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How To Choose The Best Diesel Heater

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Diesel Heater Introduction

In this article, we will tell you more about the diesel heater. You will learn why they are growing in popularity, who should buy them, and ultimately, how to choose the best diesel heater for your needs

You are about to find out why boat and camper van owners and professional truck drivers all over the world love these devices.

Plus, if you choose the right brand of diesel heater, you can expect it to work for more than 8-10 years, which makes a quality diesel heater an excellent investment.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the world of diesel heaters.

Why Are Diesel Heaters A Good Investment?


Unmatched Convenience

Diesel heaters are an extremely convenient way to keep your camper van warm while its engine is off.

With them, you will never have to enter a freezing car when driving to work in the morning, during those cold, winter months.

And no wasting time on de-frosting the vehicle, and then compromising your safety while driving.

Although car owners can benefit from diesel heaters, truck drivers, camper van, and boat owners have more reasons to buy diesel air heaters.

If you drive trucks for a living, you know how hard it can be to fall asleep during the winter in that sub-zero tin can. Well, a diesel heater is a simple solution to end all that.

The wet and cold weather on the ocean in winter makes the ship a nightmare.

And a reliable diesel heater can remove cabin moisture inside and let you enjoy dry heat.

Moreover, the diesel air heater also has a very low fuel consumption, it is your best choice.

Efficient Way To Get Warm

You just need to turn on the diesel heater and within 5 minutes you will be able to feel that hot air will be blown out of the diesel air heater.

With diesel heaters, there is no wasting time on cleaning up the snow and ice in the morning before you drive kids to school. The pre-warmed car will be waiting for them, so no need to wake up early and waste time.

Diesel heaters need to be connected to the fuel tank of your vehicle, which means they will slightly add to the fuel costs.

They Are More Affordable Than You Think

Diesel heaters are more than just an accessory. If you spend a considerable amount of time inside your RV, or on your boat, you know how cold it can sometimes get, especially during the night, exposed to the cold can ruin your vacation.

If you get a quality diesel air heater, you will be able to enjoy van life in your car.

Perhaps you would think that Webasto air heater and Eberspaecher air heater are expensive.

But, here is a lot of China diesel heaters that are also very reliable in quality. All you need is to find a reliable quality Chinese diesel heater manufacturer.

We know that there are too many Chinese diesel heaters on the market. It is a difficult thing to pick out the brand of diesel heater with reliable quality.

We have prepared some important factors for you to buy diesel heater brand, and we believe they will be helpful to you.

Now, let’s get started.

How To Choose The Best Diesel Heaters?

As a truck parts wholesaler or camper van parts wholesaler or camper van manufacturer, you need to find quality and reliable China diesel heater manufacturers.

You search in Google or in various B2B platforms, you will find that there are many Chinese diesel heater manufacturers.

You will see that the appearance of these diesel air heaters look almost the same, and they differ only by the different brands and the control panel.

There will be many of these companies are just diesel air heater traders and do not produce diesel heaters.

However, with your experience in purchasing other camper van parts and truck parts, you will easily choose a few genuine diesel air heater manufacturers.

The appearance of diesel heater

Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V2

You will definitely purchase products from different diesel air heater manufacturers for comparison.

After receiving the samples, you will see that the appearance of these diesel air heaters will be very different.

The diesel heaters that look perfect in appearance, will probably be of better quality.

You also need to compare the accessories of diesel heaters.

We have prepared a detailed description of diesel heater accessories for you.

Let’s continue.


The accessories for diesel heaters

A diesel heater usually consists of around twenty parts. The quality of these parts is crucial, and will separate good diesel heaters from poor ones.

The diesel heater combustion motor assembly

Diesel Heater Combustion Blower Motor​

Diesel heaters use diesel fuel to warm up the cold air from the outside and blow it inside the cabin. The motor and its combustion chamber are where the magic happens, and are the most essential parts of any diesel heater.

The quality and efficacy of the motor will determine not only how much fuel it consumes, but also how noisy it is while working.

Your customers will want it to be as silent as possible.

You can read the following article to learn more about the diesel heater combustion motor assembly.

The diesel heater glow pin

Glow Pin

The diesel heater glow pins will make or break the diesel heater experience.

Many cheap Chinese diesel heater companies choose to install cheap glow pins into their diesel heaters.

These will work under normal conditions, however, when the outside weather goes sub-zero, you might find it hard to start the diesel air heater.

You should choose the Kyocera glow pins.

This company makes the best, field-tested glow pin, able to withstand even the coldest weather. And no power failure.

Click here to learn more about glow pin

Diesel heater fuel pump

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is an important part of the diesel air heater. It determines the efficiency of the diesel air heater operation and the fuel consumption of the diesel air heater.

