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To help you use VVKB Heater properly, please read the following article carefully:

The mental mount plate and rubber sealed gasket must be installed. (If not, it may make the friction between radiator and plastic casing, resulting in low speed of fan, white smoke and faulty motor or error code of too high temperature. )

The life span of air heater can be 8-10 years. In the summer, when you don’t need the heater, you need to monthly turn it on and clean it for 2-3 times.

It’s wrong for many end users to switch to ventilation mode to cool the heater down when turn the heater off. Following is the correct procedure to shut down the heater:

1, When turn off the heater, the ignition plug will start to work again to burn completely the diesel remained in the combustion chamber so that make sure it can be ignited when using the heater next time.

2, When remained diesel is fully burnt, the ignition plug will stop working, while the fan is still spinning with high speed. In this way, the carbon accumulated in the combustion chamber will be blew out, and cool down the heater. Once reaching the safe and secure temperature, the heater will stop working. This process will last 3-5 minutes.

We found that many users directly switch heating mode into ventilation mode to cool the heater down when the heater is still heating. This will cause extra diesel remained in the heater, and affect the reuse of heater, even resulting in possible breakdown.

Additional Note: The heater can’t be force to shut down when it still doesn’t fully cool down. Otherwise it will make the temperature too high inside the heater, and then cause deformation of the combustion turbine. In this way, when you start the heater again, due to the deformation, the air is not sufficient in the combustion chamber, leading to the carbon, white smoke, fail to be ignited, and even damage the ignition plug.

About air intake:

The blockage of air intake will cause insufficient burning of air in combustion chamber, white smoke, carbon accumulation, and ignition plug damaged. If you are in the dusty and sandy area, we suggest you not to use the air intake and put the air-inlet into the cabin to make sure the air into the combustion chamber is clean. If you insist to install the air intake, it need be cleaned once every 2-4 days.

Installation Precautions:

Before installation, spin the motor impeller to check whether it spins smoothly. If not, please adjust the gap between plastic casing and radiator until it can spin smoothly.

If the impeller is blocked, E12 will show up, at the same time will cause mismatch of burning air and diesel fuel, carbon, smoke and the motor burnt.

After finishing the installation, fix the fuel pump bracket, and then start to pump fuel.

Method: Press ON button for 10s. Don’t release the button until the fuel pump starts to work. When there is diesel coming out from the fuel pipe, press OFF button to stop fuel pump working. And then connect the fuel pipe to the heater.

The exhaust pipe must be downward. Air-inlet can’t be wrapped. Make sure the exhaust pipe is not blocked, no any excessive bent.

About smoke

Blockage of air intake. Take off the air intake and then fuel pipe. Turn on the heater. Let the ignition plug heat up for 3-4 minutes to clean the extra fuel, and turn off the heater. Then connect the fuel pipe to heater and turn on the heater. When the fuel pump starts to work, cover the air-inlet with hands for 3-5 seconds for several times, then the problem can be solved. (If still can’t start, you need to remove the combustion chamber to clean it, because of serious carbon.)

Carbon accumulation. 1) The impeller hits the plastic casing will cause mismatch of burning air and fuel. 2) Force to shut down the heater will cause deformation of turbine. 3) Start the heater repeatedly when the air intake is blocked.

Please check the motor and air intake, and then clean the carbon.

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