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Vvkb Car Heaters are thermally efficient parking heaters and car engine heaters. Featuring Japan Kyocera ignition plug, quiet operation, aluminum body and Nylon shell, Vvkb Car Heaters meet the dynamic heating needs in the automotive industry.

Depending on the car design, VVKB car parking heaters and car engine heaters use diesel, electricity or gasoline to supply consistent heat during freezing cold weather.

With the progressive design and innovations, VVKB Car Heaters will flawlessly add warmth to the vehicles engine block and the passenger compartment.

Car Heater: A Helpful Guide for Importers


If you’re thinking of importing a car heater, the information in this article can help you choose what’s appropriate for your needs.

The good news is that there are so many well-made products on the market today and they are very affordable.

In this orientation, you’re going to learn about car heaters.

More specifically, you’re going to learn about car engine heaters and car parking heaters.

You’ll learn about how these heaters can help you maintain your car during those peak cold months.

I hope by the end of this read you’ll be an expert on selecting the best car heater for your needs.

So to start with, let’s define car heater.

What is a Car Heater?

Firstly, have you ever wondered why some cars don’t start in the winter?

The obvious things are; lousy spark plugs, clogged air filter, dirty carburetor, water in the gas tank, bad spark plug wires and sometimes even some contaminant in the gas.

Well, that’s obvious but believe it or not, your car gets cold, I mean cold, so you need to keep it warm.

Now, what is a car heater?

Well yes, a car heater is a heating device that helps to warm cars during those cold months.

There are different types of car heaters.

In this case, we are talking about a car engine and car parking heaters.

Parking Heater

Parking heater

Engine heater

Engine heater

Luckily, you can buy a car heater to keep your car and its parts warm enough to withstand any harsh winter conditions.

These are heaters that specifically help to keep your engine and car parts warm during the cold months.

They help to ensure that no parts get damaged by the cold and ice.

These heaters help to keep your car parts warm so that you can quickly start and drive them whenever you want to.

Car heaters as I had mentioned earlier are available in a wide range of variety.

Some models run on electricity, some diesel, gasoline, and others run on battery.

Each of these varieties has its advantages and disadvantages.

They are all effective in their measure.

This means the decision on what’s best for your needs solely depends on you and of course, your needs.

Also note that apart from where they derive their power, car heater models also vary depending on many other factors.

These include size, design, quality, heat generating capacity and many more that we’ll discuss later on.

But as I said, there’s no one size fits all here.

You’ve to select a car heater that’s specific to your needs.

You’ve to select a car heater that’s specific to your needs.

Because then, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that accompany owning a quality car heater in the cold winter months.

So what are the benefits of owning a car heater?

Let’s drill down and explore this in the section below.

Why You Need a Car Heater?

Well, generally, some people are content with the state and functionality of their car heater during the cold weather.

This is because, for most of them, the cold weather that they are dealing with may not be that bad.

Or, they are merely patient enough to wait for the car heater to get moving finally.

These are people whose primary concern is keeping themselves warm in the car.

vvkb parking heater

However, there are other people whose concern mostly lies with the way their engine works in the cold weather.

This kind of people always wants to make sure that they keep their engine healthy and efficient.

They are often afraid that the cold weather may jeopardize this.

As such, they go out of their way to look for a portable heater for their cars during the harsh winter months.

So what is all this?

This is to tell you that for the two groups of people there’s a solution for each.

For the first group, a car parking heater would suffice.

For the second group, quality and high-performance engine heater would make them happy.

Keeping this in mind, allow me to explain in detail the benefits of owning either or both of these car heaters.

a) Car Engine Heater

There are advantages to owning a car engine heater.

Among them are:

external block heater

VVKB Engine Heater

i. Helps to improve the performance of your car heater

As a car owner, you should know that the engine is what controls how well the heater in your car works.

The car engine heater is going to help keep your car and its parts warm.

When you start the car, the engine heater has already gone to work on the engine

With the engine warm, your car heater will be able to heat up faster thus making it able to warm your car more quickly.

ii. Takes very little time to heat up

A car engine heater can only do so much, and are only going to run for a certain amount of time.

It’ll surprise you to know that engine heaters don’t need plugging in for more than four hours.

This is because the extra time does nothing for the engine.

iii. Easy on the Engine

A car engine heater can help your engine to run more efficiently.

