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Complete Knowledge of Diesel Heaters

Wonder how old the diesel heater industry is? Over 70 years since the first debut of diesel heaters.
In the past decades, many large companies have monopolized the heater productions. They used their patented technology on the production.
This continues up until 2015 and then justice happens. The producers who took over the market get punished by the EU and US antitrust laws.
After that, there are many companies rising in this market with diesel heaters now. They are yet to enter and execute the production and sales of diesel heaters.

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The structure of the diesel heaters are complicated. Also, the production process is tedious. In the past two years, various brands of diesel heaters have been rising up in the market. Their appearance looks similar. Yet, the price varies a lot.

What do people do to know about the new product? They search on google or search for feedback on the diesel heaters from people in the van life group on Facebook.
You will find good reviews of these new diesel heaters brands. The quality feedback may show a positive result. But, there are more people who feel deeply disgusted with the quality of these diesel heaters. These reviews of diesel heaters have little to no value. This shows. It is not an easy task to choose the best diesel heaters.

On Amazon and eBay, there are many Chinese diesel heaters at very cheap prices. The sellers of these Chinese diesel heaters will claim to be the best. They say that their Chinese diesel heaters are of reliable quality. After you see the price of these Chinese diesel heaters, do you have the following confusion?

  • What price can we, as wholesalers, buy diesel heaters at?
  • How do we locate the diesel air heater?
  • How much is the selling price of our diesel air heater?
  • How do we choose the right diesel heater manufacturer?
  • How do we compete with online retail platform sellers like Amazon and eBay for customers?
  • Why would people buy diesel heaters from our company?
  • Are the prices of diesel heaters in online stores so cheap?

So, we have gathered a lot of information for you. This way you can study diesel heaters in depth. We suggest you read this article carefully. That way, you will gain a relatively complete understanding of diesel heaters. This will help you in choosing a diesel heater. It will also help your staff to suggest to others.

Let’s not waste any more time. We have prepared this content directory for you. Just click on the part you want to learn and you will get it.

Click on it and you will be redirected to the appropriate location.

General Applications For Diesel Air Heater

Diesel heaters usage is in a wide range of applications. Mainly they can provide a warm feeling to the user. It can also save the user money on the cost of using the camper van.

The most common places where diesel heaters are used are to heat the cabin of a camper van, to heat the cab of a truck, to heat the cabin of a boat, etc.

We have listed some application scenarios of diesel heaters that you can refer to.

Diesel Heater for Truck

Diesel Heaters for Truck

Diesel Heater for RV

Diesel Heaters for RV

Diesel Heater for Campervan

Diesel Heaters for Camper Van

Diesel Heater for Trailer

Diesel Heaters for Trailer

Diesel Heater for Mini Van

Diesel Heaters for Mini Van

Diesel Heater for Ambulance

Diesel Heaters for Ambulance

Diesel Heater for Construction Machinery

Diesel Heaters for Construction Machinery

Diesel Heater for Tent

Diesel Heaters for Tent

Diesel Heater for Military Tent

Diesel Heaters for Military Tent

Diesel Heater for Forest Cabin

Diesel Heaters for Forest Cabin

Diesel Heater for Boat

Diesel Heaters for Boat

Diesel Heater for School Bus

Diesel Heaters for School Bus

Diesel Heater for Car

Diesel Heaters for Car

Diesel Heater for Chicken Farm

Diesel Heaters for Chicken Farm

Diesel Heater for Greenhouse

Diesel Heaters for Greenhouse

Diesel Heater Hot Selling Products

The states between different heating media vary. In general, diesel heaters can break down to diesel air heaters and diesel engine heaters. Diesel air heaters can be divided into two as well. One is ordinary diesel heaters. The other one is portable diesel heaters with all accessories in one housing. Some people also call this air heater all in one diesel heater.

Diesel engine heaters can also divide down into some parts. They are diesel coolant heaters, diesel hot water systems, and marine hot water systems.

Below we have listed all kinds of diesel heaters. You can see the difference from the data of these diesel heaters.

Diesel Air Heaters

Diesel Air Heater
  • Heating medium: Heated air
  • Input voltage: 12V/24V
  • Heater working voltage range: 9-16V/18-32V
  • Output power: 2500W/5000W
  • Output heat: 8500BTU/16000BTU
  • Operating temperature: -40 degrees Celsius – 80 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit – 176 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Operating Current: 1.68Amps/0.83Amps 2.2Amps/1.1Amps
  • Fuel Consumption: ≤ 0.252L/H/ ≤ 0.266Qt/H / ≤ 0.475L/H/ ≤ 0.5Qt/H

A diesel air heater is a heating device. It heats up the burner of the heater by burning diesel fuel.

The cold air gets sent between the heat sink blades by the heater motor. The cold air heats up then. The heated hot air blows into the space such as a carriage or cabin later. This way it finishes the heating work.

Diesel heaters are especially suitable for people camping outdoors. They work to provide heat for the bedrooms of their camper van.
Diesel heaters are also ideal for truckers who drive long distances. When sleeping at night, truckers can turn off the engine and turn on the diesel air heater. This allows the heat generated by the heater to maintain the heat of the truck’s bedroom.Diesel air heaters get usage in chicken farms and vegetable barns. They are also workable in a variety of spaces that need heating.

You may have some unique ideas for diesel air heater application scenarios. Feel free to tell us your ideas.

Portable Heater

Portable Heater
  • Heating medium: Heated air
  • Input voltage: 12VDC/110VAC/220VAC
  • Heater working voltage range: 9-16V
  • Output power: 2500W/5000W
  • Output heat: 8500BTU/16000BTU
  • Operating temperature: -40 degrees Celsius – 80 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit – 176 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Operating Current: 1.68 Amps / 0.83 Amps 2.2 Amps / 1.1 Amps
  • Fuel Consumption: ≤ 0.252L/H/ ≤ 0.266Qt/H / ≤ 0.475L/H/ ≤ 0.5Qt/H

A portable heater is a kind of diesel air heater. It combines the diesel air heater and the accessories around the heater. Some online retail sites refer to portable heaters as “All in one” diesel heaters.

Portable heaters have all the benefits of a diesel air heater. Portable heaters are no-installation diesel heaters. That means it comes with the setup. No extra work is necessary. This can save your users a lot of money on installation.Your users can freely move the portable heater. They can take it around in different spaces that need heat. Portable heaters can also become standard in some scenarios. Such as RV campgrounds and camping sites. You can get these heaters on rent in these scenarios. There they are usable in ancillary business models.

Diesel Engine Heater

Diesel Engine Heater
  • Heating medium: Heating coolant or water
  • Input voltage: 12V/24V
  • Heater working voltage range: 9-16V/18-32V
  • Output power: 5000W/12000W
  • Output heat: 16000BTU/38000BUT
  • Operating temperature: -40 degrees Celsius – 80 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit – 176 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Operating Current: 2.2 Amps/6.5 Amps
  • Fuel Consumption: ≤ 0.55L/H/≤ 0.52Qt/H / ≤ 1.2L/H/1.13Qt/H

The working principle of a diesel engine heater is exactly the same as a diesel air heater. Yet, the medium heated by diesel air heater is air. Meanwhile, the medium heated by diesel engine heater is coolant or water.

Diesel engine heaters usually operate at a heat below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. At low temperatures, there is a power failure of the normal glow plug. In order for the heater to work properly, Kyocera glow pins are mandatory.

You can apply diesel engine heaters to heat anywhere you need. Think about your vehicle. Why do you heat it? You heat it so that the vehicle engine faces no trouble due to low temperatures. It also helps to avoid excessive engine wear.

  • To provide hot water for the water system of a camper van.
  • Providing hot water for the water systems of boats.
  • Provide heat to the engines of various construction tools that work at low heat.

Diesel engine heaters are split into three different power models. They are 5000W, 9000W, and 12000W. These labels are according to their output power. Usually, the 5000W diesel engine heater rates at 12V. 9000W and 12000W rates at 12V and 24V. It means that the 5000W diesel engine heater can only supply 12V voltage. The 9000W and 12000W diesel engine heaters have options.

Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System
  • Heating medium: heating coolant or water
  • Input voltage: 12V/24V
  • Heater working voltage range: 9-16V/18-32V
  • Output power: 5000W
  • Output heat: 16000BTU
  • Operating temperature: -40 degrees Celsius – 80 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit – 176 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Operating Current: 2.2 Amps
  • Fuel Consumption:≤ 0.55L/H / ≤ 0.52Qt/H

Diesel hot water system is a derivative of a diesel engine heater. It is a system that adds a water tank and heat exchanger (optional accessories) to the heater. Another derivative of the diesel hot water system is the marine hot water system. It has a stainless steel housing that allows the heater to work on the ocean without decay. Diesel hot water wystem and marine hot water system, have all the assets of diesel engine heaters.

Many companies do not make the diesel hot water system and marine hot water dystem. This is because of their complex construction. It means that when you sell these two products, you will have few competitors. Gives off a perfect boost in sales.

Case Study: Diesel Heaters in Cold Regions


The vast expanse of Siberia is known for its extreme cold, with temperatures often plummeting to -40°C (-40°F) or even lower during the harshest winter months. For truckers navigating this icy terrain, maintaining a comfortable and safe temperature inside their vehicles is not just a matter of comfort—it’s a matter of survival. This case study delves into how a specific brand of diesel heater became the go-to solution for these truckers, ensuring their safety and well-being during their arduous journeys.


Siberian truckers often undertake long-haul journeys that span several days or even weeks. These trips require them to rest and sleep in their trucks, making it imperative to have a reliable heating system. Traditional heating methods, such as using the truck’s own heating system, are often inadequate in such extreme conditions and can strain the vehicle’s battery.

The Challenge:

Finding a heating solution that:

  • Provides consistent and reliable warmth even in the most extreme temperatures.
  • Is energy-efficient, ensuring minimal fuel consumption.
  • Is durable and requires minimal maintenance, given the remote nature of Siberian routes.
Vvkb PTC Coolant Heater

The Vvkb Diesel Heater's Solution:

Enter the Vvkb Diesel Heater. After extensive research and development, Vvkb introduced a diesel heater tailored for extreme conditions. Key features included:

  • High-Efficiency Combustion: Utilizing advanced combustion technology, the heater ensured rapid warming of the truck’s interior.
  • Low Fuel Consumption: The heater’s design ensured optimal fuel efficiency, allowing truckers to use it extensively without worrying about excessive diesel consumption.
  • Robust Build: Made with high-quality materials, the heater was designed to withstand the rigors of Siberian conditions, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.


Several Siberian trucking companies, after initial trials, began equipping their fleets with Vvkb Diesel Heaters. Installation was straightforward, and the heater’s compact design ensured it didn’t occupy excessive space.


Enhanced Comfort: Truckers reported a significant improvement in comfort levels, with the interior of the trucks maintaining a steady, warm temperature even during the coldest nights.
Safety: There were fewer reports of health issues related to cold exposure, such as frostbite or hypothermia.
Economic Benefits: The fuel efficiency of the Vvkb Diesel Heater led to cost savings in the long run. Additionally, the reduced strain on the truck’s battery extended its lifespan, leading to further savings.

The Vvkb Diesel Heater emerged as a game-changer for Siberian truckers, addressing the unique challenges posed by the region’s extreme cold. Its blend of efficiency, durability, and economic benefits made it an indispensable tool for those braving the icy expanses of Siberia. This case study underscores the importance of specialized solutions tailored to specific challenges and the profound impact they can have on the lives of their users.

Estimated Cost Analysis of Diesel Heaters

You may already have some idea about the companies of diesel heaters on production. But you know what might confuse you? The variety in pricing. That is why you need a general idea of the diesel heaters part and cost. To give you that, we have listed the approximate cost of diesel heaters.

Please note that the final cost depends on the configuration of the heater you need. It also includes the specifications of the raw materials used. Not to mention, the relevant country laws, and the shipping distance are also in it. Take a booking of a small 20 feet container, which can hold about 1500 sets of diesel heaters. Let’s look at the components of the cost, using the production of 1500 sets of diesel heaters as a column.

Diesel Heater Glow Pin

For all of our heaters, we choose glow pin from Kyocera Japan.
Kyocera’s glow pins allow the heater to start easily at low temperatures. This is the best glow pin.

Diesel Heater Fuel Pump

We offer both normal fuel pump and silent fuel pump options.
Vvkb silent fuel pump works with very little vibration. And, Vvkb silent fuel pump can precisely control the fuel output.

Diesel heater peripheral accessories

Diesel heaters peripheral accessories refer to the accessories that are attached to the heater in addition to the main accessories such as heater main unit and heater wiring harness. For example, accessories like exhaust pipes, exhaust mufflers and hot air vents and outlets.

Diesel heater other miscellaneous fees

Other miscellaneous costs refer to the labor cost of workers and the cost of wear and tear of accessories. Miscellaneous costs do not include the overhead costs of the production plant and the financial costs of capital turnover during heater production.

The sea freight shipping fee

Shipping costs are for a small 20′ container, shipped by sea to the East Coast of the United States. Over time, shipping costs may go up or down more significantly. If you are a European and Australian or Japanese and Korean customer, shipping costs will vary.

You can contact our sales staff and they will provide you with a timely list of costs.

Diesel Heaters Production Process & Duration Estimation

Step 1. Raw material procurement (2-5 days)

The suppliers of raw materials are present in the supplier system. The process of work is simple. Firstly, we will receive your order. After that, the procurement staff will install your needs. They will also screen the raw material suppliers. After all, they will select the raw materials that meet your demands.

After purchasing the raw materials, the factory will also follow a process. They will sample it first. Then they will test the purchased raw materials. If and only if the test goes positive, then the raw materials will be sent to the next process.

Step 2. Production of semi-finished products (10-15 days)

The raw materials will then follow to different production workshops. There are injection molding and aluminum die-casting workshops. Also, there is a circuit board soldering workshop and many others as well. Depending on the quantity, the time will vary. So the time of semi-finished product will be different.

Step 3. Check the semi-finished products (3-6 days)

When the production of semi-finished products is complete, the company will check it. They will check the semi-finished products according to 12.5% of the sample. And they will perform the aging test.
Now the quality and size of the semi-finished product are great. They meet your needs. That’s why they will enter the final stage.

Step 4. Assembly stage (7-10 days)

Now the semi-finished products meet the standard. You need to assemble 12 sets of diesel heaters samples. That along with the semi-finished products that have passed the test. After that these samples will be the final ones in the sample library. So if you have any questions about the quality of these diesel heaters, you can check these samples. Check if they have quality problems.

Step 5. The final testing stage (5-7 days)

After finishing the production process, we need to test the whole diesel heaters. We do that with a complete workflow. Starting from testing the diesel heaters at startup. We move to test the motor working to the glow pin ignition and the fuel pump working. All the way to heater shutdown. The entire testing process takes about 15-25 days

Quality Control Process of Diesel Heaters

Next, let’s take a look at the production process. Also, let’s notice the time it takes to produce a small cabinet of diesel heaters. When you give your purchase order to a diesel heater factory, the production process looks like this.

Diesel heater peripheral accessories

Step 1. Purchase raw materials (2-5 days)

After receiving your order, the factory will buy the raw materials. After that they will test them. Make sure all raw materials are up to standard.

Production of diesel heater spare parts

Step 2. Production of diesel heaters spare parts (15-20 days)

After making the raw materials into all the spare parts, they will check the quality of spare parts. And assemble into some machines and test the machines. And make sure that all the parts meet the standard.What if there are parts that do not meet the standard? Then we need to find the reason for the failure.The reason for failure is mainly the problem of raw materials. Or the way these raw materials process.To find a solution to the problem, and replace the unqualified heater parts after the next link.

Assembly of diesel heaters

Step 3. Assembly of diesel heaters (5-7 days)

The next process is to assemble all the parts that meet the standard.

Test the diesel heater

Step 4. Test the diesel heaters (5-7 days)

When the heater setup is complete, all the heaters need to go on tests. The testing process for one set of diesel heater takes 15-20 minutes.

Book shipping warehouse

Step 5. Book shipping warehouse (1-3 days)

Maybe you are someone who has a long-term shipping company. ?If yes, you can contact the diesel heater factory. You can tell them to contact your shipping company.
What if you don’t have a shipping company? No worries. Diesel Heater Factory will contact the shipping company and book the warehouse.

