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Vvkb manufactures heaters to accommodate any vehicle.

VVKB bunk heater, also named as air parking heater, diesel heater and truck cabin heater, is a good partner for the truck in cold winter.

VVKB bunk heater has low fuel and power. No need to start the truck, it can warm up the cabin with very low fuel consumption, from 0.14L/H-0.25L/H. The detachable pump accurately measures the fuel input, so that the heater’s fuel consumption is 10-20% lower than other heaters. With the unique design of the combustion chamber, the diesel atomization is more fully, so the heater can save 10% fuel.

car night heater

VVKB bunk heater is safe and quiet. We use materials without toxin and odors and we design each part of the heater in a good and compact way, so won’t cause any impact on the body. The wire sheath selects materials with high temperatures resistance to eliminate fire hazards.

Equipped with LCD controller, VVKB bun heater can set up temperature and time to start and stop. With remote, you can remotely turn on/off the heater within 30-50 meters.

VVKB portable parking heater, also known as auxiliary parking heater, is a kind of improved air parking heater, which has already finished all installation of heater parts. What only need to do is to add the diesel and connect the air outlet duct and exhaust pipe. So VVKB portable heater can be carried to heat up different spaces.

portable parking heater

Besides including all advantages of VVKB bunk heater, VVKB portable heater is quieter when working, because the heater housing is made of iron material and has 4 rubber pads.

VVKB portable heater is compatible with various voltages– DC12V or DC24V and AC110V or AC230V. It can also be customized into 36V, 48V and 96V.

With re-designed temperature control system, VVLB portable heater can control the inside space temperature timely and accurately.

And VVKB portable parking heater also comes with a USB interface backside, which can connect to all kinds of electronic devices for charging.

VVKB engine heater, also known as engine block heater and engine coolant heater, can warm up the engine in the cold winter by heating up coolant and circulating coolant around the engine. With VVKB engine heater, the trucks can start more easily, and it can largely reduce engine wear, exhaust pollution and fuel consumption.

portable block heater

Compared with ordinary engine heater, VVKB engine heater has the built-in water pump, which can help the coolant circulation, so largely increase the heating efficiency. And with the temperature control system, when the temperature reaches 65℃, the heater will stop working; while the temperature is below 45 ℃, the heater will start working again.

VVKB engine heater is easy and convenient to install and use. When installing, just cut off the coolant pipe, and remove the expel the air in the circulating system, the heater can work properly. With a mounting bracket, can be fixed anywhere. Having different standard plugs, its working voltage varies from AC110V-AC240V, which suits for different countries.

Why Vvkb Truck Heaters

VVKB – Your Best Truck Heater Manufacturer

VVKB Truck Heaters include parking heaters, engine heaters, and fuel heaters. Their unique designs reduce fuel consumption and engine starting costs that come with the engine idling and cold startup.

Every VVKB Truck heater features an efficient heating technology for warming truck engine, fuel, and cabin. These are fuel efficient heaters that guarantee a comfortable environment for the driver and passengers while reducing engine strain during cold startup.

As a premier aftermarket truck heater manufacturer, VVKB designs compact and easy to install truck heaters. This ensures rapid heating of the truck engine, fuel, and cabin.

gasoline parking heater

VVKB truck heater, also named auxiliary truck heater, is a kind of heater that specially used in all kinds of trucks. According to different heating functions, we have manufactured four different types of truck heaters, which can meet different customers’ requirement for heating different areas. They are VVKB bunk heater, VVKB portable heaterVVKB engine heater, and VVKB fuel heater.

VVKB fuel heater includes VVKB diesel filter heater, VVKB fuel heater, and VVKB fuel tank heater.

VVKB diesel filter heater uses silicone heating plate as the main component, which increases heating efficiency. There is usually filter paper in the filter to filter moisture and impurities in diesel. After absorbing moisture, it easily freezes when in cold winter, so the diesel cannot smoothly pass through. With rated power 75W, rated voltage 12V/24V, VVKB diesel filter heater can solve this problem, which can be convenient to install.

