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Help you quickly start your tractor in cold winter

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The inbuilt thermostatic control and pump are the nerve center of the Vvkb Tractor Block Heater. They automatically regulate the working of the tractor engine heaters for a safe and consistent heating.

Whether in utility tractors, specialty tractors or farm tractors, VVKB is the only diesel tractor block heater manufacturer that produces easy to install, compact design and simple heaters. Available in different voltage and power ratings, VVKB Tractors block Heaters feature an aluminum casing, faster defrosting and engine heating.


Precisely designed to eliminate cold starting, high CO2 emissions and engine wear, this tractor block heater meets the dynamic needs all construction and firm tractor machineries.

From the efficient combustion chamber, a heat exchanger to the proper choice of components and material, VVKB Tractor Block Heaters are popular for their rapid engine warm up and low fuel consumption.

VVKB tractor block engine heaters use electric energy, diesel or gasoline with either horizontally or vertically mounted options.


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Tractor Block Heater: A Helpful Guide for Importers


Do you experience any malfunctions when it comes to warming up and starting the engine on your tractor?

I know, you have been trying to get more information on how you can manage such uncertainties.

Well, in this guide, I am going to explain everything you need to know about tractor block heater – from the definition, why you need it, types of tractor block heaters, working principle to the installation process, just to mention a few.

So, let’s go straight to the key subject of this guide.

What is a Tractor Block Heater?

In extremely cold weather, your tractor may experience problems associated with warming up and starting the engine.

In most cases, the engine may fail to start because of the extreme cold weather cooling the parts.

Engineers know that this may be a problem during the winter season so they came up with the block heater.

coolant heater
Tractor Block Heater

The block heater is a device that will help in warming up the engine to increase the chances of starting.

Apart from that, it increases the ability of the tractor warming up faster than it normally would in cold weather.

Why you need a Tractor Block Heater?

Accumulation of snow especially on the roads or on your driveway require you to use a tractor to clean up.

Tractor with a block heater
Tractor with a block heater

A tractor block heater is a very useful device during the winter season not only for the machine.

It is important for the person who will be operating the tractor too.

Many of the users are in the cold regions such as the Russia, Canada, Scandinavia and the United States.

The tractor block heater comes as an integral part of the modern tractors in these areas.

You will find it in farm tractors, utility tractors, and specialty tractors among others depending on the use.

You will need a tractor block heater for the following purposes:

  • Heating the engine of the tractor so that it may start during the winter season.
  • Heating the engine oil so that it can circulate well within the parts of the engine preventing tear and wear.
  • Helps in the vaporization of fuel due to combustion taking place in the engine for efficient movement of the tractor.
  • It helps in the elimination of high carbon dioxide thus protecting the engine. Accumulating carbon dioxide in the engine may lead to tear and wear of the engine parts.
  • Reduces stress to the engine, starter motor, battery and other parts of the tractor.

The tractor block heater will come in handy for farmers, construction companies that use the tractors extensively.

The advantages of using a tractor block heater include:

  • It saves you time when it comes to starting the engine of a tractor. During winter, the engine may cool to very low temperatures thus becoming difficult to start. With the tractor block heater in place, you will be able to start the engine of your tractor faster.
  • It will ensure that your engine is not susceptible to damage associated with the cold temperatures. Due to its properties, it maintains a certain level of heat on the engine of the tractor. This keeps away frost from causing damage on the parts of the engine.
  • It has inbuilt components such as thermostatic pump and control to regulate the functions of the engine. The components regulate the functions of the heaters on the engine of the tractor. This ensures that the heating process is safe for the engine and consistent.
  • It is a very simple device that you can easily install on your tractor depending on the type. The heaters are simple and have a compact design.
  • You can easily find the tractor block heater of your choice in different outlets depending on your region. They are available in different designs, voltage and power ratings that will suit your tractor.
  • The aluminum casing makes it have the abilities to defrost faster and heat the engine at the same time.
  • It is less costly to purchase and will save you a lot of money in maintenance.
  • It is durable and you will use it for an extended period before replacing it. If you maintain it well, you will have the best experience in using the tractor block heater.
  • You will also save on a lot of energy which many tractors use during the winter season. Many of the engines hook up to power sources to heat up the engine. Most of the tractor block heaters require minimal or none of that thus saving up on energy.


John Deere Block Heater
John Deere Block Heater

Types of Tractor Block Heaters in the Industry

During the winter season, our tractors experience a lot of difficulties when it comes to starting the engine.

