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Top 7 diesel heaters manufacturers/distributors Canada

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Are you looking for reliable diesel heaters manufacturers or distributors in Canada? If this is what you are searching for, then you are in luck. We’ve provided and highlighted the top suppliers with great quality diesel heaters.


No doubt, Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world. They experience frigid months, especially in the northern parts.

Truck Heater

Truck Heater

As a result of these cold conditions, there’s an increased demand for diesel heaters in Canada. This has led to the fact that many diesel heater dealers sell them and offer reliable services. But do you know those suppliers who provide quality products with quick delivery times?

If no then you don’t have to worry. In this article, we’ve outlined the top 7 diesel heaters manufacturers and distributors in Canada.

Vvkb Van heater


Vvkb Truck Heater

List of Criteria We Consider

We have 26 years of experience with diesel heaters. We know what you need to make your business successful, which is why our criteria for consideration are as follows: 


Bunk Heater


Vvkb Diesel Heater

Distributor’s ability to supply

Dealers must demonstrate financial stability and sound management skills or risk being rejected outright by us;

Technical reserve for distributors

We look at each dealer’s service history before offering them any jobs so that all customers come first!

Reliability & professionalism

Whether there are years of experience in selling diesel heaters. Whether there are engineers to provide you with technical guidance.

Availability of sufficient inventory

When your customers need the diesel heater, your dealer can have enough inventory to provide you with the product in a timely manner. Whether a complete parts service is available. When your customers have problems with their diesel heaters, you can get spare parts in time.

Low cost

You can only benefit from the business of selling diesel air heaters if there is a relatively large price difference. Your company will have a great future.

Quality part

We know that there are many cheap heaters in the market. What you need, on the other hand, are diesel heaters of reliable quality and reasonable price. In order for the heaters to run reliably, they must use reliable quality parts.

Safety features

No matter what kind of diesel air heater, safety is the most important thing. The reliable quality of the parts will eliminate the possibility of carbon monoxide leakage.

Top 7 Best Diesel Heaters Manufacturers and Distributors in Canada


Next, let’s see what are the competitive advantages and disadvantages of these manufacturers.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a company for your business or product but with all those choices there may sometimes be some confusion as well! To help you make an informed decision we have listed these 7 company profiles.


Victor Industries Ltd. (Good Auto Parts’ North American sales company)


Vvkb website Vvkb website

Business Type: Manufacture and sale of diesel heater, engine heater, and fuel heater

Office Location: 16192 Coastal Hwy Lewes, DE 19958 the United States                       

Tel: +1(678)866-1888 

E mail: info(at)Vvkb.com

Years of experience: 5 years

Production company: Good Auto Parts CO., Ltd.

Add: 35/1162, Longrui Avenue, Haicheng Street, Wenzhou, China                      

Tel: +86(577)6529-7776

Years of experience: 26 years

Victor Industries Ltd Company Profile


Victor Industries Ltd is a sales company located in Delaware, USA. It belongs to one of the US sales companies of Good Auto Parts, a Chinese manufacturer of diesel heaters.

Good Auto Parts is located in Zhejiang Province, China. Zhejiang Province, China, has a fairly well-established manufacturing chain. The industrial assistance in this region is also very deep.

The advantage that comes through industrial assistance is that the convergence of manufacturing experience brings about a significant increase in product quality.

The aggregation of industries can significantly reduce production costs.



Good Auto Parts has been engaged in the production and research of various heaters since 1996. Since 2000, Good Auto Parts has been exporting various heaters to the global market.

The company’s main products include engine heaters, diesel heater, diesel air heater, and diesel engine heater as well as fuel heater.

Over the past 26 years, our products have served over 10 million customers, keeping them warm during the cold winter months.



The Vvkb brand is part of Good Auto Parts. vvkb heaters are recognized as one of the best heaters available. They are TUV, CE RoHS and FCC certified.

Good Auto Parts has also become one of the best diesel heater suppliers and engine heater suppliers and fuel heater suppliers in the world.

If you are looking for diesel heaters with reliable quality and reasonable price, diesel heaters made by Good Auto Parts will be your best choice.

Diesel Heater Manufacturer

If the common diesel heaters in the market can’t meet your requirements, please don’t worry, Victor Industries Ltd can provide you with personalized and customized service.