The sea freight shipping fee

Step 6. Shipping (15-45 days)

Please note that the time of delivery depends on your country. The time required for shipping by sea will vary.
For the exact shipping time, you can contact your diesel heater manufacturer.

The Basic Knowledge of Diesel Heaters

In this section, we’re going to look at diesel heaters. We’ll learn all about them, including their purpose and how they work. This will give you a better understanding of diesel heaters.

What is a diesel heater?

Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V2

Diesel heater is a kind of combustion as well as a heat exchange device. Diesel fuel goes into the combustion chamber of the heater. After that, the radiator of the heater absorbs the heat. The hot fins heat the cold air or coolant flows between the radiator fins. Then it flows into the cabin or engine. The combustion exhaust gas is discharged from the exhaust pipe.

What certifications are available for diesel heaters

Vvkb Diesel Air Heater

There is no mandatory certification requirement for diesel heaters. However, the minimum CE, RoHS and FCC certifications are required. As long as the diesel heaters complies with these three certifications, it is already a qualified product.

How diesel heater manufacturers ensure the quality of their products

A legitimate diesel heater company will have a standard production operation flow chart. During the production process, they will do strict testing on every important part.  Even the dimensional error occurred of the air outlet has to meet the standard requirements. This is what makes them different from others in the market. The new ones are not that good.

After completing the assembly, they will test the whole diesel heaters. It will last up to 15-20 minutes. Let the diesel heater have a complete on to the off process.

Engineer's Office

How does the diesel heater work?

Turning on the diesel air heater is a process, and the working steps are as follows.

Steps of turning on the diesel heater

After turning on the diesel air heater, the control program will work. They will conduct a full inspection of the heater. The control program and diesel air heater parts may be faulty during this process. It yes, a fault code will appear in the heater control panel. Then the heater will stop working. The diesel air heater motor runs at high speed when it operates normally. It means operating the program and diesel air heater spare parts normally. The high-speed flame air will clean the combustion chamber of the diesel air heater. It will also and prepare for ignition.
When you touch the heating button, it will turn on the heater mode. Then the glow pin also starts to work. The glow pin filter full of heat.

Next, the silent fuel pump starts to work. It fills the combustion chamber with diesel fuel. The diesel fuel gets sprayed at high pressure onto the glow pin filter. It diffuses through the glow pin filter. It also mixes with the combustion air. After then, it enters the combustion chamber to form flammable gas. The combustible gas contains diesel vapor. It comes into contact with the high-heat glow needle. It instantly ignites up by the glow pin. The heater enters the normal flame stage. The heater’s flame sensor can detect if the heater is burning. When it detects that it is normal, the control program turns off the glow pin. By this stage, the heater has completed a normal start-up and ignition state.

Diesel air heater shutdown procedure

The shutdown of a diesel air heater also requires a process. The whole shutdown process takes about a few minutes. The steps of diesel heaters shutdown are as below.
First, click the shutdown button of the heater control panel. Then the heater enters shutdown mode. The control program will stop the operation of the fuel pump. Then it will cut off the supply of diesel fuel to the combustion chamber. Next, the glow pin starts to work. It burns the glow pin filter. Also the excess fuel in the flame chamber also burns.
The combustion heat sensor detects the wipe-out of the flame when it’s all burnt. The control program shuts off the glow pin. It also allows the motor to run at high speed. That way it can clean the small number of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. This prepares the motor for the next ignition. The heater motor will run until the heater radiator heat drops to about 30 degrees C (86 degrees F). After that, the heater stops working.

Note that the heater cannot be shut down by disconnecting the power to the heater. This will cause the heater control components to malfunction due to the high heat.
The workflow of a diesel engine heater is identical to that of a diesel air heater.

What are the components of a diesel heater?

The core component of the diesel heaters is the control system. It is a 32-bit CPU with several GPUs. The control system of the heater controls everything. You can control the heater through the control panel. There is communication between the control panel and the control system. It is usually a CAN communication system. The automatic altitude adjustment of the diesel air heater is controlled by the electronic control unit.

The other main component of the heater is the glow pin. This pin is 4.2mm X 19mm in size. It has a power of 90 W. This requires the plug to be of excellent quality. The glow pin used in diesel heaters is usually the product of Kyocera Japan.

The fuel pump is also one of the main parts of the diesel heaters. The control program controls the throbbing frequency of the fuel pump. When the fuel pump jumps, it gives strong vibration. So, it will set the fuel pump up using rubber mounts. It is to reduce the transmission of vibration to the frame when the fuel pump is working.

The engineers of the Vvkb heater designed the super quiet fuel pump. It is to solve the trouble of fuel pump vibration to people. With this, the working vibration of the super quiet fuel pump is greatly reduced. Together with the rubber fuel pump bracket, the working noise of the heater lowers by over 30%.

The combustion chamber of the diesel heaters is another major part. It also produces noise. The design of the flame chamber air duct limits the noise of the diesel heaters working.

The principle is as follows:

Diesel fuel diffuses on the glow pin filter. Then the flame air will enter the combustion chamber. It will do with the combustion chamber duct. In that, the combustion air will form a high-speed rotating vortex. Sometimes the air duct of the combustion chamber contains design issues. The high-speed rotation will then create a loud noise.
An air duct that is not properly formed will also affect the evaporation of the diesel fuel. It happens on the glow pin filter. That’s why some diesel heaters have a high fuel consumption. Poorly designed air ducts will also produce extra exhaust emissions. Also, it will produce carbon deposits in the flame cell. This can affect the service life of the heater.

The material of the combustion cylinder of the diesel heaters is important. In fact, people say it is a very great part of the heater. It should contain qualities of high heat resistant 2025 stainless steel. Ordinary stainless steel material cannot handle it. They cannot work under the high heat of over 1000 degrees Celsius. If they do, they may deform. This will lead to the deformation of the heater combustion chamber. It also affects the efficiency of the conversion of chemical energy. The conversion of fuel into heat energy reduces by a lot.

How to judge the quality of diesel heater good or bad

The quality of diesel heaters is assessed from the following points.

  1. The quality of the product from the price of the diesel heaters. There are some Chinese diesel heaters at a very cheap price. We suggest that you be careful if you select from these. Because the price of Chinese diesel heater parts is basically stable. You cannot lower it just like that. To reduce the production cost of diesel heaters, you can only use cheap raw materials. There is no other way. Cheap stuff will make the heater a safety hazard. Or the heater will have various quality problems that you cannot solve.
  2. Check the quality of the product from the appearance of the diesel heater. Good exterior workmanship usually refers to reliable quality diesel heaters. What kind of manufacturer wouldn’t want to polish the display of the product? They would want it to look perfect. So if the appearance is bad, be aware. They usually won’t polish the quality of the product inside either.
  3. Check the quality of the product from the matching of the peripheral parts of the diesel heater. When you choose a diesel heater manufacturer, check the accessories. You need to make sure that the accessories around the diesel heater are very perfect. There are no obvious low-quality accessories that exist. So check the appearance. They increase the probability of a quality product.

In short, under the manufacturer. They are here to make money, not to do one-time sell. They want to look good, not cheap. Cheap prices come at a cheap investment.

We suggest that you should choose a diesel heater manufacturer that is reasonably priced, looks perfect, and has accessories that look perfect in quality.

How to find a reliable quality diesel heater manufacturing plant

The next big question is, how to find a reliable quality diesel heater manufacturer?

China is now becoming the concentration of the global supply chain. Imagine what happens when you choose a supplier from China? They will give you a competitive advantage for your diesel heaters. But, there are many manufacturers of diesel heaters in China. The quality of the products they produce varies. You need to choose carefully. Finding the right heater manufacturer is necessary.

First, we need to understand that diesel heaters are an industry. It needs to rely on experience to make the product perfect. Not just any manufacturer, operating across industries, can have a stable quality industry.

That’s why you need to know the history of the diesel heater manufacturer. Know if the company is with over 10 years of production experience. That way, you can choose a partner perfectly.

Besides, you also need to understand the manufacturer you wish to cooperate with. Check their past, to see what industry they worked in the past. Is it related to the diesel heater industry? or the automotive heater industry? If the manufacturer was in the automotive heater industry in the past, then good going. The odds are that it makes sense for you to choose to work with them.

