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Why Choose VVKB RV Heater

The following is the workmanship details of the radiator in the VVKB RV heater:

Fine workmanship, and delicate details. Producing the high-quality products is always Criterion of the Victor Industrial Ltd.

Standing in the complex, changeable and cruel market for 100 years is the ultimate goal of Victor Industrial Ltd.

The following picture fully shows the details:

We also hate to buy products with rough workmanship and poor quality. So, we will adopt the high standards in every detail.

When the heater is on, the flow rate of hot air will be very high. Any slight burr will produce a lot of noise, which will be very annoying.

Everyone wants a quiet sleep environment. So Victor Industrial Ltd. strongly recommends that other manufacturers be considerate of the users, and join altogether to create a quiet, comfortable, warm compartment environment.

Here are some radiators from other companies.
How much noise it will produce with such burrs. Than the manufacturer should stay in such noisy environment.

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