Victor Industries Ltd has a group of engineers and a tooling design and production shop. We will have experienced personnel to communicate with you the details of the product you need.

This communication will greatly reduce your time cost. And, you will be satisfied with the diesel heater.

Contact us today to start your diesel heater business.

The main products of Victor Industries Ltd

  1. Diesel Heater
  2. Diesel air heater
  3. Diesel engine heater
  4. Fuel heater
  5. Engine heater
  6. Truck air heaters

Warmda LLC.


Business Type: Wholesalers of diesel heater, engine heater, and fuel heater

Office Location: 80 S. Eighth Street Minneapolis, MN 55402 USA                     

Tel: +1(706)538-3333

Years of experience: 5 years

Production company: Good Auto Parts CO., Ltd.

Add: 35/1162, Longrui Avenue, Haicheng Street, Wenzhou, China                      

Tel: +86(577)6529-7776

Years of experience: 26 years


Warmda LLC Company Profile

Warmda LLC was founded in 2016 as a sales company for Good Auto Parts located in Minnesota, USA.

Warmda Website

Warmda Website


The Warmda brand, a premium brand, was established by Good Auto Parts based on feedback from the market.

The quality of Warmda diesel heater products is fully comparable to german heaters.

Similarly, the Warmda brand relies on the well-established industry chain system in Zhejiang Province, China, and combines the 20 years of experience of our main three engineers.


Assembly of diesel heaters

Motor Assembly Workshop

Optimize the control program of the diesel heater and the peripheral accessories of the diesel heater.

Warmda diesel heater is exquisitely made. Our manufacturer, polished the details of the Warmda diesel air heater carefully, so that the smoothness of the Warmda diesel heater in the control, the appearance of the details of the treatment is done very well.

Warmda diesel heaters have been paired with complete installation kits so that your users can easily install them.


Test the diesel heater

Oil pump test workshop

Warmda diesel air heater works with very low noise.

The safety of Warmda diesel air heater is very high because of the reliable material used.

We also pair Warmda diesel air heaters with glow plug made by Kyocera Japan. Kyocera’s glow plug allows the diesel air heater to ignite easily and successfully in low temperature environments.

Diesel Heater Glow Pin

Diesel Heater Glow Pin

The heat exchanger of Warmda diesel heater is made of A380 aluminum, which gives the heat exchanger good thermal conductivity and high quality sealing performance. Your users don’t need to worry about carbon monoxide entering the cabin and boats with hot air.

Warmda heater’s unique design of combustion chamber can greatly reduce the production of carbon deposits.

Combustion chamber

Combustion chamber

When your customers are in low temperatures, using Warmda diesel heaters can quickly bring the cabin and boats to a comfortable temperature, so your customers can enjoy the warmth of Warmda heaters.

If you want to choose a high-quality diesel heater brand, Warmda diesel heater, will be your best choice.

The main products of Warmda LLC.

  1. Diesel Heater
  2. Diesel air heater
  3. Diesel engine heater
  4. Fuel heater
  5. Engine heater
  6. Truck air heaters

Polar Industry Services

Business Type: Distribution, sales/maintenance, parts dealing

Head Office: 2122-84 Ave Edmonton, Alberta T6P 1K2

Years of experience: 17 years

Partnerships: Kohler, Perkins, Caterpillar Engines, Deutz, BJM Pumps, American Pumps, and more.

Polar Industry Services Company Profile

Polar Industry Services

Polar Industry Services

Polar Industry Services is an equipment company based in western Canada (Alberta). They have been in operation for almost 20 years. Furthermore, they deal mostly with tools and parts of the heavy industry.

Moreso, they have a record of respectful customer service and quality service delivery. These core values show themselves in their strict and thorough advanced training regime. Also, their prompt response to customer requests and queries makes them stand out.

The company started in 2004 as a generator shop and has improved better ever since. They have diversified their sales and services and continue to improve. They currently have partnerships and deals with big plumping and heavy vehicle companies. They also work with some of the best diesel heaters manufacturers on this side of the world.

Diesel air parking heater

Diesel air heater

They are among the top diesel Heater suppliers you can find in Canada. They operate in the Western areas of the country.

