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Warm Up Your RV with Vvkb Diesel Heater

VVKB RV diesel heater, also commonly called VVKB diesel air heater, VVKB diesel camper heater is widely used in the RVs, campervans, motorhomes, and caravans.


Let’s firstly see how Vvkb RV diesel heater works. Burning diesel to heat up the aluminum heater exchanger. Then the heater sucks the cool air in the compartment. When going through the hot heater exchanger, the cold air warms up. And then the built-in fan will blow the warm air back into the compartment. In this way, VVKB RV diesel heater warms up the whole cabin.

On the one hand, we select better materials for parts to pursuit good quality.

VVKB RV diesel heater casing shell is made of nylon 66 plastic by die-casting, which is high-temperature resistance and fire retardant. In this way, it will not cause any harm to the human.

VVKB RV diesel heater uses Japanese Kyocera glow plug. Only with the stable quality, can guarantee the smooth operation of each heater.

The radiator of VVKB RV diesel heater is cast with an aluminum die-casting machine with 1000 tons of pressure, that makes the aluminum case tight and there won’t be burrs. This gonna greatly extend the service lifespan.

To solve the problem of too hot cable, VVKB RV diesel heater uses cable whose diameter is more than 2 square millimeters, can fully bear the large current when the heater is under ignition. And the heater plug is waterproof.

Because the RVs usually are long, and the battery is far from the place where the heater is installed, a sufficient length of cable is needed. The cable length of VVKB RV diesel heater reaches 6 meters, which can basically meet the wiring requirements of RVs.

What’s more, VVKB RV diesel heater selects aluminum-made hot air outlet pipe, which is high temperature, so will largely extending the life of the outlet pipe.

On the other hand, we try to design the heater with less fuel consumption, more environmentally friendly and less noise produced.

night heater 12v

Why Vvkb RV Heaters

RV Diesel Heater: A Helpful Guide for Importers

It’s very popular now people go out camping with their RVs. When in the cold night or winter, VVKB RV diesel heater will be a good choice to warm up the cabin.

VVKB RV diesel heater uses diesel fuel. It’s pretty economical because it consumes only 0.17-0.25L per hour. And usually RVs have a large size fuel tank, so there is no need to worry about the lack of fuel when working, compared with the propane heater.

The unique combustion chamber design of the VVKB RV diesel heater allows for full combustion, which can reduce fuel consumption by 26%, and reduce pollutant emissions by 40%.

We all prefer that the heater can work as quietly as possible. With equipped air intake muffler, exhaust muffler, and the spiral exhaust pipe, VVKB RV diesel heater can reduce the noise by 30% generated from heater working. And our combustion rotor and motor fan have passed the balance test, which can largely reduce the working noise.

To make the heater react more accurate and respond faster, All sensors from VVKB RV diesel heater use a digital transmission with high accuracy. With CAN data transmission technology between the VVKB RV diesel heater control panel and the main circuit board, there won’t be data loss and the response will be faster. When you turn on the heater, the system will first start to work and check each part of the heater to make sure all parts are in good condition. If there is any problem occurs on a certain part, there will be show certain error code on the controller panel.

VVKB RV diesel heater has two model to suit for different size of heating space. Model Apollo-V1 rated power 2.5KW can generate 8500BTU heat, while model Apollo-V2 rated power 5KW, can generate 16500BTU heat.

So VVKB RV diesel heater would be a good companion for RVs in cold winter and night– provide you a warm cozy and quiet environment.

VVKB has designed an RV Diesel Heater that is fuel efficient, easy to use and install. It is a parking heater that ensures rapid heating, low emission and virtually no idling of the engine.

bunk heater not working

Every component of the VVKB RV Diesel Heater, from pumps, pipes, connecting cables to the combustion chamber, can withstand freezing cold weather and guarantee constant heating.

The VVKB RV diesel heating systems include Camper Diesel Heater, Diesel Heaters for Caravans, Campervan Heater, Diesel Heaters for Motorhomes and Van Heater.

Having a vacation with your family or friends is one of the most enjoyable lifetime moments you don’t want to miss.

Moreover, weather and climatic conditions shouldn’t interfere with your bonding time.

Whether its winter season, you should brave the weather to continue with your plans.