This is, however, not a problem with the availability of the tractor block heater to warm the engine up.

Engineers have come up with a number of engine heaters for you to choose from depending on the type of engine.


diesel engine block heater
VVKB Tractor Engine Heater

The most common types of tractor block heaters include:

· Magnetic Oil Pan Heaters

This type of heater heats the oil pan of the engine instead of heating the entire block of the engine.

It helps in reducing how thick the oil is on the engine to improve lubrication and reduce frictional damage.

Heating one part of the engine makes it become a less of a choice for the tractor block heater.

· Engine Warming Blanket/Power Blanket

This type of heater prevents the engine from freezing as it covers it like a sheet or a blanket.

They work in the same way as the electric blankets you use in the cold winter weather.

No matter the functionality, it may prove difficult to use in comparison to its worth.

· In line coolant heater

This type of heater keeps the coolant at a particular temperature allowing it to remain fluid all along.

It has a pump that continuously pumps the fluid making it maintain the kind of temperature it requires to operate.

· Freeze plug heaters

It is a simple and small device that protects the engine from the cold weather.

No matter the simplicity and effectiveness, the freeze plug heater is difficult to install.

Especially, when you want to transfer it from the old tractor to a new tractor.

· Bolt-on heaters

This type of heater works on the exterior of the engine heating the whole engine.

It does not concentrate on heating the coolants alone.


 Main Parts of Tractor Block Heaters

The tractor block heater comprises of different parts that make it perform better every time you use it.

It has a thermostatic pump and thermostatic control being the major parts.

The thermostatic pump and control regulate automatically the heaters of the tractor engine.

Enginer heater
Tractor engine heater

This will ensure that your tractor heats safely and continuously as you use it.

It also has an aluminum casing which helps in making it stronger and more durable.

The casing also encloses and protects the integral parts of the tractor block heater.

Apart from that, it has a combustion chamber that is very efficient when it comes to the production of heat.

The heat exchange also increases the properties making it the most suitable block heater for your tractor.

Do not forget that there is an electric cord which you can use to plug into an electric source.

In short, engine heaters have numerous parts and the variation will depend on the design and model.

As a rule of thumb, always review the product manual to learn more about tractor block heater.

How a Tractor Block Heater Works

The main function of the tractor block heater is to warm the engine of the tractor in the cold winter.

An increase in the temperature of the engine increases the chances of starting the engine.

There are, however, many mechanisms behind the way a tractor block heater works.

We are going to have a look at an electrical heating element you will find in the cylinder block.

It has connections to a power cord which you can find routed through the grill of the tractor.

In most cases, the tractor block heater replaces one of the core parts of the engine such as the coolant plug.

The elements of the heater are often in touch with the coolant of the engine keeping the parts warmer.

The heater is not usually part of the pump so you may need to purchase it separately.

During installation, you might need to use heater hoses or radiators to improve the functionality.

Depending on the type of heater, the engine oil can receive heat differently.

Some tractor block heaters have the ability to pump and heat the oil simultaneously.

Other types will just heat the engine oil when it is still in the reservoir.


· Engine-Coolant Diesel Block Heater


There are other engines that run on diesel or gasoline thus the requirement to use diesel/gasoline engine block heaters.

This type of block heater does not require an external source to heat up the engine.

The coolant receives heat as it is circulating with the help of thermosiphon in the engine and the heater core.

In this type of tractor block heater, you will not need to plug it to an external source of power.

You will, however, plug it directly into the radiator hose of the engine.

Make sure that the tractor block heater you purchase matches the model of your tractor.

Inspect the connection regularly making sure that the coolant is still in place and nothing is lost.

In case of reductions, top up the coolant and make sure the plugs are all in place.

It will be part of the routine inspections you will do to your tractor during the winter season.

Tractor block heater
VVKB engine heater

· Freeze Plug Diesel Block Heater

The way a tractor block heater functions will vary according to the type and model of the heater.

The freeze plug diesel block heater has a heating element that will replace the freeze plug.

The heating element will be heating the coolant right on location.

You will connect the top of the plug to a cord that connects to the household power outlet.

Make sure that all the accessories are of the right size and match the model of your tractor.

This will prevent complications on the engine such as the leaking of the engine coolant.

To save on energy, you will need to time the tractor block heater.

Give it around two hours to heat up before you start using your tractor.

Apart from the two types, you can also get tractor block heaters meant to heat the engine oil.