You can also find out what other customers say about a manufacturer. How to do that? Search the name of various sources. Such as Google search, or Reddit. If a lot of people give reviews, know it has a history and is worthy of your choice.

You can also learn about a manufacturer on social media. Such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. A good manufacturer will usually have more videos. You can track them down. Learn about their factory and production. Make sure you have sound knowledge. That way you can make a wise choice.

You can find the best diesel heaters manufacturer only if you are fully informed about the company. Only then can you provide your customers with the best diesel heaters.

How diesel heaters keep people's lives safe

Diesel heaters are unsafe in three main ways.

Combustion safety issues.

Diesel heaters come with sensors that detect the combustion of the heater. It is to ensure the safe combustion of diesel fuel in the combustion chamber.

Carbon monoxide safety issues.

A legitimate diesel heater manufacturer will pay great attention to the safety of diesel heaters. Especially the combustion exhaust gas emission. Also the sealing performance of the combustion chamber.

The combustion chamber of the heater is the place where flame exhaust gases produce. One example is carbon monoxide. The use of aluminum materials needs to match the standard. Only then the walls of the combustion chamber will show reliable quality. They show enough thickness, sealing materials of the flame chamber. They will be super reliable, just like you want. The heater will not have safety problems.

The possibility of fire in diesel heaters.

Many users will worry that the high heat of the diesel heater outlet will create issues. They think it will lead to the combustion of flammable objects in the cell. The heat of the heater outlet is about 80-100 degrees Celsius (176 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit). The flaming point of the objects in the chamber will be much higher than the heat of the air outlet. So, there is no need to worry about the temperature of the air vents. They will not ignite the chamber.

The most likely cause of a fire in a diesel heater is a short circuit in the power cord. It will cause the plastic on the outer layer of the power cord to burn and catch fire.

The moment the Kyocera glow pin of the heater starts, the current strength reaches 10 amps. If the diameter of the heater’s main power cord is too thin, the wire will generate heat.

On most cheap diesel heaters, the wire’s outer layer of protective plastic is not good. They are not reliable in quality either. Under high temperatures, the plastic will melt. It will lead to the positive and negative connection of the power cord. You may know it as a short circuit phenomenon. After the short circuit, the wire will generate higher heat. It will ignite the melted wire outer plastic. As a result, it will generate a fire.

The solution to this hidden danger is also very simple. You can check the diameter of the main power cord of the heater. The diameter of the wire needs to be 2 square millimeters (AWG14) or more.

Only a wire of enough diameter will not make the wire hot. It is because of the high current at the moment of the glowing needle working. A reliable quality wire will have a shiny outer layer. Most qualified manufacturers will choose power cords that meet the standard. So, you hardly need to worry about the fire safety of diesel heaters.

The safety problem of diesel engine heaters is only the hidden danger of wire fire.

How much is the cheapest diesel heater?

Until 2015, the main producers of diesel heaters were the Webasto evo and Eberspaecher companies. Vvkb heater was also one of them.

Then the market monopoly barrier broke. Many manufacturers saw the market opportunity for diesel heaters. They engaged in the production of diesel heaters. But, it is very difficult to debug the control program of the heater. The accessories of diesel heaters are very diverse. In the beginning, many Chinese diesel heater manufacturers’ production of diesel heaters was unusable.

Later, some people transformed. Some specialized in the production of various accessories. Others specialize in debugging the control program of diesel heaters.

Finally, these diesel heaters became usable. Yet, It seems like the control program is not perfect. Various problems will occur. So, most Chinese diesel heater manufacturers cannot understand.  They do not adjust the control program of the heater. So they do not know why the failure occurs. Is it because of the problem of the control program or the accessories? They stay confused.

However, there are accessories of varying quality available. This lowers the bar for the production of diesel heaters. For those new to this market, the most common way they capture the market is through price competition.

That’s why there are so many cheap diesel heaters on the market.

We understand the Chinese diesel heater market. According to us, if you don’t care about the quality, you can buy diesel heaters for no more than $35.

Diesel engine heaters, on the other hand, are generally more expensive. It is because of the production process and the quantity. The price of the cheapest diesel engine heater will cost more than 200 USD.

Why is the price of diesel heaters so cheap?

You must wonder, why there is a Chinese diesel heater that is not more than $35?

As we know, any accessory has a cost. The cheap a Chinese diesel heater, the cheaper the choice of accessories. To reduce the production cost of diesel heaters, they ignore many safety measures. To save labor costs, these diesel heaters may go through only simple test. Then the production cost of the heater will naturally be lower.

So, these manufacturers of diesel heaters will also default on the payment of suppliers. Their liquidity will be relatively loose. Also, the cost of capital will be lower. We know some Chinese diesel heater manufacturers. Their suppliers usually take 6-12 months to get money. Some take even longer to get the payment. Moreover, it is not the full amount of payment.

For these manufacturers, suppliers of spare parts will not work with them for a long time. So, you may find that the supplier of your heater, you can’t contact them suddenly. That is because their reputation in the industry is very poor. No spare parts suppliers will cooperate with them. To think more broadly, they are no longer in the diesel heater industry.

The manufacturer of Vvkb diesel heaters is also from Wenzhou, China.
However, the Vvkb diesel heater manufacturer has more than 27 years of heater production history. They have enough experience in diesel heaters production and development.
Vvkb diesel heater is probably the best diesel heaters in China.

What are the most common applications for diesel heaters?

A diesel heater is an air heater that burns diesel fuel to provide heat to various spaces that need heating. All you need is diesel fuel, and 12 volts for the heater to work properly. Diesel fuel is an easily available fuel. They are available in various parts of the world. They are in both remote and mountainous areas.

The specific applications of diesel heaters are as follows.

  • In cold weather, long-distance trucks while long-distance driving, needs to rest at night. The truck driver only needs to turn on the diesel heater. Diesel air heaters stay warm in the cabin. He can get enough rest in the warm truck bunk.
  • If there is a big traffic jam due to disaster weather, no need to worry. The hourly fuel consumption of the best diesel heaters is very low. It can stay warm the carriage for a long time. So the driver can wait until the traffic jam clears up or until the rescuers.
  • In cold weather, the heater can also heat the bedroom of the camper van and can provide fresh air for the camper van. So people can enjoy van life in a warm environment.
  • Diesel heaters can also heat the cabin of a ship. This allows the people on the ship not to be afraid of the cold and wet sea environment.
  • Diesel heaters can heat forest huts. It is good for beginner wilderness explorers. They may not know how to use wood to light a fire. So they can get a good rest in a warm environment. A diesel air heater is an effective way to heat your tiny home in the woods.
  • Diesel heaters can also heat outdoor tents. So people can sleep in them.
  • Diesel heaters can provide a warm fishing environment. Making it great for fishing enthusiasts who fish on ice in winter.
  • Diesel heaters can heat farms. So your plants can grow in a warm environment.
  • Diesel heaters can heat chicken farms as well. This makes chicks grow at the right temperature.
  • Diesel heaters can heat vegetable transportation wagons. That way vegetables do not freeze because of the cold.
  • The best diesel heaters can also provide a warm carriage environment for ambulances. This way patients can stay well protected.
  • The best diesel heaters can also heat the police car. It is very uneconomical to start the engine to keep the carriage warm in the winter. While using a diesel heater, they need only a small amount of diesel to maintain the heat inside for a long time.
  • The best diesel heaters can maintain the warmth of the cockpit of the construction machinery.

The most common faults of diesel heaters and their solutions

The most common fault of diesel heaters is black smoke or white smoke. They mainly appear from the exhaust pipe. This is a manifestation of diesel fuel not burning properly.

The specific solutions for black smoke and white smoke are different.

Causes and solutions of white smoke from diesel heaters.

