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According to the working principle of Diesel Internal Combustion Engine, diesel that cannot be atomized fully into fine particles under cold weather cannot be fully burnt, and heavy-pollution emissions will be produced ultimately. To bear the duty of a responsible company, we began working on the project in 2000, investing our valuable funds and organizing a team to develop the Diesel Heater. The seed we placed, gave the fruits in 2005, with developing these products : VVKB Diesel Fuel Filter Heaters Zeus-F1VVKB Fuel Heater Zeus-F2, and VVKB Fuel Tank Heater Zeus-F3.
We are also aware of the fact, that there is paraffin in diesel which separates out under the low temperature, causing poor liquidity of diesel. Thus, it becomes difficult for suction pipe to aspire the fuel. Installed on the suction pipe, the VVKB Fuel Tank Heater can heat diesel around the pipe to achieve easy aspiration.

Brand VVKB
Model Zeus-F3
Authenticate CE; ROHS; FCC
Rate voltage 12V/ 24V
Rated power 50W
Heating material PTC
Heating element life 10000 H
Weight 0.2 KGS
Housing Material Aluminum
Warranty 1 year

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