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Enjoy your winter with Vvkb Parking Heaters

VVKB has over twenty years of experience designing and manufacturing premier quality diesel heaters, engine heaters, and fuel heaters for trucks, cars, buses, caravans and for marine applications. VVKB’s range of heating products are able to safely provide comfort in any vehicle.

VVKB parking heaters are CE, FCC, and RoHS compliant vehicle accessories which guarantees comfort and safety in the harshest weather conditions and climates.

VVKB parking heaters are capable of quickly removing ice and snow from vehicle windows and warming the passenger cabin to a comfortable temperature under the most extreme winter conditions.
VVKB provides full support for parking heater installation, maintenance and repair and spare parts.

VVKB has a range of parking heaters (Apollo-V1, Apollo-V2, Apollo-C1, Apollo-C2, and Apollo C3) suitable for any application. VVKB has the manufacturing experience and knowledge necessary to support your business.

Why Vvkb Parking Heaters

Support Resource About Parking Heaters

Diesel Heater Parts List

Parking heater parts list

Comprehensive parts list. Learn more about every component of a parking heater. Helpful for understanding the installation guide and trouble-shooting.
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Parking heater installation guide

Detailed step by step instruction guide to installing parking heater in car, truck, caravan or anywhere else you need quick and reliable heat. Includes detailed videos and images to help ensure an easy and flawless installation.
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Diesel Heater

Parking heater trouble shooting

Repairing a parking isn’t hard work! This detailed guide will help you solve any potential problems that might arise when using a parking heater.
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VVKB Diesel Heater

(Video)How to Install the Parking Heater

Step by step video guide on how to install a parking heater.
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VVKB parking heater control panel

Video: How to Use VVKB parking heater control panel

Instructional video on how to use VVKB’s heater control panel and scheduled power-on and power-off functions.
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