  • Usually, it is a cheap glow pin. After working for a long time, the power fails. Can not produce high enough heat to ignite the diesel. The solution is to replace the glow pin.
  • Another reason for white smoke is the unreliable quality of the glow pin filter. The glow pin filter is a small part. But it can affect the diffusion of diesel fuel. It can also impact the entry of combustion air. Diesel heaters with poor-quality glow pin filters often show white smoke. This happens after a period of use. Please replace the glow pin filter.
  • Some cheap Chinese diesel heater manufacturers will use cheap rubber hoses. They use it to connect the heater delivery pipe. Cheap rubber hoses are very easy to crack. It is because of aging and will let air into the fuel system of the heater.
  • The presence of air in the fuel system of the Chinese diesel heaters will cause the fuel supply to be intermittent. This will also lead to the phenomenon of white smoke from the heater.

Causes and solutions of black smoke from diesel heaters

Diesel heaters that appear to emit black smoke are a bad sign. They are usually the result of a lack of enough flame air. Or there is a serious pile of carbon in the flame cell of the heater.

  • The diesel heater’s combustion air inlet pipe that is blocked will show black smoke. Because there is not enough flammable air. We easily solve this problem. What do you do? Remove the blockage in the combustion air intake pipe. Then the heater will not emit black smoke.
  • The other reason for black smoke may be that the materials used. The materials of the flame chamber are not qualified. So it deformed the combustion chamber under high heat. This leads to black smoke. The solution is to replace the diesel heater combustion chamber.
  • Many diesel heater manufacturers mark the heater can work in high-altitude areas. But, there is actually no high altitude function. Thus, some vehicles with diesel heaters can work normally in low-altitude areas. When they go to high-altitude areas, they have black smoke. The solution is to replace the heater.

Precautions needed to install diesel heaters

Most diesel heaters will malfunction if not installed correctly. And these problems can be easily solved before installing the heater.

Diesel air heater installation considerations.

  • The outside of the diesel air heater is a plastic shell. The inside is the radiator and control parts. Also, they are not very firmly combined. During transportation, the heater may shift because of bumps. Before installing the heater, it is best to adjust the position between the radiator and the housing. The method can get done by turning the heater motor impeller by hand. If the impeller can turn easily, then, the position is normal. If the impeller does not turn easily, you need it to adjust it. Adjust the distance between the radiator and the housing.
  • If there is air present in the fuel line, it will cause white smoke. After you install the diesel heater, you need to remove the excess air. It stays in the heater oil delivery pipe.
  • After you complete the setup of the diesel heater, do not connect the rubber hose. Many people connect it to a diesel heater fuel inlet first. Don’t do it. You need to turn on the fuel pump first. Then let the fuel pump work for a period. When there is fuel coming out from the rubber hose, then connect to the heater inlet port.
  • You should not direct the air outlet of the diesel air heater to the control panel. Because the control panel has a temperature controller inside. If you aim the air outlet at the control panel, it will make the diesel air heater not reach the set temperature.

Diesel engine heater installation considerations.

  • The main care for installing diesel engine heaters is to remove air from the cooling system. If there is air present in the cooling system, the heater pump will not work properly. This can lead to high heat in the combustion chamber. So that can cause a high-heat alarm in the diesel engine heater. To solve this problem, you need to take care of the following issues during setup. Install the diesel engine heater. So that the inside of the diesel engine heater is full of coolant. The diesel engine heater’s water pump should be installed in a position. It is lower than the highest position of the coolant level. And, the lower the position of the water pump, the better.
  • The diesel engine heater is like a diesel air heater. There will be the same problem of air in the fuel system. The solution is like a diesel air heater.

Knowledge of Diesel Heater Parts and Accessories

Next, let’s learn the basics of diesel heater parts. The selection of  heater parts is important. It tells the quality and stability of the final diesel heater.

A diesel heater is a complex combustion system. It consists of more than 1000 spare parts.

The raw material selection is crucial. The production process of these spare parts is also on a roll. Along with these, the production process also stays important. These are the main factors that set the quality of the diesel heater. They check if the heater operates stably.

Knowing the basics of diesel heater spare parts is very helpful. Talk about choosing a manufacturer? These will come in real handy then.

Diesel Heater Heat Exchanger

Material of aluminum shell of radiator

What is your first priority when using a product? Safety. Safety should come first in any product. There stand some really big safety issues with diesel heaters. One of them is the combustion exhaust gas leak. It leaks into the cabin. There are 3 main pieces of combustion exhaust. They are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. These exhaust gases into the sealed cell poses threat. They will pose a threat to human health and even affect lives.

Wonder when this combustion exhaust comes off? Simple. It is during the combustion. This all takes place inside the radiator.

You need a reliable quality radiator. It helps to cut off the threat of combustion exhaust. That is why finding good raw material for the radiator is necessary. They will determine the quality of the radiator.

The best material for radiators should be A380. That also with a copper content of 3.8%. The high copper content gives the radiator high heat. It also gives off corrosion resistance and good flow ability.

Many diesel heater radiators on the market use aluminum ingots. That too with very low copper content.

You can inspect the radiator by its glossy finish. Radiators with high copper content are shiny. While radiators with low copper content are not lustless.

Also, you can easily see from the price of the heater. The price of the A380 is more than 1/3 higher than the aluminum ingots price. Only diesel heaters with higher prices are likely to use better raw materials.

A380 aluminum ingot die-cast radiator will be heavier in weight. It will also contain corrosion resistance and good air tightness. It will not produce air holes.

The ordinary aluminum ingot die-cast radiators are lighter. They also have a lusterless look. This kind of ingot contains less copper. They also have non-standard content of other trace elements. When the ingot melts at high heat, it leads to poor fluidity. The poor fluidity makes tiny air holes inside the radiator. The exhaust gas from diesel fuel combustion will corrode this way. They will go to the inner wall of the radiator. As a result, it makes the tiny holes get bigger. Diesel heaters with this kind of radiator may face issues. Like having combustion exhaust gas break through the radiator shell. After that, it will enter the cell after working for a period of time.

Diesel Heater Cable

Diesel Heater Cable

Let’s talk about another safety issue with diesel heaters. It is fire protection.

It is very general that a diesel heater produces current by heating. The current may exceed 10 amps. Yet, some cheap electric heating plugs result differently. They have a very erratic current during the ignition phase. As a result, they may exceed 15 amps.

Many oversized currents pass through the power cord now and then. When they do, the power cord generates heat. On that point, the quality of the wire needs to be reliable. If not, the heating case will become a very serious case. And the outer skin of the simple wire may melt due to high heat. That leads to the power cord positive and negative short-circuit phenomenon. The short circuit of the power cord will produce high heat instantly. Then the high heat will ignite the outer skin of the wire which already melted. After that, it will produce fire.

You need to confirm with the diesel heater manufacturer about these. Make sure the diameter of the power cord and the outer skin material.

The diameter of the power cord of a normal diesel heater needs to be 2 square millimeters (AWG14) or more.

The outer plastic covers of the power cord. It is mostly made of XLPE. Also, they need to be heat resistant. They should resist 125 degrees Celsius (257 degrees Fahrenheit) and be flame resistant.

The power cord also has an outer covering. It needs to be heat resistant and flame retardant.

A high-quality diesel heater power cord will have a shiny outer covering. The look will also be a bit stiff. You will easily be able to tell a quality cord from an ordinary one.

Some cheap diesel heater manufacturers want to reduce the cost. So, they keep the length of the heater power cord to about 50 cm (1.6 feet).

Normally, the main power cord of this length is too short. We do not recommend users extend the power cord. We recommend that the standard power cord be 4.5 meters (14.8 feet) in length.

If you customize your heater from a diesel heater manufacturer, pick a good power cord. Tell the manufacturer that you need the main power cord for your diesel heater to be 4.5 meters (14.8 feet) in length.

When install the heater, you need to put the diesel heater directly on the main power supply of the battery. If you do not put the diesel heater directly on the main power supply of the battery, there may be a low voltage offer.

Diesel Heater Fuel Pump

A diesel heater silent fuel pump is a kind of equipment. It sends diesel fuel in a certain quantity and frequency. That too in the combustion chamber of the diesel air heater.

The diesel heater directly connected to the fuel pump, and the fuel pump produces high-pressure fuel, which is fully atomized inside the heater. A reliable quality fuel pump will make the diesel heater work perfectly.

The precision of the fuel pump fixes the fuel consumption of the diesel heater. It also checks the thermal effect of the heater when it burns. And they also dictate the carbon pile in the combustion chamber.