In addition to that, you should never be scared of the snow plains due to the low temperatures associated with such areas.


Snow Covering Camping Van

If you are going out with your RVs then the most important thing is to keep warm and cozy.

But the question is:

How do you and your company keep warm?

Do you use heavy clothing?

Though I must say that you should think of a heating system for your motorhome.

Well, whatever you use, it’s time to upgrade to RV Diesel heater.

Why do I say that?

Don’t worry,

By the end of this guide, you would know every essential detail about RV Diesel heater.

On top of that, I will tell you about VVKB RV Diesel Heater – your trusted partner for importing such quality heaters.

In this guide, I will take you through the following:

  • What is an RV Diesel Heater?
  • Why you need an RV Diesel Heater?
  • Parts of RV Diesel Heater
  • How RV Diesel Heater works
  • Factors to consider before buying an RV Diesel Heater
  • How to install RV Diesel Heater
  • VVKB RV Diesel Heater – Your Trusted Partner For Engine, Parking and Fuel Heaters.

Ensure you read till the end.

What is an RV Diesel Heater?

This is a versatile machine that is usually used to regulate the temperature of the Recreational Vehicle, especially on a cold night.

This equipment adjusts the temperature of your vehicle perfectly.

Actually, it limits the conditions to room temperature.

This would make you feel just comfortably warm same as you would be in your home.

In addition, it uses diesel to operate.

Remember, diesel fuel is available in most parts of the globe.

Apart from that, it is relatively cheap to buy.

Moreover, most RVs are diesel driven.

In the next segment, I will tell you why I strongly recommend you use this heater.

Why do you need an RV Diesel Heater?

Well if you fancy camping throughout the year, then it’s pretty obvious you need a reliable heater.

You need not be limited from traveling to adversely low-temperature zones.

So having said that, you need the RV Diesel heater as opposed to any other kind of heater due to the following reasons:

  1. It greatly reduces fuel consumption
  2. It has a superior heating performance
  3. Optimum temperature control
  4. It meets safety and regulation requirements
  5. The heater parts are made of quality materials
  6. Little pollution.
  7. Little noise production
  8. Cheaper in the end



Camper van

Camper van

· Reduced and Less Fuel Consumption

The heater design and configurations all enable the minimum and economical consumption of fuel.

RV Diesel heater is very economical since it only consumes about 0.17 – 0.25 L per hour.

Furthermore, the exceptional structure of the combustion chamber enables complete combustion.

This thereby significantly reduces the fuel intake by 26 %.

What’s more?

This heater has got a large fuel tank.


It enables the user to get rid of any worries of continuously filling the tank with the fuel.

Besides, you will never run out of fuel frequently when it’s under operation.

· It has a Superior Heating Performance

In case you are going to take a vacation or tour in your RV especially in freezing temperatures, it would be a great idea to select RV Diesel heater.


Because these heaters produce clean heat.

The heat produced doesn’t contain pollutants.

Also, the heat is dry.

This is essential since dry heat doesn’t present excessive moisture and condensation

Also, the heater cable doesn’t get too hot.

This because it is made of a thick wire usually 2 square mm diameter.

It, therefore, can bear large quantities of current flowing.

· Optimum Temperature Control

The RV Diesel heater has got a variety of microprocessors including fans.

These microprocessors work to ensure sufficient control of combustion.

In addition, the fans have got a variable speed.

All these factors work to ensure maintenance of a steady room temperature.

· It Meets Safety and Regulations Requirements

Before you buy any machine, it is advisable to check if it really meets safety and usage requirements.

Since this heater uses diesel for an operation which is hard to ignite, there is no chance for an explosion.

Diesel heaters can as well be used when driving and doesn’t present any risk.

This would enable you to drive at your will as the cabin temperature is regulated.

Besides, the RV Diesel heater is programmed to automatically shut down when the system temperatures exceed the design specifications.

This is vital as it limits any system breakdown due to excessive temperature.

Generally, this kind of heater is user-friendly and meets all user safety measures.

· The Heater Parts are Made of Duality Materials

It is vital to check on the kind of materials for constructing the parts of a resourceful machine.

This would help in determining the durability and sustainability of such kind of machine.

The good news?

The heater is made of one of the best materials.

Its casing shell is constructed with nylon 66 plastic.

