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Marine heaters are an example of innovative technology. These heaters come into use in the cold climates at sea. Marine heaters aren’t just essential to keep the passengers warm, but also your fuel lines, your water systems, and your engine. 

Steamship covered in snow
Steamship covered in snow

Heaters, in general, work by the same principle, whether they are in your vessel cabin or in your home. It’s basically a heating fluid mechanism that runs through tubes and ends up transferring heat to the air or element around it. There is also a heating component in each heater used to change the electrical energy into heat energy somehow.

Marine heaters are used to keep the internal environment of cruising ships on the sea surface, contributing to customer’s comfort and others on the ship. On the sea surface, the environment can be tricky at night. It can be freezing and cause inconvenience for passengers of a ship. That’s why all the boats/cruise ships consider it a must to have heating systems installed in the engine room or any other ship’s space.

Bunk Heater
Vvkb Diesel Heater

There are different types of heaters based on the features, working principle, sizes, and many more. Marine heaters are silent heroes that rank high on the list of creature comforts on cruising boats. 

Importance of using Marine Heaters

Marine heaters cover a broad range of heaters that differ in every way from their heating mechanism to their purpose, and the type of fuel used. The only thing they have in common is that they are mounted in your marine vessel. 

In terms of their purpose, marine heaters, in general, can heat the vessel’s internal parts, heat the cabin itself, or heat the ship’s water systems. Although most vessels nowadays come with their built-in heating systems, in some situations their role is far too critical for the specifications of the stock model. 

Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-HW5
Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-HW5

A lot of boat owners like to take their vessels out to sea on long voyages. Some even travel between countries on vacations. According to your individual use, you should decide on whether to invest in a reliable heater or not. 

For example, if you plan on venturing out for an extended period in the winter, you might consider investing in an engine heater and a coolant heater at least. According to your preferred comfort levels, you might also need a durable night heater and a water system heater to name a few.

Some Types of Marine Heaters

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of marine heaters based on a variety of metrics, such as Engine size & Capability, working principle, dimensions and many more. We are going to list some of the best heaters in each category, to help you have a reference point while making your decision, and according to your specific needs.

Portable Heater

Portable Heater
Portable Heater

Portable Heaters are a very convenient option. They offer a great value for money owing to their versatility. You can take them into any room or space in your vessel, as well as in your tent if you plan to spend some time in the wilderness. Portable heaters are great for caravans, campers, boats and tents. 

The Apollo-P2 Model

The Apollo-P2 portable heater is one of the best portable heaters in the market.

Key Points/specifications of the Apollo-P2 model to consider:

  • Heater is run by diesel
  • Housing material- stainless steel
  • Careful installation is required- but easy to install
  • More than 12 hours running time with full tank
  • Fuel tank capacity- 3.5 Litres
  • In built fuel tanks
  • In built Pumps
  • Dimensions- 310 × 260 × 210 cm

Parking Heater

Parking heaters are electro-mechanical devices used to keep the engine of a vehicle warm as well as the interior environment. To warm the interior and engine of vehicles, this heater uses air or water. 

Apart from motor vehicles, these heaters are also used in Marine systems as well.

VVKB Diesel Heater
Vvkb Diesel Heater

The Apollo-V1 Model

Key points/specifications of the model to consider:

  • Housing material- Fire resistant Nylon
  • Run by diesel
  • Weighs 7kg
  • Dimensions- 310 × 115 × 115 cm
  • Output heat is 8500 BTU
  • Reliable Control System
  • Low Noise
  • Best quality raw materials

So, if you’re looking for a heater that can be used in motor vehicles as well as in Marine systems, then feel free to go for the long-lasting A1225 parking heater model.

Circulation Heater

Circulation heaters are installed inside a thermally sealed tank that circulates a fluid through pipes. The heat can then be transferred to any heating element.   Circulation heaters are suitable for water heating, freeze prevention, heat transfer oil heating, and more.

Titan P5 Truck Block Heater
Titan P5 Circulation Heaters

The Titan-P5 Model

The Titan-P5 model is the best example of a circulation heater.

