick would normally be.

This heater helps to keep the oil warm not the entire engine block as you would expect.

When the engine is warm, it thins and doesn’t sludge up in cold weather thus won’t have a hard time starting up the engine.

Dip stick heater

Note that dipstick heaters are often very effective and inexpensive.

What’s more is that they are very easy to install.

Anyone can install it; you don’t need special skills or experience to do it.

b) Engine Heater Blankets

For those that live in areas that experience occasional cold weather, engine heater blankets are a good alternative.

These work in a way that’s quite similar to a standard electric blanket.

Engine heater blanket
Engine heater blanket – Photo courtesy: NK Group

The only difference is that heater blankets are made to be used in extremely harsh conditions.

For these, you’ll only need to plug them into a power source and place them over the engine block of your vehicle.

They will keep the engine, oil and fluid warm throughout the night.

c) In Line Coolant Heater

These type of heaters are built to only heat up the coolant in the reservoir.

Vvkb Engine Heater Titan-P1 installation drawing
In Line Coolant Heater

The heaters come with an inbuilt pump that helps to circulate heated coolant within the engine to help keep it warm

d) Bolt on Heaters

These are a type of heating device that’s designed to heat the whole engine block externally.

Bolt on engine heater
Bolt on Heater

They don’t heat the coolant in the reservoir directly.

e) Radiator Heaters

Radiator hose heaters aren’t as common as the other types we’ve mentioned.

They are however quite effective in their functionality.

For this type of heater, you’ll need to splice it into the top radiator hose of your vehicle.

It will heat the coolant from here.

The advantage of using a radiator hose heater is that it is effortless to install it.

So those are the five main types of ATV block heaters.

Make sure that you understand each of them to be able to choose the right heater type for your needs.

Moving on, let’s explore the parts that make up an ATV block heater.

Parts of ATV Block Heater

When talking about engine heater installation, it is important you be conversant with the parts of the heater itself.

This is because you will need this knowledge to know what each part is, where it goes and its function.

And not just for installation, knowing your heater parts can be handy for performing repairs and replacements.

So read and take this section with great importance.

As you do that, keep in mind that there are many different types of ATV block heater parts.

The ones in your model will depend on what type of block heater you buy.

Here are some of the more common parts:

a) Control system

The control system comprises of the control panel, on/off switch among other knobs that you use to set preferred parameters.

The main function of the control system note is to analyse, diagnose and prompt functions within the heater.

b) Fuel tank

Fuel tanks are seen on fuel-powered block heaters.

If you are using one of this, you’ll notice a container-like part where you store the fuel that’s used to run the device.

c) Combustion chamber

The combustion chamber is a very significant part of a block heater.

It is here that heat is produced and released to keep the engine, coolant or oil warm in cold weather.

d) Exhaust system

The exhaust system as the name suggests is an outlet that releases exhaust waste from the combustion chamber.

Remember that when air/water mixes with fuel and burns, it forms heat and exhaust air/waste.

It is through the exhaust system that exhaust waste and gases leave the combustion chamber.

e) Casing

The casing is the outer cover of a block heater.

This part could be made of aluminum, nylon or plastic depending on the level of rigidity, durability and flexibility needed.

Note that different brands and models feature different casing materials.

So when selecting a block heater, the material is something you’ll need to consider.

f) Heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is located close to the combustion chamber.

Its primary function is to separate cool air and hot air from mixing.

It plays the role of exchanging or transferring heat from the heater.

g) Duct Vent

A duct vent is a passage within the heater that helps to pass air in and out of the device.

It helps in ensuring proper ventilation to parts within the heater.

h) Fuel pump

The work of the fuel pump is to pump fuel from the tank to the combustion chamber.

As you’ll notice, the fuel pump is quite a small part.

However, it plays a significant role in ensuring that sufficient amounts of fuel are supplied from the tank to the combustion chamber.

i) Cold air inlet

The cold air inlet is a passage for cold air from the engine to the heater’s combustion chamber.

It is this cold air that mixes with fuel and burns to create the mixture of heat and exhaust waste.

j) Ignition plug

For burning to occur in the combustion chamber, the ignition plug plays a very significant role.

It is the ignition plug that delivers the needed energy to the combustion chamber.

This energy helps to ignite the burning process within the air/fuel mixture.

Note that the ignition plug only sparks the burning process but doesn’t sustain it.

k) Hot air outlet

The working of an ATV block heater, which I explain to you in a short while, relies on the proper circulation of air in and out of the heater.

And, as I’ve already told you, the cold air inlet is responsible for letting in the cold air.

The hot air outlet on the hand is responsible for letting out already heated air onto the engine surroundings.

external block heater
Engine heater

It is this hot air that helps to keep your engine warm throughout the cold.

I’ll help you understand this shortly.

How ATV Block Heater Maintains a Comfortable Temperature

ATV block heaters take their power from different sources.

Some use electricity where you’ll need to plug the heater in some electrical wall socket.

There are propane heaters that use gas to function.

And, there are fuel powered heaters that can utilize diesel or gasoline from the vehicle’s reservoir or an independent fuel source.

However, regardless of how the heater is powered, the working mechanism is generally similar across all of them.

So let me explain this briefly.

You see when you install the block heater onto your ATV and put it on, it will begin to function immediately.

First of all, switching it on will prompt several commands on the control system.

Then, the heater will begin to draw its power whether gas, fuel or electric.

This power is used to warm up the heater core in readiness for the actual heating process.

Cold air will be sucked in via the cold air inlet into the combustion.

At the same time, the heater will draw up fuel from the fuel pump into the combustion chamber.