VVKB fuel heater uses PTC as the heating element. After the diesel is fully heated with the heater, it’s sent to the engine through the pipeline. So the heated fuel can be fully atomized, and the engine’s power will be full output. It can save the owner a lot of unnecessary fuel loss and reduce emission pollution. With rated power 50W, rated voltage 12V/24V, VVKB fuel heater is convenient to install.

semi truck heater

VVKB fuel tank heater, with rated voltage 12V/24V, rated power 60W, is used to heat up the fuel in the fuel tank. When in low temperature, the fuel in the tank has less fluidity due to the wax formation, so it will be hard to be sucked into the tubing by the oil pump. By installing the fuel tank heater in the fuel tank level sensor, the fuel temperature around the fuel tank level sensor then will increase to make easier be sucked into the oil pipe by the oil pump. Using PTC heating makes VVKB fuel tank heater very safe.

Truck Heaters: A Helpful Guide for Importers

Truck heaters are some of the essential components in such automobiles.

It’s always ideal to install truck heaters just in case of cold weather.

The truth is that in the market currently, you can find several types and models of truck heaters.

parking heater , engine heater

Figure 1 Different types of truck heaters

It can make it quite challenging for you to select the most suitable one for your needs.

You need an efficient truck heater.

It will save you a lot, from the devastating effects of cold starting engine too expensive costs.

Basically, whether you go for engine heaters, parking heaters or fuel heaters, they will enhance efficiency and comfort.

In this section, I will take you through various types of VVKB truck heaters.

Let’s dive right in:

1. VVKB Parking Heaters

It primarily refers to an electro-mechanical component which warms or heats the engine and interior of a truck to a desirable temperature.

This device uses water or air and works by burning fuels in its combustion chamber and transferring heat through its exchanger system.

The good thing with this type of heater is that you can set up temperature and heating time by using a timer controller.

It suggests that you don’t necessarily need to be physically inside the truck so that you can start or end the heating process with remote control.

Nevertheless, you also ought to know that such type of performance can only be possible if you’re using a high-quality parking heater.

Primarily, it means in the market, you have to be particular to select one that conforms to all the quality standards.

Parking Heater

Figure 2 VVKB Parking Heater

Ideally, parking heaters feature different elements depending on a wide range of factors.

But before we look into that, it’d be important to know a few advantages of this heater;

One is that after switching it on, it can quickly free the  ice and snow on the windows of your truck.

Incidentally, this is critical because it prevents re-freezing, and creates comfortable temperatures in the truck cabin.

Freezing weather

Figure 3 Freezing weather

Additionally, this heater also plays an essential role in preheating the engine. The importance of this is that it enhances the quicker performance of the truck’s engine.

Again, this reduces the emission of nitrogen and carbon monoxide by 50%, which isn’t necessarily attainable in cold start.

The parking heater is also vital in the conservation of the environment.

Let me tell you how:

You see, most of them have a technology which enables the heaters to consume relatively less fuel.

And that’s the element that contributes significantly to environmental protection.

2. VVKB Engine Heater

This is another significant heater type for trucks.

As the name suggests, it’s specifically designed to warm up the engine part in trucks.

In other words, it warms the engine to an extent increasing the possibilities of the engine starting relatively faster in cold weather.

Enginer heater

Figure 4 Engine Heater

For that reason, it eliminates the necessity of idling the engine for heat.

This is vital as it provides safe and reliable to start the engine in the cold weather.

Now, this increases efficiency and save what could probably turn out to be an expensive downtime.

You can operate most of engine heaters models irrespective of where the vehicle is located.

And it’s very easy to install. Just find a suitable installation position, connect it in series to the warm-air circulation system, fill with coolant inside the heater and the connect to the power supply.

Integration of modern technology is helpful in such a heater since it enables them to enhance efficiency, which leads to better performance.

An ideal engine heater necessarily lowers fuel consumption, reduces engine wear and any harmful emissions.

Getting the most efficient engine heater for your truck is highly dependent on the particular model and design.

One of the aspects that determine efficiency is the mounting design. Just ensure that you’re buying the type that is easy and simple to install. Additionally, it should be one that comes with whole installation accessories such as mounting brackets.

The other aspect regarding the same is ease of control.

The engine heater has a complete temperature control system. When the temperature reaches 65 degrees Celsius, the heater will automatically shut down and stop working. When the temperature is below 45 degrees Celsius, the heater will automatically turn on to work again.

And selecting the ideal one is a guarantee of efficiency meaning heating of the engine will occur faster, and it will run smoothly.

3. VVKB Fuel Heaters

A fuel heater is also a significant component that you need to have on your truck.

Typically, trucks use diesel, which is relatively dense when you compare it with petroleum.