This material is die-casted.


Nylon 66 Plastic.

Some of the benefits associated with nylon 66 are:

  • It is resistant to extreme temperature
  • It is fire retardant

All these benefits eliminate any possible harm that may affect the operator.

It, therefore, enables safe and secure handling by the operator.

Apart from that, the radiator of RV Diesel heater is made of aluminum.

This is cast using an aluminum diesel casting machine.

The unique thing about this casting machine is that it applies great pressure of up to 1000 tons.

This high pressure makes the aluminum be tightly cased and eliminates burrs.

As a result, the lifespan of the machine is greatly extended.

· Little Pollution

Are you tired of emissions of much smoke from heaters?

It’s true that everyone would prefer a heater that greatly minimizes pollutant emissions.

RV Diesel heater is that kind of machine that does exactly this.

Remember, the combustion chamber of this machine works to reduce the fuel utilization.

This, therefore, would also lead to greater reduction of pollutant emissions that are not safe for inhalation.

These emissions are cut by 40%.

· Cheaper in the End

Well, you might argue that diesel heaters are generally expensive unlike other types of heaters.

However, think of all the benefits that are associated with the RV Diesel heater.

This makes them cheaper in the due course.

The reason is simple.

As a result of acquiring an RV Diesel heater, you will be making longer the usage of your recreational vehicle throughout the year.

All these accompanied by unconditional safety, comfort, and convenience.

· Little noise Production

Imagine working in a quiet environment free from so much noise?

My guess is everyone prefers such surrounding to avert unnecessary interruptions and maintain maximum concentration.

Caravan with a diesel heater

Caravan with a diesel heater

RV Diesel heater is fitted with air intake muffler, exhaust muffler, together with the spiral exhaust pipe.

All these parts work to minimize the noise produced by approximately 30%.

Additionally, the combustion rotor and motor fan balance freely and adequately reduce the noise generated.

Now that you know the reasons for having an RV Diesel heater, its time we look into the parts of the machine.

What are the Parts of RV Diesel Heater?

It is important to be aware of all the parts of a machine that you are going to use.

This would make you conceptualize the operational demands of the kind of the machine you are working with.

Besides, it is an industrial practice for detailed analysis of machine parts.

That aside, the parts of RV Diesel Heater include:

  • Controllers
  • Diesel Tanks
  • Exhaust parts
  • Fuel pumps
  • Gaskets
  • Ducting vent

I will take you through detailed information on the parts.


Parts of a heater

· Controllers

In general, this part controls the full operations of the machine.

It is at these points that the user may regulate and operates the machine.

It comprises the control panel and the main circuit board.

The switch button is also fixed here.

An exclusive feature within the controller is the can data relay technology between the control panel and the main circuit board.

This kind of transmission eliminates any chance of data loss as well as enhancing a quicker response.

Besides, when the device is turned on, the heater system does an automatic scan to verify the operational basis of all parts.

In case of some defects, an error code is displayed on the control panel.

· Diesel Tanks

This is the compartment that is used to store the fuel that drives the machine.

As opposed to other storage tanks, for this, you need not worry about your fuel running out.

Its large capacity is perfect for storing fuel for a longer period.

· Exhaust Parts

These parts majorly comprise the outlet pipes.

Plus, this pipe is made of hot air aluminum metal.

This material can withstand extremely high temperature and therefore extends the lifespan of the pipe.

So it’s in order that you check and ascertain the material for the exhaust parts of the RV Diesel heater before making a purchase.

Dangerous fumes are emitted from these exhaust parts and released outside the RV.

· Fuel Pumps

This pump is powerful enough to adequately draw diesel fuel from the storage tank.

The fuel pumped is to be used in the ignition in the combustion chamber.

Motors also use the diesel.

· Gaskets

It is made of flexible cork and fixed between the surfaces of the exhaust parts.

In the RV Diesel Heater, these gaskets are used for:

  • Noise reduction
  • Limit vibration
  • Sealing and supports

· Ducting Vent

This is a conduit that is used during heating, ventilation and air conditioning to provide a passage of air during delivery and emission.

The airflows, in this case, are the cool cabin air, warmer air, and the exhaust emissions.

Again these conduits are made of stainless steel to withstand corrosions.

