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The 5 most famous diesel heater manufacturers or suppliers in the USA

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There are several various types of van life heaters, including portable electric heaters and cozy wood stoves. We’ll go through diesel heaters in this article, which is popular among seasoned vanlifers as the best method to stay warm when it’s cold outside.

We’ll start by discussing the top diesel heaters for campervans. Later in this post, we’ll go through why you should pick a diesel heater and what to think about while purchasing one.

Truck Heater

Truck Heater

The 5 Best Diesel Air Heaters manufacturer for Campervans

Vvkb Diesel air heater Apollo-V1

The Vvkb heater is one of the most cost-effective, reliable diesel air heaters in its class. It’s made by China Good Auto Parts with 27 years of experience market car parts and a strong supply chain that ensures high-quality consistency for all products under this brand name; it also has an easy installation process which makes these machines perfect not only as home heating appliances but commercial ones too!

Main picture of Vvkb diesel heater

Main picture of Vvkb diesel heater

The Vvkb heaters are an economical and efficient way to keep your customers warm. With low noise operation, they can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in a quiet environment with no worries about carbon monoxide posing any health risks or discomfort from loud noises that may wake them up when it comes time for their morning routine!

The Vvkb heaters are the best choice for those who want a quiet environment and good mood. They also help save money on fuel costs because they’re so efficient!

Vvkb Diesel Heater Show

You can trust our heater because we put it through comprehensive tests to ensure that there are absolutely no carbon monoxide dangers posed towards you or anyone else who may come into contact with this product while using it at home, work place etc., so don’t worry about being safe before switching over from old models today – let alone any other time during winter season too!

You can buy it in our online shop: www.RVheater.com

If you need to buy in bulk, please contact our sales staff. Our sales staff will usually respond to your email within 6 hours.

Vvkb Van heater


Vvkb Truck Heater

Webasto Air Top 2000 STC

Dometic manufacturer AG is a well-known German business that manufactures some of the most popular diesel heaters on the market. Webasto has been a major player in the field for many years, and it continues to create new goods, therefore it’s no wonder that the 2000 STC is one of the most popular diesel heaters among campervan dwellers.


Diesel air parking heater

Diesel air parking heater

This tiny diesel air heater is built of top-of-the-line materials and is said to be so quiet that you won’t even notice it. The Webasto Air Top 2000 STC has an automatic altitude adjustment, but the effectiveness of this function varies based on the user’s location. However, most people who have used this diesel heater agree that it will work well below 8,000 feet.

Although the 2000 STC is tiny, it generates a staggering 7,000 BTUs per hour, which should be plenty to heat a medium-sized campervan. It’s also fairly quiet, as it offers a silent operation and has an automatic shut-off function. Furthermore, it comes in three configurations for your convenience: spare tire, golf cart, and standard SUV; each is equipped with the essentials you require.

Warmda Parking Heater A1225

The Warmda parking heater is designed for those who love camping or have vehicles specifically built as campers.

The best brand for car, truck and motor homes parking heater is Warmda.

The experts at China Good Auto Parts know that you need a heater with all the advantages, like quiet operation and low fuel consumption. So they make sure their premium brand is reliable for any application! The Warmda parking heater has an elegant profile which makes it ideal in vehicles used mostly by manufacturers or people who own campers-places where safety comes first.

Diesel Heater for Trailer

Diesel Heater for Trailer

The parking heater’s moderate profile makes it ideal to install when you’re building your camper – not too big but still able to provide quality heat when needed most.

Warmda Parking Heater A1225

Warmda Parking Heater A1225

The Warmda parking heater will keep your van warm in the cold weather. You can buy it in our online shop: www.RVheater.com. You can also send an email to our sales staff, who will get back to you within 8 hours.


Webasto Air Top EVO 40

The Webasto EVO 40 is another popular diesel air heater. It’s suited for large trucks and campers. The EVO 40’s strong heating capability ensures that you stay warm in the cold, producing up to 13,650 BTUs per hour.

If you want to snowshoe in the mountains, this diesel heater is an excellent alternative. There’s an automated altitude adjustment that Webasto claims will keep the heater functioning up to 7,218 feet above sea level. The engine was also completely redesigned for the new model. The manufacturer strives to continually improve its goods, and the most recent version of the EVO 40 includes a modified fuel dosing pump. The fact that this diesel heater is very efficient in terms of fuel usage and emission makes it even quieter than the 2000 STC.

Diesel Hot Water System

Warmda Diesel Hot Water System

The Webasto EVO 40 includes all of the necessary components for installation, including a rotary rheostat control. You may also add a digital display to your 7-day timer. The EVO 40 is likewise very fuel-efficient, as all campervan diesel heaters are. A gallon of gas will be used after six hours of operation at maximum power.

Eberspacher Espar Airtronic S2 D2

Eberspacher is a German manufacturer that produces some of the most highly regarded diesel air heaters for camper vans.

The Espar Airtronic is a camping stove with a heating output of up to 7,500 BTUs per hour, making it perfect for small or medium-sized campervans. Not only that, the Espar Airtronic diesel air heater is ideal for winter sports. The Goldwing G650 features an effective altitude adjustment up to 9,842 feet above sea level, so you’ll be ready to ski right away after a day on the slopes!

