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If You Choose VVKB Car Heater, What Benefits Will You Get?

Intro on Victor Industries
June 16 2017

Our Products:

SIMATE Parking Heater
Engine Heater Titan-B1

Apart from the price, what else we must consider if we want to buy car heaters?

As a heating system, car heater can serve for 8 to 10 years. However, some companies might only exist for 2 to 3 years,so how can they guarantee the supply of spare parts for 8 to 10 years? Following is a problem that bothers a customer:

Car heater failure

We believe you also want to buy a product with good after-sale service

With 22 years of experience, Victor Industries Ltd. stated to develop engine heaters since 1996, and the products have passed TUV authentication.
We focus on details, and we strive for improvements.
To exist for 101 years, that’s our goal

VVKB Car Heater

Winter has never been so far away!

We know there are worries when clients want to change suppliers, such as:

  • The communication cost with new suppliers
  • The stability of product quality
  • The after-sale service of products
  • The delivery time

Our solution:

  • From Monday to Saturday between 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.at Pacific Time, we will reply you within 30 minutes. And we will reply you within 8 hours at other times. The communication won’t be a problem.
  • Our car heaters have passed CE, FCC and RoHS authentication, and our engine heaters have passed passed TUV, FCC and RoHS authentication.
TUV engine heater
VVKB parking heater FCC
VVKB Air heater CE

Check our workshop

vvkb heater production workshop
vvkb heater production workshop.2
vvkb heater production workshop.3
vvkb heater production workshop.1

About the after-sale service, we can provide all Webasto heater and Eberspacher heater parts (except circuit board) at very good price. If the circuit board is broken, you can replace it with ours. The after-sale service won’t be a problem either.

Car Heater Parts

We are a manufacturer with the ability of producing 2,000,000 car heaters per year. We will try our best to make sure there is no delay of delivery.

And we keep enough inventory for a rainy day.

Contact us now to learn about our services.

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