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Vvkb Heater In The AAPEX Show

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A Place To Shine

Las Vegas hosted the world’s biggest auto parts exhibition, the 51st APPEX Show, and it took place at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, from November 5th to 7th 2019.

Vvkb heaters were at the exhibition too, and we were represented by Wenzhou Good Auto Parts CO., Ltd, which is our Chinese production company. Our booth, #10633, was just near the central passage.

The 51st APPEX Show

Vvkb Full Roster Was Present

The exhibition was a great environment to present our best products to the international audience.

The full Vvkb all-star roster was there, including portable heater, diesel heater, diesel engine heater, engine block heater, fuel heater, and the heating pad.

But, we also had VVT Solenoid and car relays, as well as parking sensors and car sensors.

APPEX portable heater

APPEX portable heater.

APPEX diesel heater

APPEX Wenzhou Good

The whole point of the exhibition was to directly get in touch with customers and answer their questions, which started from the opening.

On November 5th, we had several customers who were asking around, wanting to find out what makes Vvkb diesel heaters unique.

Other customers that were already familiar with our products and brand were glad to see Vvkb participating in such an important exhibition.

Vvkb Parking Heater Show

Customers Aren’t Only Looking For Bargains

It is always good to see that customers care about the quality, and not only the price.
They want a heater that is safe and long-lasting, which is today hard to find.

Amazon and eBay are full of diesel heaters, but many have nothing to offer besides the low price, and customers noticed that.
They look just like Webasto, Vvkb, and Eberspacher, but the quality is incomparable, which creates confusion among customers.

But, exhibitions like this one at Las Vegas are great for explaining the differences first-hand, letting customers see the products work in real life.

Vvkb Heater Show

Vvkb Heater

Vvkb Show.1

Vvkb Diesel Heater

Little Things That Separate

Take the Vvkb control program as an example. For over 20 years, we have been steadily improving the concept, perfecting its operation.

Vvkb control program

While this is something that often gets unnoticed by a customer that is looking to buy their first heater, the reliability of multi-program operation is what separates good heaters from bad ones, among other things.

After all, the reason why you are buying a heater is to keep you warm during those cold nights so that you can sleep in your cabin.
If the heater’s operation fails during the night, the cold can not only wake you up, but can potentially harm your health, or something even worse can happen, if you are sleeping in sub-zero temperatures.
That’s s why having a reliable heater with a control program that can withstand even the harshest condition is important.

Vvkb Show

First-Hand Presentation

Our staff was very pleased to introduce the manufacturing process of Vvkb heaters in detail, and customers were very pleased to listen and learn. We also introduced them to some of the unique features our heaters have, including:

Vvkb Heater Parts

  • It all starts with raw materials, and in Vvkb heaters’ case, only non-toxic new plastic granules are used. New plastic pallets are very expensive, and the low-cost heaters usually choose recycled ones to cut the costs. This is something that again goes unnoticed, but has an impact, and makes the difference between cheap and premium models.

Diesel Heater

  • Vvkb heaters can work up to 4000 meters above sea level. This is important for truck drivers, as that type of job requires driving through different requirements at different sea levels. Having a heater that won’t let you down is vital.

Vvkb Heater Part

  • Vvkb has a unique combustion chamber, and its design greatly reduces fuel consumption, but also noise, making it easier to sleep next to the heater.

Parking Heater combustion tube

  • But, the spiral exhaust pipe is what creates the biggest difference when it comes to reducing working noise. It took three of our best engineers, with over 20 years of experience, six months to develop a special machine for making our spiral exhaust pipes. Now, we have a unique exhaust pipe that not only reduces noise but is also very durable, being able to bend without any damage

Diesel heater exhaust pipe

  • Even our heavy-duty exhaust pipe clamps are custom designed. The whole thing, including the standard parts that go with the clip, is stainless steel. This ensures a strong clamping force, keeping everything in place, but also ensures longevity.

Exhaust Pipe Clamps

Las Vegas AAPEX 2020, Get Ready For Vvkb!

All in all, we are more than satisfied with our trip to the Las Vegas AAPEX Show. Over those three days, more than 90 customers visited our booth. We had a great time presenting our brand, but also getting to know our clientele in person. We can’t wait for the next year, as we plan to revisit Las Vegas, show new products, and have an even better presentation than in 2019. See you at our booth then!

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