Heating ATV Engine
Heating ATV Engine

The cold air and fuel will mix up.

At this point, the ignition plug will kick in and spark a burning process.

The mixture will burn to result in a mixture of heat and exhaust gases.

Once the desired temperature is reached, it will be transferred to the outer parts of the heater which then transfers into the engine and the surrounding parts.

The exhaust gases/waste will be released out of the combustion chamber via the exhaust system.

One of the many features of block heaters is they tend to release heat for long after the device is switched off.

This means that even after the device is switched off, it will still have a warming effect upon the engine and its surroundings.

Now understand that if you’re using an in heat coolant heater, it’s the coolant that will mix with fuel in the combustion chamber.

Once heated, the coolant will be supplied within the engine with the help of an inbuilt pump.

For the other types of heaters, I’ve given brief explanations in the ‘types of ATV block heaters’ section.

That’s it.

Technical Specification of ATV Block Heater

No doubt that for quad owners, ATV block heaters are a convenient solution for the cold.

There are a plethora of them in the market and finding a suitable for your needs can prove to be a challenge.

VVKB Engine heater
Read ATV engine heater user manual

So to help guide you out, here are a few elements that you should consider when buying a unit for your vehicle.

I. Applications

You have to choose the right heater for your application.

As it stands, there are block heaters for a variety of ATV applications.

There are heaters for three-wheelers and four-wheelers.

All these vehicles have different heating needs in cold weather so make sure that the heating device you’re getting for it is right.

Also considering the application, consider if you need a dipstick heater, a heater blanket, bolt heater or radiator heater.

II. Quality and safety compliance

Generally speaking, block heaters are built with safety in mind.

They are less risky than other types of heaters.

With that being said, you will still need to conduct due diligence in ensuring that you’re buying a safe product.

In this regard, you need to make sure that your product of interest is RoHS, CE and FCC certified.

This is an indication that the heater meets most if not all of the required standards on quality, performance, safety, and reliability.

III. Rated voltage

It is important to choose a heater with the correct voltage rating for your ATV.

Don’t buy a highly rated one if your engine can’t handle it as this may be very risky.

Also, don’t go for a lower voltage than what’s recommended for your engine.

Such a heater may fail to function efficiently.

IV. Dimensions and weight

It is wise to choose a block heater that can sufficiently serve its purpose relating to the dimension of your engine.

A small block heater is enough if your engine is not that big.

Or, if you are not experiencing nasty temperatures that require significant engine heating.

Similarly, a huge engine in a frigid environment will necessitate a big block heater.

It will need a heater that has enough power to heat the engine efficiently.

Another thing, don’t burden your engine with a weight that’s not necessary.

Get a heater that is just the right size and weight for your ATV engine.

V. Heating capacity

As you consider the dimensions and weight, you also need to make sure that your device has enough heating capacity.

You need to ensure that the heater can run at lower temperatures or for less time.

Don’t settle for a heating capacity that’s inadequate.

If you’re not sure about what the right heating capacity for your engine is, ask your supplier for recommendations.

The recommendations will depend on the application, the engine, and the weather conditions.

VI. Warranty

You must check the warranty you’re getting with your heater.

It should be at least one year.

Overall, you need to determine what your need is and how much performance you’re looking to get out of the heater.

So make sure that you select a block heater that will accommodate what you need it for, and that will get the job done.

Step by Step ATV Block Heater Installation Process

As I’ve told you severally, block heaters are the easiest to install.

No matter the type.

A heater like the blanket one only requires plugging into a power source and switching it on.

A majority of the other heaters requires minimal work to install.

Here’s, a general step by step guide on how to go about it;

Step 1: First of all, gather all the equipment and tools that you’ll need. These include screwdrivers, screws, etc.

Step 2: Remove the coolant plug. Remember that the coolant could leak out so put something underneath the engine to capture any leaking coolant.

Step 3: Prepare the heater by applying sealant to the threads.

Step 4: From where you unplugged the coolant, slot in the block heater.

Step 5: Once the heater is put in place, fasten it securely.

Step 6: With the heater properly in place, make sure to wipe off any coolant residue.

Step 7: Start the heater, to test how properly it functions

Well that the installation process.

Simple right?

I know.

So now you can say goodbye to engine starting problems during cold weather.

VVKB ATV Block Heater –Your Trusted Partner for Engine, Parking and Fuel Heaters

Now that you know how much good a block heater can do for you and your ATV engine, are you getting one?

If yes, have you decided on what type of heater you’re importing?

No? Well, don’t worry.

VVKB is a qualified manufacturer of engine, parking and fuel heaters.

The company has heater experts that can help you determine the right block heater for your ATV.

Note that VVKB boasts of over 20 years of experience in producing the world-class engine, parking and fuel heaters.

Today, the company has become recognized as one of the finest leaders in engine heating system designs and sale.

The company is based in the United States but supplies products to many different parts of the world.

They can supply you with any type of heater or heater parts that you require.

Whether it is in Europe, USA, Germany or Sweden, VVKB will make sure that you get the best product wherever you are.

The good thing about all these is that VVKB has a website where users can find any information they need about products.

The website includes many different images as well as straightforward descriptions for your customer convenience.

So don’t waste any time and don’t wait for the cold to come for you to take action.

Give us a call today or visit our website to find the right heater for the cold months ahead.


Block heaters are not only a great way to get efficiency from your engine, especially during the cold months.

They’re also a great way to get extra use and value from the engine while saving money in repairs and replacements.

Remember that the type of heater you choose doesn’t matter as long as it is suitable for your engine.

What’s important is to stop having to wait longer for your engine to start or worrying that it may not even start due to the cold.

Good luck!

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