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Vvkb Heating Pad

Keep your oil pan, transmission pan, and battery warm in the coldest conditions.

Vvkb‘s heating pad is comprised of a resistance heating wire embedded in the middle of a durable silicone pad. The silicone contains additional filler in order to enhance the pads firmness.

The primary function of the Vvkb heating pad is to improve oil flow by preheating the oil pan in the winter thereby reducing engine and transmission wear.

The Vvkb heating pad is different from the Vvkb engine heater in that it is directly attached to the engine or transmission’s oil pan allowing heat to be transmitted through the pan to engine or transmission oil.

Vvkb heating pads can be used to heat engine oil, transmission oil, and hydraulic fluid.

The Vvkb heating pad keeping the battery warm.

Vvkb heating pads are CE, and UL certified.

We can customize the size according to your requirements.

Why choose a Vvkb heating pad

Vvkb Aims to Be The Best Heating Pad Manufacturer in The Market

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