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Apollo-C3 Diesel Water Heater

Apollo-C3 Diesel Water Heater

Certificate: CE, ROHS, FCC.

Fuel Type: Diesel Fuel.

Rate Voltage: 12V / 24V

Work Temprature: -40℃~+20℃

Weight: 2.6kg

Size: 310mm x 122mm x 115mm

In freezing cold weather or winter season, the 12kW VVKB Apollo-C3 Diesel Water Heater warms both the engine and passenger compartment. It burns diesel from the truck’s own fuel tank and uses battery power to produce a sufficient amount of heat.


The design of VVKB Apollo-C3 Diesel Water Heater is unique with a hot water furnace structure. Both the inlet for cold water and outlet for warm water are conveniently above the unit.

Its exhaust, combustion air and diesel inlet are just below the unit. With these, alongside the reasonable compact design, you can fit the Apollo-C3 Diesel Water Heater within the engine compartment.

VVKB, a renowned diesel water parking heaters supplier, has a unit that is functional, lightweight and reduces heating costs. It is noiseless, with virtually no soot.

Its modern electronic control system regulates the temperature within 149°F (65°C) to 167°F (75°C), controls the heater’s pump and runs automatic smart logic system diagnostic tests.

Apollo-C3 Diesel Water Heater depicts VVKB progressive designs and innovations in the parking heater industry.

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Apollo-C3 Diesel Water Heater

Brand VVKB
Model Apollo-C3
Authenticate CE; ROHS; FCC
Fuel type Diesel fuel
Rate voltage 24V/12V
Rated power 2500W
Work temperature -40℃~+20℃
Weight 2.6 KGS
Size 310mm X 122mm X 115mm
Warranty 1 year

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