So before burning, it’s often inevitable to pre-heat it at low temperatures.

This is the ideal way to bring the diesel fuel into the correct viscosity.

Fuel heater

Figure 5 Fuel heater

An electric fuel heater is always vital for warming the diesel and starting the vehicle from what you’d refer to as dead ship condition.

Maintaining the right diesel fuel temperature in trucks is always necessary. Primarily, this ensures complete combustion takes place under optimal conditions.

The essence of this is that it helps to a significant level to reduce pollutants and also to increase effectiveness.

Ideally, the efficiency of this device lies in its components in addition to other aspects like mounting.

You see when you find one that uses a fuel heater, which is arguably one of the most significant parts of this unit.

Effects of low engine fule temperature

Figure 6 Effects of low engine fuel temperature – Photo courtesy: Research Gate

What it does is that it increases the heating efficiency of diesel by reducing its viscosity and making it relatively easy for combustion.

Also, a specific type of filter paper plays a vital role in removing impurities from getting to the engine.

Now what happens is that at times, or preferably during cold seasons, this filter would often freeze. It, therefore, implies that diesel ceases to pass through it smoothly.

But then, if you get a diesel fuel heater with a power rating of 75W or above, it becomes easy for you to solve this problem.

It wouldn’t matter how low the temperatures are, once you start the heater, you’re sure of smooth engine operation any time.

Again, it is also convenient to install which significantly adds to its value.

What to Look into in a Truck Heater

As you can see from all the three types of truck heaters, there is one fundamental aspect across the board – heater’s efficiency is key.

a)  Choose a Highly Efficient Heater

The moment you choose to install this unit, it means that you need something that can offer efficacy all the time.

So primarily, you can determine the efficiency of this device by looking into a number of elements including the installation process, and techs data.

b)  Go for a Heater that is Easy to Install

Talking of installation, if you go for one that is somewhat easy to install, then you’re guaranteed better service.

What it means is that you shouldn’t pick a truck heater that will give trouble when fixing it.

Choosing a heater that is difficult to install can further lead to its damage especially when trying to force it in. 


c)  Compatibility of the Truck Heater is Key

The other element is the compatibility of the heater with the truck’s system.

You see, you have to be particular when selecting the ideal truck heate.

Different manufacturers produce various types of truck heaters which match a wide range of vehicles.

So when buying one, you need to make sure that you’re selecting one which fits well and is also compatible with your truck.

d)  Go for a Truck Heater is RoHS, CE and FCC Compliant

You also have to pick a heater that meets that industrial standards. Ordinarily, any device of this kind has to go through various tests to establish its suitability for the particular function.

At times, going for sub-standard heaters can be detrimental not only to the safety of your truck but to your life too.

So when you choose one that meets the technical specifications, you’re safe in a great way.

In fact, this is one mark of quality product which quite obviously is an indication of efficiency.

Secondly, you’ll always have the peace of mind knowing very well that the device will function irrespective of the weather condition or location.

e)  Consider the Truck Heater Brand or Manufacturer

And then lastly, the other aspect worth looking into is the manufacturer.

The truth is that in the market presently, several brands are available, of course from different companies.

And that is where it becomes quite thought-provoking because the available options are confusing.

However, some manufacturers of these devices have always been consistent in providing reliable products always.

And if this still sounds a general description, let me specify it and give you a reliable alternative.

cab heater

VVKB is one of the heater manufacturers that you may choose to consider for any of truck heater that you need. It doesn’t matter which type or model of truck you have. VVKB has been specializing in the engine heater, diesel air heater and fuel heater for 23 years.  3 experienced engineers have been working for more than 20 years to design heaters. 5 staffs in quality inspection department ensure the supplied engine preheater fully comply with CE, FCC, RoHS standard.  Certified by Dun & Bradstreet, Victor Industries Ltd. will be a reliable OE supplier for engine preheater with the excellent quality-control management system. Meanwhile, VVKB has obtained more than 10 EU patents so far.


As you can see from this post, obtaining an ideal truck heater revolves quite a number of aspects.

An ideal way which you can use to prevent any uncertainties especially when buying truck heater as a first timer is to buy from a reputable manufacturer.

And that’s the reason you should go for VVKB truck heaters.

Here, you’ll find all types of heaters for your trucks regardless of the model and design.

Also, if you have any inquiry, you can as well shoot it, and the support team will be ready to offer help as necessary.

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