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Diesel Air Heater Apollo-V1

Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V1: Your Premier Choice for Warmth on Cold Days!

Technical Data Heat Output (KW/BTU) Fuel Consumption (L/hr/Gal/hr) Electrical Consumption

at 12V (amps)

Boost 2.5 / 8500 0.252 / 0.067 1.68
High 2.2 / 7500 0.223 / 0.059 1.46
Medium 1.9 / 6600 0.194 / 0.051 1.19
Low 1.6 / 5600 0.165 / 0.044 0.93
Ultra low 1.3 / 4600 0.136 / 0.036 0.77

Why Choose the Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V1?

Traditional vehicles rely on excess heat from the engine to warm the cabin. With Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V1, vehicles can produce heat for the cabin even when the engine isn’t running. This groundbreaking design ensures a quiet and safe operation, offering a cozy driving experience during winter. It’s not just cost-effective but also unmistakably high-performing, making it ideal for heating boat cabins, trucks, cars, buses, and more.


The Nerve Center: Advanced Electronic Control System

At the heart of the Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V1 is its advanced electronic control system. This system acts as the brain of the heater, offering safety diagnostic features, digital control, and wireless ON/OFF capabilities. Vvkb prides itself on pioneering a robust parking heater controller that provides both manual and digital temperature adjustments, along with an onboard system diagnostic.

How Does the Apollo-V1 Diesel Heater Work?

Within its combustion chamber, the Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V1 boasts a 2025 stainless steel heater burner and a fireproof structure. A precise mix of fuel and air, combined with an efficient heat exchanger, ensures minimal power consumption, leading to significant cost savings. This efficient conversion of diesel into heat energy ensures swift and consistent warmth, even in extremely low temperatures.

Built with Precision and Quality

Crafted with 100% high-grade plastic and die-cast aluminum parts, the Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V1 is designed to last. Features like a 99-hour timer and a 4-meter parking wire cater to the dynamic needs of the automotive industry. Vvkb stands as a symbol of progress in deicing and preventing re-freezing in vehicles, solidifying its reputation as a leading 12V/24V diesel heater manufacturer.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V1 Technical Specifications:

  • Start-up Power: 90W
  • Operating Power: 6W-40W
  • Exhaust Pipe Diameter: 24mm
  • Dimensions: 12.20 inches X 4.80 inches X 4.50 inches
  • Weight: 7.6 kg (16.8 lbs)

Real-World Application of Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V1

  • Long-Haul Trucks: For truckers resting in their vehicles during long trips, Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V1 ensures a warm cabin even on the coldest nights.
  • RVs and Campers: For outdoor enthusiasts, Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V1 provides cozy temperatures inside, enhancing winter camping experiences.
  • Public Transport Vehicles: Buses and coaches can offer passengers a warm journey during cold seasons with Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V1.
  • Boats: In marine environments, Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V1 ensures that crew members and passengers experience warmth even in the chilliest sea conditions.
  • Construction Machinery: For operators of construction equipment working in cold climates, Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V1 provides a warm and comfortable cabin, enhancing productivity and safety.

Customer Feedback:

  • Mr. Rodriguez: “I operate a fleet of trucks, and winter used to be a nightmare for my drivers. Since equipping our vehicles with the Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V1, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The drivers love the consistent warmth, and I appreciate the cost savings.”
  • Ms. Harper: “Being an RV enthusiast, I’ve tried various heating solutions over the years. The diesel heater Apollo-V1 by Vvkb is by far the best. Our family trips during the colder months have become so much more comfortable.”
  • Captain Anderson: “Onboard our fishing vessel, the Vvkb diesel heater Apollo-V1 has been a game-changer. It efficiently warms up the crew quarters, ensuring my team gets a warm rest after long shifts in the cold sea conditions.”

Join the Vvkb Family:

When it comes to choosing a diesel heater, the Apollo-V1 Diesel Heater by Vvkb stands out as the premier choice. With its advanced features, durable build, and positive feedback from a diverse user base, it’s clear why so many trust Vvkb for their heating needs.