In addition, you should know that every part of the diesel heater is specially constructed to withstand the freezing temperatures.

Heating Systems

Main components of a diesel heater

Thus guaranteeing steady heating to the required temperature.

Having known that, it time we focus on the working mechanism of the heater.

How RV Diesel Heater Works

You would be surprised at how simple and easy this machine operates.

The cooler air inside the RV cabin is drawn via an external outlet pipe mostly from the floor.

Note that this air is responsible for the internal combustion process of the machine.

The air is then transmitted into the heater’s combustion chamber.

At this point, it’s mixed together with the fuel in this case diesel.

After which it is automatically ignited thereby heating up the whole surface of the thermal exchanger.

The now heated exhaust air is temporarily separately partitioned in a section of the combustion chamber.

It is never allowed to mix with the internal cabin air.

Thereafter, it shall be blown outside back into the cabin through an exhaust pipe.

The heated warm air is blown outside into the compartment by a system of internal fans.

Again the fans work perfectly to sufficiently propel the air.

Consequently, the process entails the continuous action by the heater’s interior blower motors sucking the cool cabin air.

After which, the air is passed through the heat exchanger unit, ignited and heated to the desired temperature.

Thereafter, the now warmer air is emitted back into the vehicle’s cabin by the fans.

The process continuously goes on in that circular manner and the whole cabin is duly warmed.

That’s it.

A really simple process that enables you to enjoy the warmth you desire during those cold camping nights.

What then are the Factors to Consider Before Buying RV Diesel Heater?

Occasionally, you might get confused when trying to pick on the suitable heater for your needs.

Also, it’s everyone’s preference to choose a suitable device that would just serve the intended purpose without disappointing.

It is for these reasons that I have compiled the following parameters to assist you to decide on the type that will serve you perfectly.

i. You need to specify the application

ii. The specific design of the RV Diesel Heater

iii. Quality and safety compliance

iv. The heater’s rated voltage

v. Dimensions and weight

vi. The heating capacity

Shall we discuss them?

· Main Applications of RV Heaters

Since these heaters are generally applicable for all Recreational Vehicles, it’s paramount to specify to the seller which kind of vehicle you intend to use.

This is vital since that information would enable the dealer advice you accordingly on the suitable heater to buy.

Note that the installation kits of the RV Diesel heaters are explicit to the RV.

For the start, I have to mention that the various applications for these heaters are:

Generally, the working mechanisms for all these various applications of RV Diesel heaters are similar.

They are uniquely designed devices that work whether the vehicle is stationary or moving.

An added advantage is that they are installed to draw fuel straight from the main vehicle diesel fuel tank.

Motor home

Motor Home

However, you need not to worry since their fuel consumption is low and it poses no danger of the vehicle running out of fuel.

Through the heat exchanger panel, they draw and emit warm air into your vehicle.

The good news?

The combustion intake pipes and exhaust parts are fixed underneath the vehicles.

This is a safety precaution since all the dangerous emissions are externally ejected.

However, two vent pipes are fixed from the heater into the vehicle cabin.

The heaters can be controlled from their standard controls within the vehicle.

If you are going to fit these heaters in your vehicle then the best time would be during conversion.

Additionally, they can be fixed during preparations for conversion.

Therefore, some of the notable advantages of the specific applications for these heaters are:

  • Direct fuel supply from the vehicle’s diesel tank.
  • Occupies little space specifically from under the floor or engine segment.
  • Low fuel consumption and operational costs.
  • Simple and convenient.
  • It requires little service and maintenance 

· The Design of the RV Diesel Heater

The structural design of the heater is an important aspect that you must take into considerations.

You need to majorly check out for the:

  • Duct size.
  • Number of the heater’s outlets

For the Duct size, before inquiring about the size, I suggest you compare and contrast the size you currently use against the one for the heater you intend on buying.

In order to save on costs and installations, it would be a good idea to employ the same duct size.

gas car heater

Design 1 of VVKB Heater

external block heater

Design 2 VVKB Heater

How many rooms or partitions of your vehicle would you like to heat at once?

If you intend on heating a single compartment then 1 outlet heater is just suitable.

However, if you wish to do more then you may want to pick a 2 or 3 outlet heater.

