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VVKB Block Heater Installation Precaution and Trouble Shooting Guide

Block Heater Installation Precaution:

1.All Your block engine heaters have been tested and approved by the TUV certificates, so you don’t need to test them again.

PS: The block heater will be damaged if you test it without coolant inside. And this damage is out of our warranty. The outlet must be upward.

2. Make sure the heater inside is full of coolant, and no air in the heater hose.

3.The heater must be installed 20cm lower than car water tank and must be away from the fuel pipeline.

4.The shell of the heater must be dry.

5.Please note that when the heater is working, the temperature of the shell is similar to the ambient temperature,           and the water hose won’t be so hot. So if the heater shell is very hot, please follow the Troubleshooting solution         1 to solve it.


Block Heater Trouble Shooting Guide


The water pump can’t work or work intermittently


  1. There is air in the heater or water hose, causing no circulation of the water pump.
  2. Too much water scale in the circulation system blocks the water pump.


  1. Re-install the heater and expel the air.
  2. Clean the heater and replace the coolant.

Electricity Leakage


Please check the heater electrical part whether it’s dry. Because there may be water leakage in the heater or there is liquid infiltrating into the electrical part of the heater from the heater interface.


Dry up the heater and use the multimeter to test the motor. If its resistance is 600-700Ω, the water pump is in good condition. If not, replace the water pump. The water pump’s part number is T18012P220.

Connected to the power, but the heater has no reaction.


The heating tube burned down or the thermostat damaged.


1.Test the heating tube separately with the multimeter. The normal resistance will be 10-50Ω. If exceeds, please replace the heating tube. Its part number is T18012P215.

2.Test the thermostat separately with multimeter. If its resistance is infinity, the thermostat is damaged. Please replace the thermostat. Its part number is T18012P268 (for Tian-P 2,Titan-P3, Titan-P4, Titan-P5, Titan-B1)  and T18012P269 (for Titan-P1).

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