Contact us now to become a global distributor of Vvkb diesel heaters.

Apollo-V1 Parking Heater Features

Q&A about Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V1

1. If I sell your Vvkb heater as your distributors, who is responsible for after-sales service?

To have better serve for our customers, we recommend that distributors learn the complete product knowledge, and provide services for customers. Surely we will also provide technical support at the beginning if needed.

Of course, if you are a car manufacturer, then we will have a professional after-sales service spot to provide after-sales service for your customers.

2. Can I exclusively distribute Vvkb heaters in my country?

You can apply to us firstly, and we will evaluate the situation according to the local market distributors and your ability.

3. Can we use this type of heater to heat the driving cab bedroom when the truck is driving on the road?

Yes, you can.

4. Is there a thermostat or a method to adjust to the heat?

Yes, when the set temperature is reached, the heater will reduce the thermal efficiency. That means the heater will turn into a lower speed to maintain the set temperature.

5. Can the heater work with gasoline?

No, the heater uses diesel as fuel.

6. What is the inner diameter of the exhaust pipe?

It’s 24mm.

7. Please explain the digital controller and temperature mode. Does it automatically adjust to the cabin temperature? When reach the set temperature, will it slow down the fan speed and reduce fuel consumption? Or the heater just completely shuts down ?

Yes. During AUTO mode, when the temperature reaches what you have set, the heater will automatically slow down the fan speed, the heater will turn into a lower speed to maintain the set temperature. The heater won’t completely shut down.

8. Can controller be displayed in Fahrenheit?

The control panel can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

9. What is the starting power and operating power of the battery?

The starting power is 90W, while the operating power is from 6W-40W.

10. “Timing start-up and shutdown function” What is this?

You can set the time of starting or shutting down the heater. When the set time is reached, the heater will automatically start or shut down.

11. How to control the cabin temperature?

The heater has a temperature sensor on the controller panel, which the user can set temperature on the control panel. When the set temperature is reached, the heater will automatically reduce the power and keep at the set temperature.

12. How much is the hourly fuel consumption?

About 0.14-0.25L/h.

13. How much heat does the Apollo-V1 produce?

It’s about 8500BTU.

14. Can I set heating time? How long can I set?

You can set up the heating time. The maximum setting time is 24 hours.

15. The dimensions and weight of the heater.


Size: 12.20 inches X 4.80 inches X 4.50 inches (32 cm X 12.2 cm X 11.4 cm )

Weight: 7.6 kg  (16.8 pounds)


Size: 14.80 inches X 5.50 inches X 6.60 inches (37.6 cm X 14 cm X 16.8 cm)

Weight: 9.7 kg  (21.2 pounds)

16. Does it contain complete installation parts?

Yes, all the necessary installation parts are included, such as exhaust muffler, air intake muffler, etc.

17. Is the installation complicated?

It can be easy installation. If you have any questions about the installation, you please feel free to ask about us. And we have also recorded the installation video on Youtube.

Please watch the installation video here: https://youtu.be/Y3U9kY_aO3E

18. Is it healthy to use the heater? I mean the hot air blows out after heating. Is it harmful to the body?

The VVKB heater housing plastic material is fully compatible with the FMVSS 302 standard. So it won’t hurt people.

19. Is the heater required to be used at full capacity at the end of the required use to clear soot and unburnt fuel?

The VVKB heater has an automatic cleaning function, all you need to do is wait for the heater to shut off automatically. When you turn off the heater, the heater will still keep working for about 3-5min. During this period, the glow pin will burn the extra fuel inside the heater, and the fan will work to blow the soot away.

20. The level of noise when the heater is working.

About 50 decibels.

21. How long is the warranty?

VVKB heater has 12-month after-sales warranty.

22. Can I use the heater at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level?

VVKB heater can be normally used under the altitude of 3000 meters.

23. Where can I install the heater in my car ? Can I still use it when I stop the car, just parking there?

Yes. VVKB can be used both when car is running and parking.