Key factors/specifications of Titan-P5 to consider:

  • Built in water pump
  • Dimensions- 310 × 115 × 115 cm
  • Increased thermal efficiency
  • Longer coolant circulation
  • Operate at low temperatures
  • Reduced waste of fuel
  • Reduced pollution

If you’re looking for a heater that has a variety of applications, easy to install, extended engine life by reducing waste of fuel and pollution then go for Titan-P5 circulation heater

Coolant Heater 

This heater is well known for its small size and comparatively less weight. This model is specifically designed to allow coolant to efficiently flow in the heater and carry all the heat emitted by the heating element.

Engine preheater Titan-B1

The Titan-B1 Model

The Titan-B1 is a contender for the best coolant heater out there.

Titan-B1 has the following benefits/specifications:

  • Quality compliant with industry standards
  • Weight – 1 kg only
  • Dimensions- 310 × 115 × 115 cm
  • Working Voltage- 110V/230V
  • Power rated from 500W up to 2000W
  • Ideal for medium to small-sized cars
  • Rapid heat dispersion
  • TUV, FCC, and RoHS certified.

This model is easy to manage and weighs less than other heaters. But it’s more suitable for small-sized vessels.

Marine Hot Water System

These types of heaters are specifically designed for boats. It is very easy to install and requires only connecting the pipes. These heaters come up with different power levels.

Diesel Water Heater
Marine Hot Water System

The Apollo-HW5 Model

The Apollohw5- marine hot water system is one of the best models in the market.

Diesel Hot Water System
Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-HW5

Key points/specifications to consider:

  • Fuel type- Diesel
  • Dimensions- 310 × 115 × 115 cm
  • Minimal fuel consumption
  • Output Power- 5KW
  • Working voltage: 9V-16V
  • Weighs: 7.5-9.5 kg
  • Housing: Stainless steel

This heater generates heat by using hot water through a heat exchanger and generates around 16000 BTU of heat. It is very useful to keep the cabins warm in cruise boats and ships. 

Night heater

Diesel night heaters are safe to keep on overnight, as all gases used in the combustion process are led outside the boat cabin through pipes. That’s why it’s a great choice for anyone planning some overnight excursions. 

Diesel Heater
Warmda Night Heater

The L1250 Model

Key points/specifications to consider:

  • Fuel type-Diesel
  • Housing material- Fire resistant Nylon
  • Dimensions- 310 × 115 × 115 cm
  • Output heat- 16000 BTU
  • Reliable operation
  • Low operating noise
  • Affordable Price

If you’re looking for the best night heater for a boat, at an affordable price then go for the L1250 Night heater model.

Hydronic Heater

Hydronic Heaters heat water and transport it through sealed pipes to radiators at different places in your vessel. That means they can heat your engine, water system, and keep your cabin warm. They usually come with high-quality pumps and motors making them fairly durable and dependable.

Top view of diesel hot water heating system

The D1250 Model

Key points/specifications to consider:

  • Fuel type- Diesel
  • Weighs- 8 kg
  • Dimensions- 260 × 220 × 150 cm
  • Output Power- 5 KW
  • Output heat- 16000 BTU
  • Thermally efficient
  • More heat exchange
  • 3 ways to control heater start up

Hydronic Heaters are of great use in cold climates to provide heat to the engine or have domestic hot water at their disposal. If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable hydronic heater then go for the D1250 model.

Gasoline Water Heater

The Gasoline Heaters come up with two different models. It’s very easy to start, even in the most extreme condition during winter. Gasoline heaters are used mainly to heat up an engine’s coolant very easily during different cold weather.

Rear view of diesel hot water heating system

The G1250/G4250 Model 

Key points/specifications to consider:

  • Fuel type- Gasoline
  • Weighs- 8 kg
  • Dimensions- 260 × 220 × 150 cm
  • Output Power-5KW
  • Output heat- 18000 BTU
  • Precise metering fuel pump
  • More heat exchange
  • Minimal carbon build-up

Factors to consider while choosing Heaters

  • Amount of space a heater can heat
  • Higher heat generation
  • Portability
  • Difficulty level of Installation
  • Efficiency of fuel consumption
  • Price range

There are several other factors that can be considered according to user preferences. There are also many more kinds of heaters that can be installed in your ship or boat. For more information and details on other types and models of marine heaters go to RVheater.com

Final thoughts

Choosing heaters for your boat/ship/truck can be tricky. It depends on the type of service required in a ship/boat/truck. While some heaters can generate hot water and others can keep the environment warm to counter the overwhelming cold condition on the sea, some heaters can do both of these things.

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