Most engines have a difficult time starting up in the cold weather.

And, while the weather may not necessarily keep your car from starting, it may have adverse effects on your engine.

Car engine

Car Engine

This is because the engine will have to work harder and isn’t going to be able to function correctly right out of the gate.

The engine needs time to warm up.

It needs time to get going before it can get to normal heat and operational level.

iv. Helps to prolong the life of your engine

You see, while starting your engine directly during winter may seem wise and less time consuming, it can cause considerable damage.

According to statistics, engine wear caused by one cold start is like the engine has driven the car for 200 kilometers.

And, 60% of the wear is caused by the cold start.

Using a car engine heater, therefore, can help preheat your engine thus making it easy to start and helping it to last longer.

v. Less pollution

Another advantage of car engine heaters is that they cause minimal pollution.

You see, most people think only about the operation of their engine and how it affects the operation of their vehicle.

They fail to think about the effect that the engine can cause to the environment.

The good news though is that engine heaters are not as polluting.

Using an engine heater puts fewer pollutants in the environment.

Note that the stronger the vaporization, the fewer pollutants in the air.

b) Car Parking Heater

Like car engine heaters, car parking heaters also have an array of benefits.

portable campervan heater

VVKB Portable parking heater

These are;

i. Helps to warm your car’s interior

The fact that you’re looking for a parking heater means that you likely reside in an area that encounters some pretty harsh winter months.

The cold weather I must say brings difficulties for everyone who tries to use their car.

It will take longer than usual for the car to heat up.

Well, to be honest, the wait can be extremely uncomfortable and unbearable especially on those cold winter mornings.

In this case, a portable car parking heater would be a good solution.

With this heater, you won’t have to wait any longer for the car to heat up.

It heats very fast and efficiently.

ii. Help to keep your windows from fogging

Fogging interiors is another problem that is synonymous with the winter season.

This, take note, is a problem that makes you late for work as waste time trying to defrost your car first thing before you drive off.

Cold car interior

Cold car interior

Even when you set off, your car windows can still fog.

It doesn’t matter if you wipe them, in a matter of seconds they will start to fog again.

You know that among the many elements that cause fogging inside a car is the buildup of moisture.

The cause of this is the change in temperature inside the car against the temperature outside the vehicle, usually body heat.

Note however that body heat isn’t enough to fog your windows that quick.

There’s more to it.

The good news is that your car’s heater once warm can deal with the fogging.

Unfortunately, it won’t be able to deal with condensation the moment you turn on the ignition.

This is because the engine will need to warm up first before the heater can get its heat.

Fortunately, there is a solution, a car parking heater that can deal with the condensation as soon as you turn it on.

These are a few of the many benefits of installing a car engine and car parking heater in your car.

As you can tell, car heaters are very useful.

So moving on, let us now look at makes up these heaters.

Parts of a Car Heater

Many of you may question the importance of this section.

Well, I’ll tell you.

Understanding the parts and components is very important.

This knowledge is critical in installing, operating and troubleshooting your car heater.

Because of this, you have to be able to identify the main parts of your car heater and their respective functions.

First, I want you to watch this video showing various parts of engine heaters:

Now, with that in mind, you can have a quick overview of the image below.

These are some of the most common parts parking heaters.

Parts of parking heater

Parts of parking heater

Luckily for you, this is precisely what we’re going to cover in this section.

So let’s jump right in.

1) Heater core

A heater core is a tiny radiator-like part of your car heating system.

Its primary function is to aid in the dispersion and transfer of heat which allows the heater to function.

2) Combustion chamber

The combustion chamber is a critical part of a car heater.

It is here that air and fuel mixes and burns to produce enough heat to increase the temperature of either air or water.

Note that due to the combustion process that goes in here, combustion chambers are usually made out of die-cast aluminum.

A robust and durable material.

The chamber also consists of several other parts.

These include the ignition plug which helps to ignite the combustion process.

There is also the cold air inlet that lets in cold air from the environment and the hot air outlet that releases hot air.

3) Blower fan

The blower fan is the part that pushes cool or hot air through the car heater’s vents.

The speed at which the blower pushes air will vary depending on the set parameters.

4) Controller

This is the control system of the heater that helps to sense, execute and display all possible parameters.

It is through this system that you can set your preferred parameter,i.e., temperature range,etc.

It also includes the on and off switches

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