Apollo-V1 Air Parking Heater

Apollo-V1 Parking Heaters

Technical DataHeat Output (KW/BTU)Fuel Consumption (L/hr/Gal/hr)Electrical Consumption

at 12V (amps)

Boost2.5 / 85000.252 / 0.0671.68
High2.2 / 75000.223 / 0.0591.46
Medium1.9 / 66000.194 / 0.0511.19
Low1.6 / 56000.165 / 0.0440.93
Ultra low1.3 / 46000.136 / 0.0360.77

The groundbreaking design of VVKB Apollo-V1 Air Parking Heater ensures a quiet and safe operation for a cosy driving experience during winter.  It is cost-effective with unmistakable high performance for heating boat cabins, trucks, cars and buses.

The advanced electronic control system is the nerve center of VVKB Apollo-V1 Air Parking Heater. Its safety diagnostic features, digital control and wireless ON/OFF capability make VVKB Apollo-V1 Air Parking Heater convenient and functional.

VVKB is the pioneer of robust parking heater controller with both manual and digital temperature adjustments alongside onboard system diagnostic.

Within the combustion chamber, Apollo-V1 Air Parking Heater features a 2025 stainless steel heater burner and fireproof structure. A precise fuel and air supply alongside efficient heat exchanger ensure minimal power consumption and significant cost saving.

With 100% high grade plastic, die cast aluminum parts, 99 hours timer and 4 meters parking wire, the Apollo-V1 Air Parking Heaters meet the dynamic needs in the automotive industry.

VVKB is a 12V/24V diesel air heaters manufacturer that is a symbol of progress in deicing and preventing re-freezing in automobiles.

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Apollo-V1 Parking Heater Features

  • Cost-effective heating solution for the interior of your Truck/RV/Boat cabin
  • 100% new grade material for any plastic parts and aluminum die casting parts
  • Improve driving comfort Just like sleeping at home
  • 4 meters parking heater fire proof wire
  • CE ,ROHS , FCC certificate
AuthenticateCE; ROHS; FCC
Fuel typeDiesel fuel
Rate voltage24V/12V
Rated power2500W
Work temperature-40℃~+20℃
Weight2.6 KGS
Size310mm X 122mm X 115mm
Warranty1 year

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