The warm oil will definitely circulate through the system of the engine as it starts up.

The easy start is a result of less viscous, warm engine oil and “less condensation of fuel on cold metal surfaces”.

This process will reduce the emissions of the vehicle such as that of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

It also avails heat for the tractor operator and the windscreen of the tractor improving comfort and clarity.

Modern tractors have inbuilt tractor block heaters that allow standby generators to pick up as soon as possible.

How to Install a Tractor Block Heater

Installing a tractor block heater is not as difficult if you have been looking at your engine every now and then.

You will probably have a rough idea on the mechanics of servicing the parts of an engine making it easier.

If not make sure you contact a mechanic with enough experience to help you with the installation.

First, you will get the material you will require to help you in the installation of the tractor block heater.

This illustration is on the installation of the tractor block heater on a “New Holland T8300 “.

The kind of tools you will require include a spanner, new tractor block heater, pliers, sealant, bucket among other things.

Open the hood of the tractor to expose the parts of the engine you will be working on.

Locate the part of the engine where you will be working on as you prepare your tools.

Remember that different tractors have different engine structures so take your time to understand the engine.

The second step gets you right into work where you will use a spanner to remove the coolant plug.

Place a bucket right under the specific workstation to collect any coolant that may drip out.

Remove the coolant plug carefully making sure you cause no damage to the other parts including the coolant plug.

The third step leads you into preparing the tractor block heater that you intend to install on the engine.

Apply the sealant of choice to the threads of the tractor block heater and make sure it spreads well.

With the coolant plug out, you will need to remove the worn-out tractor block heater before installing the new.

If not, prepare the block heater for installation on the frost plug hole.

The installation should go right into the engine block to remove any part that may hinder your installation.

Depending on the type of tractor you may need to remove the exhaust bracket to allow enough space for installation.

Remove the cover on the frost plug hole by tapping on the sides ensuring that it doesn’t fall into the engine.

Tapping on the side will swivel the cover exposing it outwards thus making it easy to remove.

You can use a hammer and a long piece of metal to tap on the sides of the cover then pull it out.

Slot the new block heater in the right place and fasten it properly into place making sure that the threads match.

You can use a spanner to help you in holding and fastening the block heater tightly into place.

Everything has to stick properly in place to avoid having loose parts that may cause more problems in the future.

After putting the block heater correctly in place, clean off the engine coolant that may still be seen on the parts.

Use a piece of cloth to clean it off carefully taking caution not to cause harm to your hands.

Always consult the instruction manuals as you move from one step to another.

Put back all the engine parts and replenish the coolant making sure everything is in the right place.

After that, you can run your engine and be sure of a quick start even in the coolest of conditions.

Make sure that you have the right protective gear on including gloves, goggles, work boots, and an overall coat.

They will protect your hands from burns in case you touch hot parts.

There might also be occasional oil spills that’s why you need to protect your eyes and the rest of your body.

VVKB Tractor Block Heater – Your Trusted Tractor Block Heater Manufacturer

VVKB is one of the companies in the world that manufacture the most efficient Tractor Block Heaters.

The company has been in the market for over 10 years and have enough experience in the industry.

VVKB understands the damage cold starting cause to tractor engines.

VVKB tractor block heaters conform to the following:

  • Chartered Engineers Certificate (CE) which indicates conformity to safety, health, and protection to the environment.
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certificate proving the products has very low electromagnetic interference.
  • Restrictions of Hazardous substances certificate proving their products are safe for the user and the environment.


VVKB tractor block heaters are robust, durable and reliable, with good heating effect allowing for “quick start of the engine”. You don’t have to worry about cold weather again.

The tractor heaters feature advanced inbuilt thermostatic pump (for some designs) and control making it very efficient.

They regulate automatically the working of the heaters on the engine to ensure consistent and safe heating.

Of course, the tractor block heater comes in a range of shapes and designs.

Besides, you can choose electric, diesel or petrol engine heater.

Depending on the model, you can mount it vertically or horizontally.

VVKB tractor block heater id superior to others in the following areas:

I. Efficiency in the combustion chamber

II. Better coordination in the heat exchange chamber

III. Better materials and components

IV. Low fuel consumption thus saving on energy and cost of purchasing fuel

V. Quick engine warms up saving on time.


Tractor block heaters come in a variety of designs that you are free to choose from depending on the function.

These include shapes, heating capacity, and performance, just to mention a few.

So, don’t cold damage your tractor engine – simply install a tractor block heater.

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