Portable Heater

Portable Heater

Although the Espar Airtronic is a rather expensive heater for your campervan, it is of exceptional quality. Eberspacher, like its German manufacturer, is committed to improving its products. The S2 D2L is equipped with a brushless motor and a silent fuel pump, so you won’t be disturbed by it while you sleep. The T-9500EW’s digital control panel comes with a convenient 7-day timer as well as an easy-to-use user interface. It also has a simple digital display with buttons for operating all of the major functions.

Why Should You Choose a Diesel Air Heater for a Campervan?

There are no shortages of viewpoints on what makes the greatest heater for van life, and most people will have them on the fly. A diesel air heater, on the other hand, is highly recommended if you’re driving a diesel camper van. Let’s take a look at the three most common reasons why you might want to install a diesel heater in your vehicle.

No need for extra tanks.

There are several good reasons to utilize a propane heater in your van, but the most significant disadvantage is having to use external storage tanks. You may run a diesel heater from your vehicle’s main gasoline tank if you own a diesel van, such as a Sprinter.

Fuel Tank Standpipe

Fuel Tank Standpipe

Drilling into your gasoline tank may sound terrible, but a professional will be able to complete the task in no time. Sprinters, on the other hand, have a secondary port on the fuel tank, so no need to drill!

Diesel is affordable.

If you rely on a gas heater all winter, you’ll spend a lot of money on fuel. Many individuals are inclined to experiment with Diesel because it is a cost-effective, readily accessible option. Plus, because diesel heaters for camper vans are so compact and efficient, you’ll barely notice them using any fuel.

Dry heat

Condensation is the van dweller’s worst nightmare. When it’s cold outside, wet sleeping bags, clothes, and windows are the last thing you want. Diesel heater directly, like propane heaters, vent outside to create “dry heat,” which aids in the reduction of condensation. Carbon monoxide buildup is also a lesser concern; nevertheless, a carbon monoxide detector should always be installed in your vehicle.

How Does a Diesel Air Heater Operate in a Campervan?

Because diesel heaters are so little, they take up very little room within your camper van. They’re also more environmentally friendly, as they require far less energy to keep you warm during the cold. Furthermore, due to their high insulation levels, they don’t take much energy to keep things comfy during the cold.

Schematic diagram of diesel heater working

Schematic diagram of diesel heater working

Diesel heaters, like all other types of heaters, utilize a combustion chamber to convert fuel into heat. They also consume gasoline from your tank and draw cold air from the outside. The heat produced by the attached heat exchanger is transferred to the air and diesel fuel mixture through a small tube, which ignites under pressure.

Possible positions to install diesel heater

Possible positions to install diesel heater

The heated air is safely discharged through the van’s exterior exhaust pipe. A vehicle’s air conditioning system is a large duct fan in an engine compartment that pulls in fresh air from within the car and circulates it around the heat exchanger before discharging the warm air into your living area.

Is It Safe to Use a Campervan Diesel Heater Work?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is no laughing matter, and if it builds up in a confined space, it can be deadly. That’s why, especially if you’re using propane for cooking and heating, having a carbon monoxide detector in your camper van is essential.

Diesel Heater for Campervan

Diesel Heater for Campervan

That said, a diesel air heater is considerably safer than a propane heater as long as it is installed correctly. Diesel heaters produce little carbon monoxide and release gases outside without harming you. Furthermore, the heated air that is being blown into your living area comes from within the van. Finally, the best diesel heaters include safety shutoff mechanisms that activate if there is a problem.

Diesel Engine Heater

Diesel Engine Heater

Diesel heaters, by lowering the humidity level, help to prevent the formation of dampness inside your van. Although a vent fan may help eliminate dampness, using a propane heater generates moisture, which can cause mold and mildew if you don’t have a vent fan. This sort of setting might be very dangerous to your health.

What to Look for When Shopping for the Best Diesel Heater For Your Campervan

Installing a diesel heater in your campervan conversion is simple, although it might not be quick.

Heating your home is an expensive endeavor, but it’s also necessary. You need to find the best and most cost-effective way of keeping warm during these cold winter months when everything else around us seems so grey!



But if you choose a heater that isn’t reliable or quality enough for what would likely be one heckuva trouble anyway–you may just end up spending more money than necessary on something whose time has come already because its cheap construction makes them prone towards breakage easily (and then there are all those sparks!).

Main picture of Vvkb diesel heater

Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V1

At Vvkb Heater, we believe in making sure every customer gets exactly

Heat Output

The size of the room is usually not a major consideration when buying a diesel heater. It’s critical to get the right size heater for your vehicle.

An oversized heater is a waste of money because you’ll seldom need to operate it at full power, so more carbon will accumulate within and necessitate additional cleaning. The heat might end up cycling more frequently as a result of a corroded heating element or blocked system.

Heating unit

Heating unit

If you put a heater in a room that doesn’t have enough square footage, it will have to operate at full power all of the time. This method will use more gasoline and the fan will be on constantly, draining power.