Polar also has a large production facility, with a superb parts department. They work great to meet the needs of customers. They also recently stepped into the commercial supplies market, becoming a dealer for various companies. This adds to a long list of their capacity and capabilities.

The main products of Polar Industry Services

  1. Polar Heat Portable Air Heater
  2. Polar Heat V2 5KW Air Heater
  3. Polar Heat C1 5KW Circulating Coolant Heater

Thermo King Eastern

Business Type: Distribution, Sales, service, and parts dealing
Head Office: 6243 Netherhart Road Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1G5
Operating locations: Toronto, Southwestern Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Boucherville, Quebec, Montreal, and Maritimes.
Years of experience: over 50 years


Thermo King Company Profile

Thermo King

Thermo King

The Thermo King Eastern Canada is a big dealer in the vehicle freezers and heating industry. And have been operating for over 50 years and counting. Besides, they are still going strong not because of their experience and reliability.

Thermo King works with the top manufacturer of diesel heaters in many countries. Besides, they are an authorized sales, parts dealer for Thermo King products in Eastern Canada.

Thermo King is a top industry when it comes to manufacturing transport temperature control systems. These features are suitable for vehicles and marine vessel products applications.

Besides, they have the authorization to sell Espar products. The reason is that Espar is a big wig in the manufacturing scene for engine diesel heaters for boats, trucks, motorhomes. They produce a variety of forced air heaters and other types of diesel heaters.

Their staff has undergone proper training to meet a strict standard. This makes their work quality even more trusted. Additionally, the company has one of the best customer services. They should be your aim if your goal is to purchase powerful diesel heaters.

Above all, you can always reach them and expect quality service at all times.

The main products of Thermo King

  1. Espar Airtronic B4
  2. Espar Hydronic MII Series
  3. Espar Hydronic LII Series
  4. Espar Echo 5 / Echo 8

Planar Diesel Air Heaters

Business Type: Distribution, Training, Installation, and Sales & Maintenance
Headquarters: 18663 52 Ave #106, Surrey, BC V3S 7A4, CA
Years of experience: 9 years

Planar Diesel Air Heaters Ltd Company Profile

Planar website

Planar website

Planar Heaters Ltd is a Distribution company based in Canada. It started business in 2013. Furthermore, they are the exclusive North American distributor of the Russian company Adverse. This company manufactures diesel-fired autonomous heating systems known as PLANAR.

They serve most of North America, especially the US and Canada. They offer numerous Planar diesel heaters, from forced air heaters to pre-start engine heaters. Also, the heating range of their forced air heaters goes from 6,800 to 27,000 British thermal units. The Pre-start engine heaters range from 17,000 to 50,000 British thermal units.

They are also involved in selling spare parts for heating systems. They also sell engine diesel heaters for boats, trucks, motorhomes, and other components.

The main products of Planar Heaters Ltd

  1. Planar 2d-12 (-24)
  2. Diesel Air Heater Combo 25d-12
  3. Hydronic Heater 14tc-Mini
  4. PLANAR 44D-12V (a portable crush-proof heater)

Energlo Diesel Heaters Inc.

Business Type: Manufacturer, dealer, sales, and repairs
Headquarters: 10783 180 St NW Unit 100 Edmonton, AB, T5S 1G6 Canada
Years of experience: 40 years
Industry: Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing, and Diesel fuels
Brands: Webasto, Espar, Zanotti Reefer, Spheros, Frost Fighter, Arctic Fox, and Ruffneck™

Energlo Diesel Heaters Inc Company Profile

Energlo Diesel Heaters Inc

Energlo Diesel Heaters Inc

The Energlo diesel heater inc. is a well-experienced company that makes heating and cooling systems. This company delivers quality and has been doing it since 1981. As a privately-owned company, they function in Edmonton and Western Canada. The company renders quality service to its customers with close to zero complaints. They have a small array of well-trained licensed technicians in their employ.

As a privately operated company, customer communication and management are efficient and effective. The reason is that they make the interaction a bit personal. They also sell and repair diesel heaters. More so, they provide great services and spare part sales for almost all diesel heater types.

Diesel Hot Water System

Hydronic Heater

Besides, they are the direct dealers of the various companies they are in contact with. This makes them quick to respond to issues in time. They also handle installation and repair, among other services.