When the diesel heater is working, the fuel pump will be a fixed frequency of beating and it will seriously affect your customer’s sleep quality.

Even with a rubber mounting bracket, the bouncing is transmitted through the frame to the entire RV.

You can choose the silent fuel pump, which bounces very little automatically. Here is the test video of the silent fuel pump, you can hardly hear the vibration of the silent fuel pump.

This page details diesel air heater fuel pumps, please click on the link.

Diesel air heater heat exchanger


According to the working principle of diesel air heater, the combustion of diesel fuel will produce toxic exhaust gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide as well as sulfur dioxide.

Diesel air heaters are used in very little space and in a sealed space. In this space, there is no fresh air, and people may worry that the combustion exhaust gas may enter the car and affect people’s life safety.


This concern is well-founded.

The heat exchanger is produced by the aluminum die-casting process, a process that has the potential to leave the heat exchanger with trachoma.

Moreover, the temperature inside the heater is very high, and at high temperatures, the trachoma is likely to be corroded by toxic combustion exhaust gases, and combustion exhaust gases will enter the vehicle interior.


However, the products of regular diesel heater manufacturers will not have a trachoma situation.

Take the Vvkb diesel heater as an example.

When Vvkb heater engineers design the diesel air heater heat exchanger mold, they reserve the exhaust port for aluminum die casting. This will make it easier for the air inside the heat exchanger mold to flow out. The appearance of the heat delivery will be very nice.

Aluminum material will contain impurities inside. In our aluminum die casting shop, we will perform a drossing step for the melted aluminum material and will do a thorough drossing. This step can completely solve the problem of trachoma.

Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe


Diesel heaters also produce a lot of noise when the diesel heater work, and most of this noise, is generated when diesel fuel is burned. The noise produced when the diesel air heater is working can seriously affect the rest of your customers.

To make the system as quiet as possible, good diesel heater manufacturers use quality tubing. Their stainless steel tubes have a unique, spiral thread design to soak up as much noise and vibrations as possible.

Also, pipes made from this type of steel are easier to bend, making the installation process quicker and cheaper.

Please click on the link to read more information about diesel heater exhaust pipes.

Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe Clamps

The diesel heater exhaust pipe clamps are also often overlooked, but in a diesel heater, they play a crucial role. diesel air heater exhaust pipe clamps keep everything connected and working properly.

The diesel heater is installed on moving vehicles with engines of their own, and they have their own engines too. That means a lot of vibrations and movement from different sources. Clamps absorb all that, keeping every part in the perfect position.

Exhaust Pipe Clamps

So make sure to pay close attention and follow the instruction manual carefully if you are installing the diesel air heater on your own.

The diesel air heater exhaust pipe clamp is especially important. If this one doesn’t hold in place, the exhaust pipe might start leaking toxic fumes inside the camper van cabin, which is extremely bad for health and can be life-threatening.

So don’t neglect clamps, they only seem insignificant when compared to some other more complicated parts, but they are actually vital for the whole system.

Please click on the link to read more information about diesel heater exhaust clamps.

Diesel Heater Electronic Control Unit

Electronic Control Unit

The diesel heater electronic control unit is the electronic heart of diesel heaters.

The “brain” of the machine will not only allow you to use it but is also responsible for keeping everything in order, making it essential for the safe operation of the device.

Good diesel heaters have control systems that automatically check all the parts every time you turn them on, making sure everything is in perfect order.

The best mode of data transmission for the electronic control unit of the diesel heater is to use the CAN system. the CAN system data transmission, which is also the common mode of data transmission for vehicles, does not cause the data to be interfered by electromagnetic waves generated by other electrical parts of the vehicle.

This means that using the CAN system to transmit data, the diesel heater will work very stable.

The automatic altitude adjustment function of the diesel heater is one of the functions of the electronic control unit.

The automatic altitude adjustment function allows the heater to operate properly at higher elevations of 12,000 feet above sea level.

Diesel Heater Control Panel

The diesel heater control panel is the interface that controls the operation of the air heater.

It is also vital for the electronic control unit to be simple to use, and convenient. The display should be clear and easy to understand, but you also want different control options.

You can program it to start the diesel air heater at a set time, which will ensure a warm vehicle waits for you when you get up.

Vvkb new control panel

Vvkb Diesel Heater New Control Panel

Diesel Heater Case

Diesel Heater

Lastly, we will mention the casing. It is what protects the components inside from mechanical damage, but it should also make the parking heater easy to install. It is important for the case to be made from durable, but heat-resistant material, such as aluminum and nylon.

Besides durability, case material matters for health reasons and should be non-toxic. The device generates heat after all, and you are likely to spend a lot of time inside the cabin. Only high-quality, durable, but safe materials should be a part of the heater you choose.