It is usually hard to tell the quality of the fuel pump from the looks of the fuel pump. You need to check the various technical parameters. Also, check the drawings of the fuel pump. Do check as like the choice of raw materials.

You also need to check the quality inspection process of the fuel pump. The quality testing process for fuel pumps is very complex. You will usually see a test system. There may be many fuel pumps on the test system for testing.

Fuel pumps are pulsating pumps. What is the characteristic of pulsating pumps? They produce a fixed frequency of beating. The beating of the pulse pump transmits to the entire vehicle or cabin. And, this beating, is hard to isolate. You can absorb some of the vibrations of the fuel pump if you want. For that, use a rubber fuel pump mount with a higher rubber content,

Our engineers spent years developing the super quiet silent fuel pump. This is to give the users a better diesel heater experience and a quiet sleeping environment.

The diesel heater’s super quiet silent fuel pump works with very little jumping vibration. People can hardly feel the beating of the silent fuel pump when asleep.

Interested in more info on the ultra-quiet silent fuel pump? Please contact our staff and let us know.

Diesel Heater Glow Pin

The quality of the diesel heater glow pin is important. It will determine whether the diesel heater starts normally at low heat.

The quality of the glow pin is also one of the main accessories that affect the service life of the diesel heater. While using the heater, the power of the glow pin will have the fact of decay. If the power of the glow pins depletes, it will lead to a cloud of white smoke. Smoke that comes from the exhaust pipe of the diesel heater.

You need to replace the diesel heater glow pin every 2-3 years usually.

Because the production process of the glow pin is complex. The diesel heater demands for the glow pin are very strict. So far, only the quality of the Kyocera glow pin produced by Kyocera Japan makes it to the top. They meet the working requirements of diesel heaters.

Due to Covid-19, the production capacity of glow pins is very limited. You can ask your supplier for technical drawings of Kyocera glow pins.

You can also tell the quality of the glow pins by their display. Kyocera produces glow pins with the main heat-generating part. It looks dark gray. The wire is a Teflon material. It stays with the smooth outer skin and a hard feel.

Also, the Kyocera glow pin is expensive. Normal diesel heater, will not use a Kyocera glow pin. You can replace it with a Kyocera glow pin by yourself.

Diesel heater glow pin filter is a very small accessory. As a result, many diesel heater manufacturers will not pay attention to it. Neither do they see the value of a glow pin filter.

A glow pin filter is an important place. Here, the fuel diffuses. Then the fuel mixes up with combustion air. That forms a combustible gas.

The material of the glow pin filter is Tiro aluminum alloy. The appearance of a reliable quality glow pin filter mesh looks uniform. It comes with small holes. Also, it gives the uniform thickness of the filter mesh.

There are some manufacturers who use stainless steel material to reduce the cost. The filter mesh made of stainless steel material can’t make the diesel fuel atomized well. Rather it will increase the fuel consumption of the diesel heater.

Diesel Heater Electronic Control Unit

The Electronic Control Unit is the core component of the diesel heater. It controls the work of a diesel heater.

Its main task is to control the work of diesel air heaters. A quality and reliable electronic control unit will allow the diesel heater work at low fuel consumption and also allow the heater to work properly at an altitude of 12,000 feet above sea level.

The electronic control unit is mainly composed of a chip. A chip with several electronic pieces. Wondering how to reduce the delayed response when the diesel heater is working? Just get a 32-bit processor. It is exactly what you seek to faster your process up.

Besides, several special GPUs are necessary. They include power and ignition chips. Also, they include heat processing chips.

The chips in the electronic control unit are the ones that process data. They process the data collected from various sensors. This data gets processed first. Then they give output to the corresponding GPU.

You will see the number of chips by opening the cover of the heater. Open it and remove the electronic control unit, there it is. You can also consult with the manufacturer. Ask the diesel heater company you are going to work with. Tell them to provide the details of the chips.

Now the chip is not the only part that matters. The quality of other electronic parts around are also important factors. They ensure the stable working of the diesel heater.

Talk about cheap electronic components? They work unreliably at a lower heat. Low rates like -40 degrees Celsius. That’s -40 degrees in Fahrenheit. So they don’t work properly at low heat.

In China, most diesel air heater producers cannot design diesel heater control programs. You need to be aware of these producers. What they do is, buy electronic control units only. The original makers make the difference here. They do not sell the design logic of the electronic control unit. This is vital to their company’s survival. So those who don’t know, can’t know. Those diesel heater companies stay in dark forever. They do not get to learn. So they lose the control principle of the electronic control unit.

If your customer buys this diesel air heater when there is a problem in the work. You won’t get technical support from the manufacturer. It is because they don’t understand the cause. Without understanding, they can’t solve the diesel air heater failure either.

The diesel heater control panel is your user’s medium to control the diesel heater. The function of the control panel should be simple. So should be the buttons of the control panel. The design of the buttons should be simple and easy to use.

Now this control panel is a big part. You need to pay close attention to it. Especially when choosing a diesel heater manufacturer.

CAN system, is the thing that gives your users a smooth experience. Data transfering happens between the control panel and the electronic control unit. These are the parts to use CAN system.

After all these, how to install the control panel? When you buy it from the factory, make sure it is in an unconnected state. Also the connection plug should come separate as well. That helps you install it easily.

A diesel air heater is a common product in winter. It works in very little space. In cold weather, to make the camper van inside stay warm, the windows of the camper van are usually sealed.The diesel air heater heats the air inside the camper van. There is a lack of fresh air in the carriage.

This requires all plastic parts of the diesel air heater to be RoHS compliant. The plastic material of the best diesel heater should be nylon 66 material.

Nowadays, many cheap diesel air heater manufacturers are present. They want to reduce costs. So they will use secondary recycled plastic.

These secondary recycled plastics turn into various plastic accessories for diesel air heater. Such examples are diesel air heater housing, air outlet, etc.

These secondary recycled plastics will mix with many kinds of plastics. We are not just talking nylon 66, it’s about all kinds. Some of these plastics are toxic as well. The diesel air heater made of these various plastic mixes releases toxicity. They will slowly release it in the long-term use. It is harmful to customers living nearby that environment. The toxic substances will cause a serious impact on their health.

So, can we distinguish whether the plastic parts of diesel heaters are reliable or not? Yes, we can. In fact, it is actually very simple. First, you have to look for qualified diesel heater manufacturers. Qualified diesel air heater manufacturers are careful with their choices. They won’t choose poor stuff. For the sake of their reputation, they choose reliable quality raw materials.

A nylon 66 pressed diesel air heater housing will look shiny. They may also smell odorless. If the plastic shells do not meet the standard, it is hard to tell. They will look shiny as well. So you have to open the top of the package. Then sniff in the smell. It is not the same as Nylon 66. Rather, it will smell a strong and irritating odor.

We can about people’s health. To ensure it, we suggest all diesel air heater manufacturers use nylon 66. We suggest that they use it as the raw material for the plastic parts of the best diesel heater.

Let people enjoy van life in very little space.

Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe

As the Diesel fuel burns, it makes a loud noise. This comes from the combustion chamber of a diesel heater. The noise will come out as sound waves. But things change when the transmission process happens. Then the combustion sound decays and comes down. The same goes for both the exhaust pipe and the exhaust muffler section.

There are two types of exhaust pipes on the market now. One is a spiral exhaust pipe. The other is a normal circle-type exhaust pipe.

Now, The generated noise transmits in a wave pattern. At one point, it meets the spiral structure of the diesel heater exhaust pipe. Then, a large part of the sound waves will be offset. It happens by the spiral structure of the exhaust pipe. This shows the fact of noise reduction. Laboratory proves that the spiral exhaust pipe can reduce the noise by over 42%.

Also, the common circle-shaped exhaust pipe cannot take it. They cannot absorb the noise generated by the combustion of the diesel heater.

The difference between the two types of exhaust pipes is seeable. They vary on the shape of the connection to the exhaust port of the diesel heater.

The connection of the spiral exhaust pipe is also spiral. This spiral design can effectively make the exhaust pipe connect. It can connect the pipe to the exhaust port of the diesel heater.

And circle-shaped exhaust pipe has its own interface. It is a smooth 204 stainless steel material. Not to mention, the smooth material of it. The thing is, it can not be firmly set in the diesel heater exhaust port. So what happens if the vehicle is driving on a bumpy road? It is likely that the exhaust pipe may lose it. This happens because of the unsecured setup.