Simply said, a 2kW diesel heater is sufficient for a little campervan, but a 5kW engine will be more effective in bigger vehicles.

Altitude Settings

This is a major consideration if you’ll be spending a lot of time above 5,000 feet. The air is thinner at higher elevations, making it more difficult to burn diesel fuel.

Webasto and Eberspacher make more costly diesel heaters with nifty altitude adjustment settings that alter the ratio of gasoline and air on the fly.

Vvkb Portable Heater

Vvkb Portable Heater

Vvkb heaters and Warmda heaters, too, have the same automatic plateau adjustment system.

You can use them normally within an altitude of more than 12,000 feet above sea level.

The Bulderstun is an excellent choice for winter van living, whether you’re skiing and trekking in the mountains or simply enjoying nature. To be more precise, you can manually adjust certain diesel heaters to function at higher elevations; however, this involves a lot of tinkering with no assurance of success.

Power Consumption

Diesel heaters need a 12-volt power supply to turn on and draw electricity from your batteries. The energy they need is also utilized to drive the fuel pump and fan. Because of this initial burst, which might be as much as 15 amps from a cold start, you should bear it in mind. Check to see whether your power source can handle this spike. Instead of connecting the heater to your coach battery, connect it to a separate battery. For a few seconds, the demanding draw is around 4 amps, then it drops down to about 1 amp per hour after the heater has been turned on.


Diesel heaters are somewhat loud, which is a deterrent for some individuals. Some diesel heaters, especially those that are used on higher settings, may be difficult for light sleepers to start or switch off.

Exhaust pipe

Vvkb flexible exhaust pipe with muffling function

Look for a location as far from your bed as possible when deciding where to install your diesel heater. You may also use noise-deadening insulation around the heater.

Diesel heater exhaust muffler

Vvkb Diesel heater exhaust muffler

Manufacturer like Vvkb and Warmda are constantly refining their heaters to reduce noise, but choosing the correct size and managing the thermostat carefully may go a long way toward keeping things quieter.

Fuel Efficiency

This isn’t an issue as long as your diesel heater is the right size for your car. Diesel heaters are highly fueled efficient, typically consuming 0.1 to 0.5 liters of fuel per hour. Don’t be concerned about your gas tank being depleted: when the tank is roughly three-quarters empty, diesel heaters automatically turn off.

Fuel Pump

Vvkb fuel pump with precise fuel discharge volume

Purchase Price

Diesel heaters for van life are divided into two categories: costly European heaters and low-price China and Russian heaters. It’s all about “you get what you pay for” in the end. A Webasto heater, for example, is constructed from the finest quality materials and has several features and functions. Purchasing a cheap Chinese diesel heater is a bit riskier since you’ll spend less money and won’t be buying with as much confidence.


You’ll be relieved to learn that both the Webasto and the Espar Heaters come with excellent warranties. After all, these diesel heaters are a major financial investment, so you’d want them to be well-maintained. Both businesses have a competent network of service centers throughout North America, so if something goes wrong, there’s somewhere to go.

When compared to a budget Chinese diesel heater, however, things are quite different. If you purchase a warranty, it will be of little value. On the other hand, because these heaters are a fraction of the cost of German models, there isn’t much to gripe about on that front!

How To Install a Diesel Heater in a Van

Finding a suitable location to install a van diesel air heater isn’t difficult. It’s ideal to aim for a safe and enclosed environment, such as a storage cabinet.

Diesel Heater for RV

Diesel Heater Installation Precautions

The passenger seat is one of the most popular nooks. There’s plenty of room under there, and it’s properly enclosed, except in most cases.

Because the combustion air intake, exhaust, and fuel pipes all pass through the floor, your diesel heater must be located in an area that is free of exterior fuel lines, frame rails, fuel lines, and so on.

If you purchase a diesel heater from Vvkb or Warmda, you will get thorough instructions that are simple to follow. Although the instructions for a Chinese diesel heater might not be as easy, there are many helpful Youtube videos to assist you. However, there are a few things to keep in mind throughout installation:

  • Make sure there is adequate airflow around the heater’s air intake inside the van to minimize waste.
  • The exhaust and air intake pipes should be pointing in different directions under the vehicle. This prevents exhaust from entering the air intake pipe.
  • Make sure the air intake filter is not facing forward while traveling. This will prevent accumulation from building up, possibly clogging the pipe.
  • Sliding the exhaust pipe downward at a gentle angle prevents condensation from forming, which can cause rust.
  • The pump must be at a slight angle. This will allow air bubbles to escape.

The Best Diesel Heaters for Campervans

Choosing the finest diesel air heater for your van life adventures is a personal choice. If you have the money to install a Webasto or Espar heater in your van, exploring the high mountains won’t be an issue.

There are low-cost, effective Chinese heaters that many vanlifers swear by if you’re on a tight budget. Whatever diesel heater you pick, it’ll be a small, fuel-efficient, and safe method to keep the cold at bay!

We hope that this article on diesel heaters for vans has been useful to you! Leave your queries and ideas in the comments section below if you have any. You can also send us an email and we will get back to you, within 6 hours

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