Next, let’s see what brands of diesel heaters are the most cost-effective.

Vvkb Apollo-V Series Diesel Heater—The Best Option On The Market

Vvkb Apollo-V diesel air heater meets all the criteria we have mentioned above, and that’s why we decided to choose it as the best option on the market.

There are actually two versions of this heater: Vvkb diesel air heater Apollo-V1 is 2.5kw and Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V2 is 5kw. But both have the same quality parts. Here are the details behind our choice.

Diesel Heater Quality Hardware

The Vvkb diesel heaters use all the quality accessories mentioned above. Moreover, it is fully compliant with RoHS standards.

The Vvkb diesel air heater works reliably and with low noise. The Vvkb diesel air heater is your best choice.

Contact us now for more information and quotation.

Vvkb Diesel Heater

Reliable In Extreme Conditions

The Vvkb Apollo-V series diesel heaters can operate from -40℃ to 45℃, which means that you will never feel the outside cold, even if you are stranded inside your RV, high up a mountain, in the middle of nowhere.

The above-mentioned Japanese Kyocera glow plug ensures the heater will start in any weather conditions, which is crucial.

Vvkb diesel heaters can also operate properly below 12,000 feet above sea level.

Vvkb diesel heater won’t let you down, no matter the circumstances.

Van Life

Quiet operation

While hopefully, you won’t have to sleep in your car too often, RV, boat, and truck owners know how vital it is for the heater to operate quietly.

Vvkb ensured that the Apollo-V series diesel air heater is close to silent by installing an excellent exhaust system with spiral pipes.

This type of pipe absorbs as much noise as possible.

The combustion chamber design also contributes to quiet operation, and so do motors and impellers.

With the Vvkb silent fuel pump, you can’t feel the throbbing of the fuel pump.

You won’t have trouble sleeping next to this machine.


Latest Electronics

The Vvkb Apollo-V series diesel air heater has a smart German Heraeus temperature sensor, which will make sure the temperature inside the cabin always stays optimal.

This will not only give you the best comfort possible, but will save fuel too, and reduce the noise, as the heater won’t work full-power unless needed.

This unit has a 32-bit processor which receives the data from the sensor and then sets the fan speeds and combustion conditions accordingly.

The electronics system is the heart of the heater’s safety too, as it has advanced safety diagnostic features that run every time you operate the device. It will check the voltage before starting, only continuing if it is in the right range.

That will ensure everything is in perfect condition as soon as you press the “on” button, preserving both the heater and the car battery.

Vvkb new control panel

Convenient Control Options

You can adjust the temperature via manual or digital controls, but also wirelessly, which means you will have a warm car waiting for you in the morning.

There is also AUTO mode, that will keep the temperature at the desired level, without you having to worry about that constantly.

The Vvkb Apollo-V series diesel air heater is exceptionally easy to operate and very intuitive, everything working just the way you would expect it.

Honorable Mentions:

Webasto Air Top 2000 STC

Webasto makes great diesel heaters, and there’s no denying that. Diesel air heater Air Top 2000 STC is a perfect example of that. This is a high-quality device that runs silently and is perfectly safe.

It also has smart sensors and different control methods. It is very fuel efficient, and won’t dent your gas budget too much.

The only downside of  Webasto air heater is that it is very expensive. Yes, you do get what you pay for, but we feel that Vvkb diesel air heater is a better value for money.


Planar diesel air heater is a Russian manufacturer, and they also make very good diesel heaters.

Planar diesel air heater 2D-12 works instantly, and doesn’t need to “ramp up” before producing heat, which minimizes fuel consumption. It is quite easy to install and operate, and works very quietly too. Overall, a very good device, and you won’t make a mistake if you decide to pick this one.

They are more affordable than Webasto diesel air heater or  Eberspaecher diesel air heater, and are slowly gaining trust among drivers and boat owners. It was a close call between Vvkb and Planar, they both have great value for money.

Eberspaecher D2

Eberspaecher diesel air heater is another high-quality, but also quite expensive German manufacturer. They have some outstanding diesel air heater, but we have decided to pick D2.

It is compact, quiet, and won’t let you down. It is also very fuel efficient, and won’t eat away your tank. Eberspaecher D2 only uses top-quality parts. They’ve taken care of everything, from screws and clamps to motor and combustion chamber.

However, similar to Webasto,  Eberspaecher heaters are only for those of you with a very deep pocket.



We hope that our article helped you decide whether or not the diesel heater is a good investment. We also explained what to look for when buying a diesel heater and gave you an excellent model to consider.

The Vvkb Apollo-V series diesel air heater is a terrific choice, a top-quality device. It is carefully designed to guarantee safety, but also quiet operation, with maximal fuel efficiency. In our humble opinion, it is the best diesel air heater you can find on the market today.

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