These two kinds of exhaust pipes, you will easily be able to see the difference between them. We suggest you, when ordering diesel heaters, ask the diesel heater manufacturer to replace the exhaust pipe. Replace it with a spiral exhaust pipe.

Interested in more info on the exhaust pipe? Please contact our staff and let us know.

Diesel heater exhaust muffler

The exhaust muffler of the diesel heater is also an important part. It helps to reduce the combustion noise.

The working principle of the exhaust muffler is like the exhaust pipe. Only, inside of the exhaust muffler comes with many small holes. The noise passes through these small holes. When they do, the waveform of the noise breaks by these small holes. What you feel, is the reduction of noise.

The need for the diameter of the small holes of the exhaust muffler is very strict. The user needs to control them properly.

Many diesel heater companies make diverse choices. They may choose the exhaust muffler with asbestos inside. Now, what is asbestos? Asbestos can also help achieve a purpose. They can reduce the working noise of diesel heaters. But, asbestos is not friendly to the habitat. Even in some countries, it is illegal to use asbestos.

A reliable quality exhaust muffler is heavier. So, you will easily be able to detect the two kinds of mufflers.

The black rubber oil pipe of the diesel heater is just a small accessory though. Many diesel heater manufacturers tend to ignore its quality.

But, a bad quality rubber fuel hose will crack in a short time. If the black rubber hose cracks, it may cause air to enter the diesel heater’s oil delivery system. This may lead to white smoke from the diesel heater.

You should also pay great attention to the selection of the black rubber hose. You don’t want troubles on your heater, right? So make sure you select a good rubber hose when you buy the diesel heater.

Diesel Heater Combustion Blower Motor

There is another noise that comes out of the diesel heater. It is the vibration noise that comes when the heater works. The reason behind it is the imbalanced motor. Also, this motor impeller will speed up some stuff. Such as the wear and tear of the combustion blower motor.

After they set the combustion blower motor inside the diesel heater, they need to test it. The combustion blower motor needs to go under test for dynamic balance. You can see the machine of dynamic balance test yourself. It is in the diesel heater production factory. These dynamically balanced tested combustion blower motors will have relatively low working vibration.

What to do after producing the impeller of the diesel heater combustion blower motor? Then they need to test the size of the impeller precisely.

The display from the test is hard to judge the quality of the diesel heater combustion blower motor. Yet, you can perform a simple test on a batch of diesel heaters. When you start the diesel heater, feel the casing of the diesel heater with your hand.

A dynamically balanced tested diesel heater makes no vibration. So you can hardly feel the vibration.

If not dynamically balanced tested? Then you will feel the vibration of the diesel heater.

So, when you purchased the diesel heater, notice this. Notice if it makes violent vibrations. If they do, you need to replace it. Simply call the manufacturer. Tell them to replace the heater combustion blower motor assembly for you. After you replace the assembly, you will feel the difference. The vibration will not be there anymore with your diesel heater.

Interested in more info on the combustion blower motor? Please contact our staff and let us know.

Diesel heater heavy duty exhaust clamps

The material of the diesel heater spiral exhaust pipe is 304 stainless steel material. Whereas the material of ordinary ones is 204 stainless steel material.

They integrate the diesel heater combustion exhaust vent with the radiator. Also, the material is aluminum.

The friction between stainless steel material and aluminum material is not enough. Also, they need to keep the exhaust pipe firmly fixed on the diesel heater machine. So, they need heavy-duty clamps.

The material of heavy-duty clamp for diesel heater exhaust pipe is stainless steel. Because it comes with good corrosion resistance.

To have a strong clamping force, the exhaust pipe clamps need to have a special shape.

You can easily see the difference between them. One of them is a normal exhaust skin fitting. Another one is a heavy-duty exhaust skin fitting.

Diesel heater L-shaped stainless steel mounting plate

There is also a Diesel heater L-shape stainless steel mounting bracket. It is also an important accessory of a marine kit.

After you install the diesel heater on the vehicle, the pipe connection can get suspended. It lies right under the diesel heater. And it can get directly suspended under the vehicle.

There are some limits when using the diesel heater on board. Then you cannot use the vehicle setup method directly.

So, it is necessary to use an L-type stainless steel mounting bracket. It can provide a good mounting bracket for the diesel heater.

So are you selling accessories for ship customers? If yes, then you need to buy a diesel heater L-shape stainless steel mounting bracket. Buy it with a diesel heater exhaust skin fitting. Both of them are marine kits.

Diesel heater hot air outlet

The diesel heater heats the cold air in the carriage or cabin. It needs to be blown into the carriage. There is also the possibility of blowing in various directions.

It will blow the heated hot air out of the hot air outlet. It does it with the hot air pipe of the diesel heater. The hot air outlet is rotatable 180 degrees. It can blow the hot air in different directions.

In order to achieve the best heating effect, you should install a hot air outlet near the floor. This installation method is to make it easier for the hot air to rise. Thus allowing the hot air to heat the whole compartment or cabin.

Nowadays, the common hot air vents in the market are spherical. The protruding part will be higher, which may affect your customer’s experience.

You can ask your diesel heater manufacturer to provide you with a flat hot air outlet. This kind of hot air outlet can be convenient for your users.

The Common Pitfalls When Buying Diesel Heaters

What are the most prominent places for diesel heaters usage? RVs, trucks, and boats. It differs from ordinary accessories.

A diesel heater is a combustion system with many parts and components. It also flooded the market with all kinds of diesel heaters. They come at different prices and different brands.


These are the common pitfalls everyone falls for. So be aware when you are choosing a diesel heater manufacturer.

Diesel heater manufacturer trap

Some companies will claim that they are diesel heater manufacturers. But, in reality, many companies are just sellers of diesel heaters. There are other types of companies as well. One of them just buys existing diesel heater parts from the market and sells them. How? By simply assembling the parts. If it is a general product, only the service matters. As long as the service is good and can meet your needs in time, they are good. It does not even matter if it is a manufacturer. Yet, diesel heater is a complex system. Especially if your supplier is just a trading company selling diesel heaters. Why you may ask? Because while using the diesel heater, you may face problems. You will encounter difficult problems that are hard to solve. These trading companies rarely have the ability and energy to solve. So, we suggest you choose a real diesel heater manufacturer to work with. You can visit the factory in real. You can also check the factory launch of the manufacturer’s YouTube video.

Diesel heater price trap

You will see that the price of the cheapest diesel heater on the market will not exceed $35. You certainly know that if you buy these super-low price diesel heaters, you will not get the good stuff. Also, you are already prepared that there will be a large part of diesel heaters are not working mentally. But, with cheap diesel heaters, there will also be safety hazards. If your users have safety problems, you will face high compensation. Not to mention the strict legal penalties. We recommend you do not choose a diesel heater that is too low priced.

The pitfalls of diesel heater parts: In the past 26 years, we have met some customers who like to have the manufacturer lower the selling price. As a manufacturer, we have a deep understanding of diesel heaters.


As a diesel heater factory, we have a large number of workers’ wages to pay. We also have plant equipment maintenance. Along with other various investments in the plant. We hope these investments will pay off. We want the long-term development of our company and brand. That is why we will put ourselves in the position of our customers like you. We will position our products at a reasonable price. Of course, we do want the higher the price. The better service comes with the better. It’s just that if we take up too high a margin. And you as our partner, your profit will reduce. That is not sustainable development. You will also have difficulty in maintaining the daily operation of your company. That is because you don’t have enough profit. As a result, you will not buy diesel heaters from our company anymore. If this situation keeps up, we will lose all our customers. This is also risky as our company will have survival problems.


If some companies, just keep lowering the selling price of diesel heaters, that will not have a reasonable outcome. Like we just said, they have to keep the company running with reasonable profit and labor cost. Then, they can only reduce the quality of spare parts. Then they can choose inexpensive spare parts. This is when they choose inexpensive diesel heater parts. These will affect the quality aspects of the diesel heater. Qualities such as stability and safety. This will lead to the diesel heater you sell. And then due to the unreliable quality, you will lose the reputation among your customers. In the long run, you will lose customers. When you lose diesel heaters, customers, you will not buy diesel heaters again.  Those companies that produce cheap diesel heaters will also lose customers like you. This is because of their low-quality products. Eventually, they cannot sustain their survival. Their companies and products will get out of the diesel heater market. When they exit the market, there will still be some diesel heaters in normal use. You can no longer provide after-sales service for these diesel heaters.