· Quality and Safety Compliance

As earlier mentioned, the quality and level of safety that the heater presents are both vital to the user and the lifespan of the device.

It’s an important procedure to verify if the heater is certified by relevant quality assurance authorities.

Some of these bodies include: ROHS, CE, FCC, TUV etc.

Check if the devices are certified with quality assurance bodies such as:

Thus the diesel heater has to pass the ROSH test.

  • CE Marking– CE marking is a certification quality mark that is embedded in a product once it is approved to conform with the health standards measures.

Therefore any product with this mark doesn’t pose any unnecessary danger to the user. This mark is used if the product is to be sold within the European Economic Zones.

  • TUV SUD– This is one of the global leading technical service providers of testing, inspection, auditing and product certification.

It is based in Munich, Germany.

· The Heater’s Rated Voltage

The heater’s voltage would, in turn, determine the power output of the machine.

The RV Diesel Heaters have got different power outputs depending on the size of the Recreational Vehicle you are intending on using.

So are you gonna use a midsize or a common RV?

For that, you may buy a 2.5 KW heater.

This is a less powerful one.

On the other hand, if your RV is of the same size as a bus then a 5KW heater is suitable since it’s more powerful.

Still, most of these heaters consume voltage of 12V.

· Dimensions and Weight

The sizes and weights of these machines vary accordingly.

The dimensions vary in terms of length, width, and height.

Depending on the size of your available room for installation, you may pick the appropriate size.

The common dimensions of a regular heater are 310 × 115 × 122 (mm).

While the weight is 2.70 kg.

It’s worth noting that these dimensions together with the weights may vary depending on the specifications of the manufacturer.

· Heating Capacity

The heating power of these machines may be regulated using the controllers.

It may be shifted from high, medium, low power depending on the space floor or rooms to be heated.

A 2.5 KW heater is capable of producing up to 8500 BTU conversely a 5KW heater can produce up to 16500 BTU.

I trust that you can now select a suitable RV Diesel Heater that would sufficiently meet your demands depending on the factors we have discussed.

Let’s move onto the next segment.

How to Install RV Diesel Heater?

The installation of the RV Diesel Heater requires some technical procedures and supplementary materials such as painter, grinders, thin metal plates, solder, and soldering chips etc.

Installing heater

Installing heater

Actually, to install this machine you will obviously need access to a metal workshop or a motor garage.

Besides, the process is tiresome and entails too many measures to be considered.

It’s due to all these reasons that I recommend you inquire about the services of a professional installer nearby.

Diesel heaters are not only restricted to Diesel driven RVs but also on vehicles powered by petrol engines.

For the latter case, an extra storage tank would have to be installed to store the fuel.

Having discussed all the information pertaining to the RV Diesel Heater, it is prudent now I direct you to one of the best manufacturers of these machines.

Keep reading.

VVKB – Your Trusted Partner for Engine, Parking and Fuel Heaters.

With a vast experience of more than 20 years in the manufacturing industry, Victor Industries Ltd. (VVKB) has been the outstanding producer of the engine, parking and fuel heaters globally.

We specialize in the production of the following products:

  • VVKB Heaters
  • Block Engine Heater
  • Fuel Filter Heater
  • Parking Heater

That aside, we are the leading producer trusted by customers worldwide because:

  • Our products have passed all the quality and safety control measures and tests. They are thus certified by CE, FCC, ROHS, TUV
  • Moreover, we have several global patents on brand new heaters.
  • Our experience in the manufacture of 22 parking and block heaters is overwhelming.
  • In addition, we offer you 24/7 customer support and inquiry.
  • We supply and deal in several countries.
Parking Heater

Whatever your needs are, we shall assist you together with our team of professionals get that quality and durable heater.

Additionally, our VVKB RV Diesel heating system is suitable for all the recreational vehicles such as campers, motorhomes, vans, caravans, and campervans.


At long last, I am sure you now know all the details about the RV Diesel heater.

You should now be capable of picking the right kind of machine for your needs besides knowing the reasons for choosing RV Diesel heater as opposed to other heaters.

Likewise, you understand the working mechanism of the RV Diesel heater together with its different parts.

Let no adverse winter conditions, cold nights and climatic condition limit you from camping and enjoying your holiday.

It’s high time you upgraded to VVKB RV Diesel Heaters.

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