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VVKB Coolant Heater

VVKB Coolant Heater

The VVKB coolant heater Titan-P1 has a circular ring-shaped appearance of the car heater.

The coolant heater can be correctly fitted into the interior of the vehicle. Utilizing lesser space, it has built-in magnetic drive pumps capable of forming a vortex flow, speeding up the water flow rate and the heating area, so as to achieve rapid heating coolant effect and transfer the heat to the engine, such that the car can remain normal during the start at low temperatures. Simultaneously, our VVKB Coolant Heater reduces the exhaust emissions due to multiple start.

The VVKB coolant heater is suitable for small vehicles too, such as the family car, no matter the size or the brand of car, it can be used easily with every compatible vehicle. Regarding the shape and size of the S-8003A, we have tried our best to design the magnetic pump such that it fulfills the criteria of market at most calls. One of our achievement includes our Australian clients, who had put this heating device in their racing car engines, following the fact that it is the smallest one in all of the heaters. The heater is undoubtedly compact, occupies less space, and it’s modern curved appearance is the reason it has become customer’s choice.

Brand VVKB
Model Titan-P1
Authenticate CE; ROHS; FCC
Waterproof IP46
Rate voltage 220V-240V/11-V-120V
Rated power 1000W/1500W/2000W
Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Pump type Magnetic pump
Life of pump 5000h
Heating materials Copper
Life of heating pipe 8000h
Temperature controller 65℃
Pump flow 1000L/H
Housing Material Aluminum
Weight 0.8KGS
Plug style EU standards
US standards
AU standards
Connection Kit

VVKB Engine heater Titan-P1 Red unboxing video

VVKB Engine heater Titan-P1 Red unboxing video

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