Another aware warning for you when choosing diesel manufacturers. It is that, because of the low price, will secretly replace some parts. For example, they may promise you to use Kyocera glow pins. When in fact, they will use cheap glow pins. These small amounts of parts replacement will cause trouble. When you start to use a diesel heater, you can hardly find these problems. But, after some time, you will find out. You will find that the quality of these diesel heaters is not stable. So, we suggest that you choose a regular diesel heater manufacturer. Only a regular diesel heater manufacturer will not use cheap accessories. This is to ensure their reputation.

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Diesel heater manufacturer's qualification trap

After several years of development, some diesel heater manufacturers finally comes to sense. They understand the basics of diesel heater production experience. This production determines the stability of the diesel heater. Some bad diesel heater manufacturers are clever. They want to fictionalize their history. We once saw a Chinese diesel heater manufacturer. They go around and claim that their company has over 40 years of diesel heater production history. It makes one wonder that the founder of this company, who is just a young man under 30 years old, doesn’t know when he started his business. There are many other claims like this. They exaggerate the various qualifications of the company. You need to identify these companies carefully. Do it when you are choosing a diesel heater manufacturer. We all know that they can fake even company credentials. Then, there is a good reason to doubt the quality of the product.

The FAQs About Diesel Heaters

In the process of ordering diesel heaters, you may have various problems.
We have compiled some common questions and answers. You can refer to these questions and answers.
If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

The MOQ quantity of the diesel air heater is 200 sets
The MOQ quantity of the diesel engine heaters is 150 sets
The MOQ quantity of the portable heater is 100 sets.

Usually we will take 30-45 days to deliver. However, it varies sometimes as we need to arrange the production of goods with the actual order quantity. For specific delivery time, please contact our customer service staff.

We will base on the quantity of your order. Choose the most suitable logistics method. We will choose sea freight first. Then we follow it up by air freight and express.

We accept the following payment methods:

L/C (Letter of Credit)

T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)

D/P (Document against Payment)

O/A (Open Account Trade)

We have been engaged in the production and sales of car heaters since August 1996.

We already have agents in some countries, but we welcome you to become one of our agents, please contact us for information about agents in your area.

We provide a warranty period of 1-5 years. Their prices are different.

We also fixed the packaging of diesel heaters on multiple layers of hard paper. After that we use a heat shrinkable film to fix the heater.
The heater main body that stays fixed, stays in a separate cardboard box. Then the heater accessories are placed in another box.
Lastly, we bring them together and put them in a big box.
For portable heaters, we use honeycomb-shaped cartons as packaging. This is a shock-proof and high-hardness packaging box.

One piece of diesel heater, one pallet for every 50 pieces of heater. 2105 heaters in a cabinet
One piece of diesel engine heater and one tray for every 50 heaters. 2105 heaters in a cabinet
2.5KW portable heater, one piece per set, 693 heaters in a cabinet
5KW portable heater, one piece per set, and 509 heaters in a cabinet.

CFR (Cost and Freight)

CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)

CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To)

CPT (Carriage Paid To)

DAP (Delivered at Plac)

DAF (Delivered At Frontier)

DAT (Delivered At Terminal)

DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid)

DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)

FOB (Free On Board)

FCA (Free Carrier)

FAS (Free Alongside Ship)

EXW (EX Works)

We are a heater manufacturer with a long history and timeline. Our production journey started back in August 1996.

The heater differs from ordinary auto parts; it requires a wealth of industry experience. Our team has three engineers with 26 years of heater production experience and expertise. The top-notch reliable quality heaters you see today, these engineers are the ones behind them.

Users like you receive our customer service and give satisfying results. If you have any questions, you can get our reply within 8 hours.

We will carry out quality inspection on all parts of the heater according to the 169494 standard. Only these qualified parts will enter our warehouse. Substandard parts will return to the supplier.

In the production process, various quality inspections are also carried out to ensure that the heater quality meets the TUV standard.

When the production is complete, we will test all the heaters. Then the heater will be sent to you only after the test is qualified.

Our certification includes: TUV, CE, FCC, RoHS certification.

Yes, we can customize the heater according to your requirements.

After we receive your requirements in detail, there will be a dedicated engineer leading a design team to carry out the preliminary work. Our engineering team will fully communicate with you and your engineers.

After understanding all your requirements, we will design 2-3 plans for you.

Upon getting your confirmation, we will start using 3D printing technology to print samples for you. Then we will express the samples to you.

When you receive the sample and confirm it, we will make the mold.

And will give you samples after die casting.

If there are details that need to be changed during this process, we will change it within 7-15 days.

After you confirm the sample, we will start mass production of your order.

You will have ownership of the samples designed for you.

Many diesel air heaters come with automatic altitude adjustment, so your customers will be able to operate the diesel air heater up to 12,000 feet above sea level.

Customer Feedback

John from Canada:

“Traversing the picturesque landscapes of Canada in my RV has always been a cherished activity for my family and me. However, the biting cold of the Canadian winters often posed significant challenges, making our trips less comfortable. That was until I incorporated Vvkb’s diesel heater into my RV setup. Over the past two years, this addition has been nothing short of transformative. The heater’s consistent warmth and reliability have turned our winter journeys from daunting endeavors into cozy, memorable adventures.”

Maria from Norway:

“Residing in Norway, one becomes accustomed to the relentless and unforgiving nature of its winters. In my quest for a robust heating solution, I chanced upon Vvkb’s diesel heater. Its promise of efficiency and reliability, even in the most severe weather conditions, caught my attention. Having used it for a considerable period now, I can attest to its claims. The heater has been a beacon of warmth and reliability, making it an invaluable addition to my home.”

Case Study: Diesel Heaters in Marine Applications


The North Atlantic, with its tumultuous waters and unpredictable weather patterns, is a challenging domain for fishermen. These brave souls often spend extended periods at sea, making it imperative to have a reliable source of warmth onboard.

The Challenge:

  • Corrosive Environment: The salty marine air can rapidly degrade equipment.
  • Space Constraints: Fishing vessels have limited space, necessitating compact yet effective heating solutions.
  • Reliability: In the middle of the ocean, reliability isn’t just a luxury; it’s a lifeline.

The Solution:

Recognizing these unique challenges, Vvkb engineered a marine-specific diesel heater. This heater was designed with:

  • Corrosion-resistant materials to withstand the salty environment.
  • A compact design to fit seamlessly into tight spaces onboard.
  • Enhanced reliability features to ensure consistent performance, even in the roughest seas.


Fishermen, recognizing the potential benefits, began retrofitting their vessels with Vvkb’s marine diesel heaters. The true test of these heaters came when they were subjected to the North Atlantic’s notorious storms.


Consistent Warmth: Despite the challenges posed by the environment, the heaters provided a steady source of warmth.
Durability: The heaters showcased impressive resistance to wear and tear, a testament to their robust construction.
Safety: With built-in safety mechanisms, the heaters ensured a warm and safe environment onboard.


Vvkb’s marine diesel heaters emerged as more than just a piece of equipment for North Atlantic fishermen. They became an essential tool, a source of comfort, and a beacon of safety in an otherwise challenging environment.

The world of diesel heaters is vast and varied, but the importance of choosing the right one cannot be overstated. It’s not just about comfort; it’s about safety, reliability, and peace of mind. Vvkb heaters, with their cutting-edge technology, meticulous design, and unwavering commitment to quality, stand out as the gold standard in this domain. Whether it’s the cold expanses of Canada, the rigorous winters of Norway, or the unpredictable waters of the North Atlantic, Vvkb heaters have proven their mettle, time and again.

“Knowledge is power, and sharing it amplifies its impact. If this article has provided you with insights and understanding, we urge you to share it. Let your friends, family, and peers discover the world of diesel heaters and the unmatched prowess of Vvkb products. Together, let’s champion the cause of efficiency, reliability, and warmth!”


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