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Diesel Hot Water System

Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-DH5

Rated Heating Discharge (KW/BTU)5/17000
Fuel UsedDiesel or Gasoline
Fuel Consumption (L/hr/Gal/hr)0.5 / 0.132
Rated Voltage(V)12/24
Working Voltage(V)10-15/18-30
Power Consumption at 12V (amps)3
Weight(KGS/LB) 2.3/5.07
Dimension(mm/in)230 X 100 X 110/ 9.06 X 3.94 X 4.33

Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-HW5

Diesel Hot Water System

Are you an RV manufacturer, boat builder, or a parts dealer looking for a reliable and efficient water heating solution? Dive into the world of Vvkb diesel hot water Systems and discover the pinnacle of innovation and efficiency.

Vvkb diesel hot water system includes accessories:

  • Vvkb Diesel Coolant
  • Heater Mainframe
  • Heat exchanger
  • Digital LCD control panel
  • Heater Connection Cable
  • Auxiliary water pump
  • Flexible exhaust pipe
  • Heavy Duty Exhaust Pipe Clamps
  • Exhaust muffler
  • Combustion Air Inlet Pipe
  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Pump Bracket
  • Copper Connector
  • Fuel Pipe
  • Heater Hose

The Vvkb Hot Water System Advantage:

The Vvkb diesel hot water System is not just another heating solution; it’s a comprehensive system designed with precision and expertise. Comprising a diesel water heater, a heat exchanger tank, a cab heater, and essential peripheral accessories, this system is the epitome of engineering excellence. And for manufacturers, we’ve got you covered with an additional hot water storage tank, ensuring you never run out of hot water.

But what truly sets the Vvkb diesel hot water System apart?

Diesel Hot Water Systems
  • Versatility: Whether you’re on a caravan adventure, sailing on a boat, or cruising in a motorhome, our system ensures you have hot water for domestic use and showers. But that’s not all; it also warms up your vehicle’s cooling system, ensuring smooth engine startups and a cozy cabin environment.
  • Efficiency: Our system seamlessly integrates with the engine cooling system of vehicles and boats. When the engine is running, the hot coolant passes through our state-of-the-art heat exchange system, heating water for domestic use. This heated water is then stored in a dedicated tank, ensuring you always have hot water on demand.
  • Reliability: What happens when the engine stops? No worries! Our diesel water heater kicks in, heating the coolant by burning diesel fuel. This hot coolant then passes through the heat exchanger, ensuring you still have hot water.
  • Comfort: Say goodbye to chilly cabins. The hot coolant from the vehicle’s operation or from our diesel water heater’s operation flows through the cab heater, heating its radiator. The result? Cold air in the compartment is warmed up and blown into the space, ensuring a comfortable environment.
  • Flexibility: While our standard configuration boasts the 5KW Vvkb diesel water heater Apollo-C1, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. For those requiring more power, we offer the 12KW diesel water heater Apollo-C3, perfect for larger caravans and boats.
Vvkb Diesel Water Heaters

Case Study: Solving the Hot Water Dilemma

Mr. Johnson, an avid traveler and owner of an RV, constantly faced the issue of not having hot water for showers during his trips. This problem significantly hampered his travel experience. After researching various solutions, he came across the Vvkb diesel hot water System. Intrigued, he decided to give it a try.

Post-installation, Mr. Johnson’s RV was transformed. Not only did he have a continuous supply of hot water, but the overall comfort of his vehicle also improved. In his words, “The Vvkb system has revolutionized my travel experience. No more cold showers or chilly mornings. It’s efficient, reliable, and a game-changer!”

Diesel Hot Water System

RV Manufacturer A: After integrating the Vvkb diesel hot water System into their latest RV models, they reported a 15% increase in sales within the first quarter. Customers frequently highlighted the efficiency and reliability of the heating system in their reviews, leading to a 20% increase in repeat purchases.

Boat Manufacturer B: Post the adoption of the Vvkb diesel hot water System, they received an award for “Innovative Boat Design of the Year.” Their sales team reported that the heating system became a significant selling point, contributing to a 10% boost in annual sales. Customer reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the system’s efficiency and the enhanced comfort it provided.


But don’t just take our word for it. Leading RV manufacturing plants and boat manufacturers have chosen Vvkb diesel hot water Systems for their unmatched efficiency and reliability. RV parts dealers and boat parts importers have consistently given our system glowing reviews, citing its ease of installation, durability, and unparalleled performance.

Pop-Up Campers

“As a leading RV manufacturer, we’ve tried various heating systems. But the Vvkb diesel hot water System stands out. Its efficiency and reliability are unmatched. Our customers love it!” – John Doe, Top RV Manufacturer

“Being a boat parts importer, I’ve seen many water heating systems. Vvkb’s system is by far the best in terms of performance and durability. Highly recommended!” – Jane Smith, Renowned Boat Parts Importer

Don’t compromise on quality. Choose the Vvkb diesel hot water System and elevate your RV or boat experience. Whether you’re a manufacturer, dealer, or an end-user, it’s time to invest in the best. Contact us today and discover the Vvkb difference!

Experience warmth, efficiency, and reliability like never before with the Vvkb diesel hot water System. Join the revolution today!

Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-HW5

Brand Vvkb
Model Apollo-HW5
Authenticate CE; ROHS; FCC
Fuel type Diesel
Rate voltage 12V
Rated power 5000 W
Work temperature -40℃~+20℃
Weight 2.6 KGS
Size 310mm X 122mm X 115mm
Warranty 1 year

How to use the Vvkb Diesel Engine Heater control panel

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