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How to Choose the Diesel Heater?

Q Why the price of the same diesel heaters vary a lot?
How to choose a diesel heater with good quality and competitive price?
A The selection of the raw materials and the workmanship will lead to different costs, and cause the price varies a lot. At present, the market has American brands(such as VVKB), German brands(such as Webasto, Eberspacer) and some china brands.

Some cheap products will choose the second recycling of waste plastics for reuse.
Reprocessing the diesel heaters by using waste plastics can do severe harm to our health.

Why would it do harm to the user’s health? Because most of the heater shell from the domestic manufacturers is made of the second recycled or even repeatedly recycled plastic with poor quality. when the temperature reaches high, this poor plastic will produce a large number of carcinogenic substances and neurotoxins. These toxic substances will later come into the cab with the heated air. Although these toxic substances will not immediately affect the driver’s health, they, accumulating a lot, will cause irreversible damage to health. And, as we all know, the diesel heater is always used in the cold winter, so most of the drivers will close the window when the heater is working, which largely increases the accumulation of toxic substances.

For the health of our clients and the benign development of diesel heater business, we strongly appeal to each manufacturer not to use inferior materials.
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