They dedicate great effort to the sale and maintenance of powerful diesel heaters. As diesel heater suppliers, they seek to improve service using a small team of experts as staff. As a result, this promotes a high level of efficiency that appeases their customers.

Energlo diesel heater inc also sells Chinese diesel heater.

Diesel Engine Heater

Diesel Engine Heater


We think that this may be to be able to provide some cheap heaters to the users. Give users diversified choices.

Their products come with a lot of advantages. Also, their connection to many manufacturers reflects in their goods. This reflects in the fact that they have different warranties for different manufacturers. This gives you a wide range of quality products and services to choose. If there are any major downsides, it will be that they don’t cover the whole of Canada. The reason is due to their limited staff and the private nature of the business.

The main products of Energlo diesel heater inc

  1. FX5 – Explosion-Proof Electric Air Unit Heater
  2. Airtronic D4 Air Heater
  3. Airtronic D5LC Air Heater
  4. Webasto Air Top Diesel Heater Evo 40
  5. Webasto Air Top 2000STC Diesel Heater
  6. Spheros Thermo Heater

Dickinson Marine

Business Type: Manufacturer
Headquarters: #101 – 17728 66 Avenue, Surrey BC, V3S 7X1
Years of experience: 89 years

Dickinson Marine Company Profile

Dickinson Marine

Dickinson Marine

The Dickinson Marine is a leading company in Canada when it comes to marine products. Besides, they have a great history of making marine appliances for heating and more. Their business has been running since 1932. And the fact they are still standing can testify they are reliable.

We can describe them as a manufacturer of diesel heaters. The reason is that They are adept at producing high-quality marine equipment. This equipment makes your experience very comfortable.

They have a great list of marine vessel products. These products range from cooking or kitchen heaters down to cabin appliances. Each one keeps you warm and comfortable whether you are on tour or chilling. Their expertise is remarkable and praised by customers.

Some of the products to their name are their well-known marine stoves, barbecues, and other heaters. The age-old quality delivery, coupled with its comfort, makes them one of the best diesel heaters manufacturers in Canada.

Their customer service and service delivery are precise and objective. As a result, they leave you with nothing much to complain about. Though their prices might be on the high side, they offer quality that is 100% assured.

The main products of Dickinson Marine

  1. Antarctic Floor Mounted Diesel Heater
  2. Newport Bulkhead Mount Diesel Heater

How to choose the right diesel heater factory and distributor

After reading the information about the top 7 diesel heater suppliers in Canada, you may still have questions about how to choose a diesel heater distributor. Next, let’s take a look, at the various details about diesel heater. These details will help you to choose the right diesel heater supplier and diesel heater factory.

A diesel heater uses liquid fuel to generate heat. It does this by burning the liquid so that it turns into a gas, which heats up the air in the room. These types of heaters are popular because they have an excellent heating capacity and can last for many hours without refueling.

Next, let’s have a look at the working principle of diesel heater.

The diesel heater works on the following principle.

The diesel heater is fixed on the mounting plate, which, together with the diesel heater, is installed in a suitable position in the vehicle or ship.

All the three sections with appropriate pipes


The heater and the fuel tank are connected by a fuel line and the oil pump draws the fuel from the fuel tank.
The fuel passes through the fuel line, passes through the fuel filter and enters the combustion chamber of the diesel heater.

A complete installation of fuel filter in the pipeline


The fuel is burned in the combustion chamber and the heat is absorbed by the heater radiator. The combustion exhaust gases are discharged from the exhaust port.
Cold air flows between the radiators, is heated by the radiators and enters the compartment of commercial and recreational vehicles through the air outlet.
The diesel heater also has a temperature sensor, which controls the temperature of the heater. It does not allow the heater to have too high temperature.

Your customer can control the operation of the heater through the control panel. This is very easy to use.

This is because the control panel has a temperature sensor inside. This places a requirement on the installation location of the control panel, which should be installed between 50 cm and 100 cm from the floor of the recreational vehicles. This position allows for adequate convection of hot air.

Details of diesel heater accessories

The choice of accessories for diesel air heaters is also very important.

Usually, the heater’s control board is the central nervous system of the heater, which determines whether this heater will work properly and will not malfunction.