24. What certification do you have?

VVKB Heaters has CE, RoHS FCC Certifications.

25. Why is your product more expensive?

The materials we select for heaters are fully compliant with EU and US standards. With the latest updated technology, VVKB is not a simple copy.

26. Is the oil pump an electronic pulse pump with the special intermittent work?



Vvkb Apollo-V1 air parking heater, also known as Vvkb Apollo-V1 diesel air heater, comes with complete installation parts, makes the installation easier and convenient.

diesel auxiliary heater png

With rated power 2.5KW and rated voltage 12V or 24V, its input power is 30W, current intensity is 1.68A, and output heat is 8500BTU.

The operating temperature of Vvkb Apollo-V1 air parking heater is from -35 to 45;

while the working temperature of the fuel pump is from -35 to 25.

When warming up from 5 to 35,  the relative humidity in the space will be 92%.

Our aim is to make the heater of good quality, so we select better parts materials.

Vvkb Diesel Heater

Vvkb Apollo-V1 air parking heater uses Japanese Kyocera glow plug, whose ignition temperature is stable and reliable.

With German Heraeus temperature sensor, so can accurately control the temperature.

Using 32-bit chips to make computing faster.

All the screws on Vvkb Apollo-V1 air parking heater are treated with environmentally-friendly electroplating process, which has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, so can withstand the high temperature of the combustion chamber shell.

All plastics from Vvkb Apollo-V1 air parking heater is first class, which is completely free of toxic substances.

And Vvkb Apollo-V1 air parking heater sensor transmits the data collected by the heater to the control unit through the CAN data transmission system.

After processing by the control unit, the sensor will adjust the combustion condition and the rotation speed of the fan, so that the heated space reaches the set temperature. 

Motors and impellers of Vvkb Apollo-V1 air parking heater have passed the balance test, which can make sure the heat can be transferred into space with low noise.

touring caravan heaters  

Now let’s see one of the most important part of the Vvkb Apollo-V1 air parking heater— combustion chamber.


The combustion chamber of Vvkb Apollo-V1 air parking heater is made of 2520 stainless steel with high temperature resistance exceeding 1400.

It will not be deformed during long-term use. Made of A380 aluminum, the combustion chamber shell can fully absorb the heat and can fully transfer the heat.

The combustion chamber shell is made from a 1000-ton aluminum die-casting machine with more than 10 times of procedures.

The large pressure allows the combustion chamber to have a tight and compact texture without any burrs, and also reduce the noise when working.

With the unique design of the combustion chamber, Vvkb Apollo-V1 air parking heater has 20% lower noise than the average heater, allows the fuel to fully mix with the combustion air, fully atomize, and then fully burn, which can reduce by 60% of the pollutants emission.

Vvkb Apollo-V1 air parking heater also does well in the noise issue.

Stainless steel 304 double spiral exhaust pipe has better effect to reduce the noise.

diesel parking heater Exhaust pipe.1

Equipped with stainless steel 304 exhaust muffler in the kit, there is a small hole inside the muffler that allows the condensed water vapor to be discharged out of the muffler.

parking heater parts Exhaust muffler

Intake muffler can not only reduce the noise, but also prevent wasps and other little creatures come into the heater.

Meanwhile, we have also other parts in VVKB Apollo-V1 air parking heater kit make of good quality.

In order to make the heater start with high current and not let the cable have too much heater, we make the main cable into diameter 2 square millimeters. For safety needs, we use a cable sheath made of refractory material.

High temperature up to 300, and has flame retardant effect.

And with our iron fuel standpipe, it’s very convenient to directly pick fuel from the fuel tank for heater use.

diesel car heater Feul Pump.5
Brand VVKB
Model Apollo-V1
Authenticate CE; ROHS; FCC
Fuel type Diesel fuel
Rate voltage 24V/12V
Rated power 2500W
Work temperature -40℃~+20℃
Weight 2.6 KGS
Size 310mm X 122mm X 115mm
Warranty 1 year
Vvkb Bunk Heater

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