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Car Engine Heater

Car Engine Heater

FCC, RoHS and CE compliant

Water resistant (IP46)

Over 10 years car engine heater manufacturer

Fit for any types of car

Vvkb Car Engine Heater is an easy to install engine heater with a compact design and in-built thermostat for an automatic self-regulation. An efficient heating system and fuel consumption guarantee rapid heating and soot free combustion.

As a leading automotive block heater manufacturer, VVKB engine heater designs electric, diesel or gasoline fired car engine heaters. They have aluminum casing and low voltage protection.

The VVKB Car Engine Heater fits most engine compartments for easy installation and shorter warm up of engine during winter. With an in-built and temperature control system, VVKB Car Engine Heater reduces engine wear during cold start-up.

Whether you want to preheat car engine or maintain specific engine temperature, VVKB Car Engine Heaters ensure optimal performance even during freezing cold weather.

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