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VVKB’s responsibility is to provide heaters with high quality and good price

  • VVKB designs a user-friendly control system.
  • VVKB’s controller has a timing function.
  • VVKB heaters are popular with users.

Following is a thank-note from one of our users:

Reasons why I bought a Diesel heater:

  1. Independence to camp anywhere and still keep warm. We travel to areas where there are no Caravan parks or electric power supply and do not want to use a noisey generator to power a heat source.
  2. The easy supply of diesel fuel throughout Australia.. Even in the more remote settlements of this HUGE country, diesel fuel is almost always available.
  3. The safety factor of carrying a LESS flammable fuel compared to storing and carrying petrol or LPG [Gasoline or Liquid Petroleum Gas].. Driving through small Bushfires along the side of the road is, although not a common feature, a part of life in “The Far North” and outback Australia..I have done this several times during our travels
  4. The ease of just “TOPPING UP” the fuel tank at a service station is so much better than using Lpg [gas] …Buying LPG is a matter of GUESSING how much GAS you might have left in the gas bottle.. Then you have to disconnect and remove the bottle, take it to a service station for re-filling[that is if you can find one that re-fills your bottle] or “SAWP” it for a pre filled bottle that someone else may have dropped/damaged/stripped a thread etc.,etc… and perhaps keep a spare bottle so you don’t run out.
  5. The efficiency of a Diesel heater. they use very little fuel

Reasons why I bought a Diesel heater from VVKB:

  1. I researched online, the many makes and models available all over the world..Quality, reliability, service, parts backup were key features I considered before I looked at cost of item and ease of installation. VVKB had some very good “reviews” which “ticked the boxes”.
  2. Price was very important too. Diesel heaters of a “similar” reputation were, in many cases, more than TWICE the price of the VVKB.
  3. Prompt efficient servise was a deciding factor. I had not completely decided to purchase a VVKB when I browsed your Website .However, after contact with VVKB staff [Sunny] and the friendly, professional and knowledgable manner in which my, sometimes deliberately awkward, questions were answered, I decided that VVKB had the product I wanted. So I purchased “on the spot”.
  4. Super fast delivery in less than a week was very much appreciated..
  5. The easy to follow videos describing installation techniques etc.
  6. The ease of installation .. A careful “handyman” can fit the heater without the need for specialists.
  7. The flexibility of where the unit can be installed was also a very important factor.. I had storage issues under the bed where most heaters are installed as a normal fitment.. However, I was able to customise a cupboard, fitting the VVKB heater under a sturdy false floor upon which the washing machine was sitting.

Extras I purchased:

  1. Metal 20litre yellow [diesel] “JerryCan”
  2. Sheet metal to guard/shroud underfloor exposed air inlet filter and fuel pump
  3. 10metres of black rubberised “approved” fuel line.
  4. High quality glass view diesel fuel filter. [NB. whilst the VVKB “kit” comes with a fuel filter and a fuel line, I considered that neither would stand up to the high UV’s, the harsh Climate, rough outback road conditions.]

All the best,, Kind regards, Ian

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