The processing chip of the heater is better to choose 32-bit processor, the processing speed of 32-bit processor will be faster. It should also be paired with several power GPUs and GPUs that control the work of the heater plug.

Diesel Heater Electronic Control Unit

Diesel Heater Electronic Control Unit

The electric heating plug is also a decisive component, the electric heating plug should be at low temperature and will not experience power failure. We recommend Kyocera electric heating plugs.

Diesel Heater Glow Pin

Diesel Heater Glow Pin

The air outlet of the heater comes in different shapes, we recommend the flat outlet now, which can be installed near the floor. Because of the flat shape, it will not obstruct your customer’s life.

Diesel heater hot air outlet

Diesel heater hot air outlet
For your customer’s peace of mind, the diesel heater cable should preferably be fire resistant.

Diesel Heater Cable

Diesel Heater Cable

The oil pump is another important accessory. The accuracy of the oil pump output determines whether the heater will produce carbon build-up. It also determines, whether the heater will have enough heat output. It will also determine the amount of fuel consumed by the heater.

Diesel Heater Fuel Pump

Diesel Heater Fuel Pump

The spiral exhaust pipe can greatly reduce the noise of the heater working. And heavy-duty exhaust clamps will make the installation of the exhaust pipe very reliable. They are used in conjunction with exhaust mufflers and will allow the heater to work perfectly.

Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe

Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe

Diesel heater heavy duty exhaust clamps

Diesel heater heavy duty exhaust clamps

Many cheap heaters that come with a white plastic fuel tank are very incorrect.
UV rays tend to pass through the white tank and make the diesel fuel appear degraded.
Your customer usually draws fuel directly from the vehicle or ship’s tank.
If they do need a fuel tank, you should also recommend that they use a black tank. A black tank will insulate the diesel fuel from UV rays.

Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank

Why we don’t recommend choosing the Chinese Diesel Heater?

A diesel heater is not an ordinary product, it is a combination of experience and technology and supply chain integration capabilities. The manufacturer of diesel heaters needs to ”Know How“. this industry, not just any new manufacturer, can enter across the industry.
Diesel heater manufacturers also need to have industry manufacturing experts

The diesel heater manufacturer you choose, they need to have real production capacity and the ability to develop heater control programs. It is also necessary to have more than 20 years of experience in heater production. Only heaters that have been checked by the market are relatively reliable in their operation.

Engineer's Office

Vvkb Engineer’s Office

Although, Vvkb heaters are also made in China and are also part of Chinese diesel heater.
However, we are different from ordinary Chinese diesel heater manufacturers.
26 years of heater manufacturing experience is available in Victor Industries Ltd’s Chinese factory, Good Auto Parts.
Our 3 heater manufacturing experts with 26 years of experience. They know how to make a quality diesel heater.

Heater plastic parts production workshop

Heater plastic parts production workshop

Whereas the ordinary Chinese diesel heater manufacturers, they have not existed for more than 8 years. Moreover, most of the Chinese heaters manufacturers, are established within the last 3-5 years. The most common practice of these Chinese heaters manufacturers is “what they do, I do too”.

What they do best is to compete on price. In order to reduce costs, they use cheap raw materials and produce cheap heaters. If you choose these heaters, these cheap heaters are very prone to quality problems. And you will need to spend a lot of time cost and effort to deal with these problems. Moreover, it will affect your company’s reputation and your company’s brand image.

Wrap Up

I hope that this article has helped you. And we believe you already know where to buy quality diesel heaters.
The use scenario of heater, including various trucks, campers. Especially for boats, because the relative humidity of sea level is relatively high in winter, which causes people’s body to feel very wet and cold. After using diesel heater, the cabin of the boat will keep dry heat and your users will feel COMFORTABLE temperature.
Moreover, the fuel consumption of diesel heater is also relatively low, and the heat output reaches 8500BTU-16000BTU per hour.
We recommend that you give preference to heaters from Victor Industries Ltd and Warmda LLC.
Their heat output is between 8500-1600 BTU, which basically meets most of the needs.
Alternatively, you can choose Esper heaters and Webasto Air Top series heaters. Their heat output, too, is reliable.

If you need a diesel heater manufacturer with consistent quality and reasonable price, order from us now.

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